Introverted Boss” ep 3 ~“I’ll wait for your return to the stage.”


The new project that Hwan Ki is in charge, Silent Monster, started! He has five employees with whom Hwan Ki has to interact. Between those five employees are Gyo Ri and Ro Won. Feeling uncomfortable being around Ro Won, Hwan Ki tried to fire Ro Won, but he couldn’t. While trying to fire Ro Won, Hwan Ki got misunderstood by his employees…especially when the employees saw Hwan Ki’s personal collection of knifes.ep3_1

Episode 3

Hwan Ki’s new department is getting ready. He already chose the people that will work for him. Since he is a extremely shy person, Hwan Ki always watched from far away and got to know his employees without they knowing that they were watched. He knows their weaknesses and their straights. For his department Hwan Ki needs only three people: Gyo Ri, his former secretary that knows his condition, Dang Yoo Hee and Eom Sun Bong. But Woo Il insisted to chose two more people. The people that Woo Il selected were Ro Won and Ro Won’s former colleague form the theatre Jang Se Jong.

Hwan Ki:”You can’t nag someone without being knowledgeable.”

Hwan Ki isn’t comfortable with having Ro Won closer so he tries to fire her. He doesn’t want to embarrass her in front of the other employees and ask them to leave for a moment. But because he is too shy, the other employees didn’t understood what Hwan Ki wanted and thought that Hwan Ki asked them to move their desks closer to him.


Hwan Ki decided to write an e-mail to Ro Won is which he would fire her, but he couldn’t find his words. He was afraid to hurt her. While he was struggling with finding the right words to fire Ro Won, Gyo Ri and Ro Won came to him. They’ve brought him coffee and invited him to eat cake with the rest of the team. The 5 employees bought cake and coffee to celebrate their new project. But Hwan Ki asked them to wait until he finishes what he was doing.

While waiting for Hwan Ki, the other employees decide how to call each other. They‘ve decided to call each other by their name, regarding of their age. They wanted to do the same with Hwan Ki and asked Gyo Ri to say Hwan Ki’s name. When Gyo Ri said Hwan Ki’s name, Hwan Ki got up from him des and run to the kitchen. Seeing that, the employees thought that Hwan Ki hates to be called by his name. In reality Hwan Ki had drunk from the coffee Ro Won and Gyo Ri had got for him. Because they don’t know his taste and Hwan Ki dresses always in black, the two girls got him black coffee. Unfortunately Hwan Ki doesn’t like black coffee, he wants his coffee sweet.

In the kitchen Hwan Ki decided to throw away the coffee and replace it with water. That way he won’t offend the girls by not drinking it. But that plan didn’t work well because the two girls had come to the kitchen to borrow a knife at the moment Hwan Ki was throwing the coffee. While borrowing the knife, the whole employees saw Hwan Ki’s personal collection of knifes and got scared. Once again Hwan Ki was misunderstood.

Hiding in his car, Hwan Ki sees Ro Won leaving happily with Woo Il. He remembers having sees Ji Hye with Woo Il too, three years ago. He tried to call Woo Il, worried that something might have happen to Ro Won, but Woo Il turned the off of.

Back to his office, Hwan Ki made the other employees call for Ro Won and rush her back to the office. When she returned, Hwan Ki made Ro Won clean up the table where everyone had cake.


Arrived at her house, Ro Won found a flower bouquet from the man she always received flowers and whom she keeps calling “Mr. Smith”.

“I’ll wait for your return to the stage.”

An actor is involved in a scandal after being photographed with a young woman. He is Silent Monster first client. He insists that he didn’t have an affair with that young woman, but he doesn’t want to tell who that girl is. Since the hotel the actor was staying at was surrounded by journalists, Woo Il and Ro Won brought the actor to Silent Monster.

Ro Won is trying hard to make the actor talk and say who the young woman is, but he doesn’t open his mouth…not even when Hwan Ki saw that his daughter was calling him. Hearing that Ro Won was surprised because the actor has only one son, he doesn’t have a daughter too. Because Ro Won kept insisting to know the truth, the actor got angry. He slapped Ro Won and told her to get herself a fool to marry while she is young and can sell herself. At that moment Hwan Ki, upset, told everyone to leave, including Woo Il and remained alone with the actor.

Being alone with the actor Hwan Ki just stays at his desk doing his thinks. He doesn’t ask the actor anything and doesn’t do anything to make the actor talk. But because he saw that Hwan Ki is a discreet person, the actor decided to talk to him, decided to tell Hwan Ki the truth.

Hwan Ki:”I don’t want to hear anything from you. I’m not an easygoing person. I always make sure to protect things that are dear to me.”

The son of the actor decided to life his life as…a woman. So the young woman with whom the actor was spotted was actually his son. The actor son doesn’t want to be in the public light, he is scared of people reaction so the actor was remaining silent to protect his family.

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