Introverted Boss” ep 4 ~Hwan Ki:”I’m sure I at least satisfied one person.”


Hwan Ki has an argument with Woo Il in which he tells Woo Il that he will protect his employees. For that Hwan Ki prepared a presentation and gave it to Yoo Hee to learn it. But the day at the presentation, Yoo Hee was late. To get that project for Silent Monster, Ro Won and the other employees pushed Hwan Ki to present it. Hwan Ki was the only one that knew the presentation beside Yoo Hee, but his disorder didn’t let him talk. ep4-1

Episode 4

Ro Won is curious what Hwan Ki does every day. He leaves the penthouse every day, early in the morning and returns before his employees come to work. He has his own compulsive routine. He comes back home, takes a shower, cleans the penthouse, sharps his pencil. Then he dances. Ro Won saw him dancing, but thought that she saw wrong. Embarrassed that Ro Won saw him dancing, Hwan Ki pretends that he wasn’t dancing, but sitting at his desk…writing something.

During lunch hours, Hwan Ki never eats with everyone else. It seems like he eats alone, but the kitchen is always clean and it doesn’t smell of anything. Ro Won looks around the kitchen and sees a red sport. At that moment Hwan Ki came to the kitchen and she run away scared. The red spot was from kimchi.

Before working hours, Ro Won follows Hwan Ki to see what he does. She followed him to a sports center where Hwan Ki goes to exercise, early in the morning when it’s no one there. She thought Hwan Ki never leaves his penthouse, but she is surprise to see how good he is. She gets close to Hwan Ki and insists for Hwan Ki to teach her how to play squash, to drink together and get closer to each other. But Hwan Ki refuses saying that he exercises alone.


Woo Il took Ro Won with him to a meeting. He met other executives to convince them to let Brain to a competition. Woo Il brought Ro Wo with him, a young and cheerful lady to please all the executives. But Ro Won thought that Woo Il is actually recognizing her talent and hard work and he is taking her with him at those kinds of meetings to teach her more about their work.

The next day, at work, Hwan Ki instructed his employees to not talk to anyone. He was actually referring to Ro Won meeting Woo Il. But since he wasn’t explicit, no one understood his meaning. As soon as Hwan Ki finished his sentence, Ro Won talked at the phone with one of the executives and invited him to a squash game early in the morning.

When Hwan Ki arrived at the sport center, Ro Won and president Jin were already there. She introduced the two men, but Hwan Ki refused to shake his hand with president Jin, who was sweating. Instead of shaking his hand, Hwan Ki handed president Jin a drink.

Hwan Ki:”I like to exercise alone!”

Ro Won pushes Hwan Ki to play a game with president Jin to make president Jin happy so Brain will have more chances of winning the bidding at president Jin’s company. But Hwan Ki doesn’t play. That’s not the way he is doing his job. He doesn’t want to bribe president Jin, he wants to be acknowledged for his work.  Because Hwan Ki got president Jin angry, Ro Won had to step in.

President Jin asked Ro Won to play squash with him. Since Ro Won doesn’t know how to play, president Jin had to teach her. Seeing president Jin touching Ro Won, Hwan Ki got upset. Hwan Ki hit the squash ball and hit president Jin in his head. Then he left.

After what happened, Woo Il had to solve everything and make sure that president Jin won’t bring any problems to Hwan Ki or Silent Monster. As always Woo Il made it look like he is sacrificing himself for Hwan Ki, but Hwan Ki knows better. Later, after a fight with Woo Il, Hwan Ki decided to protect his employees.  He worked the whole night and got ready the presentation for the biding. When the employees arrived, Hwan Ki told Yoo Hee to prepare for the presentation based on what he sent her via mail.

Hwan Ki:”I have an instruction to give. It’s employees I need.”

Unfortunately on the day of the presentation, Yoo Hee couldn’t come. She woke up late and her child throw up on her clothes. Because Yoo Hee couldn’t make it in time, Ro Won pushed Hwan Ki to present their proposal. Beside Yoo Hee, Hwan Ki is the only one that knows the presentation. But Ro Won doesn’t know about Hwan Ki’s disorder.

Ro Won:”You’re the only one who can do it.”

With the help from Se Jong and Gyo Ri, Ro Won pushed Hwan Ki to do the presentation. Hwan Ki took the microphone, but seeing all those people looking at him…he paralyzed.  Hwan Ki tried to talk, but he could barely breathe so the words didn’t come out. In his mind, Hwan Ki was reviving the events from his childhood. His father was forcing him to talk, but because Hwan Ki wasn’t talking his father decided to humiliate him in front of his schoolmate and gave them a chance to bully Hwan Ki. That wasn’t a way to help Hwan Ki, but a way to make him more and more introverted.  Hwan Ki’s father wanted Hwan Ki to be a leader so he did everything he could to put Hwan Ki in the center of attention and that got Hwan Ki’s disorder worse. Because he couldn’t do the presentation, Hwan Ki dropped the microphone and left.

Hwan Ki:”I’m sure I at least satisfied one person.”

Ro Won:”Did my revenge succeed?”

Hwan Ki went home and locked himself inside the penthouse. Woo Il, who knows him better than anyone, asked the employees to give Hwan Ki some time alone. While Hwan Ki was sitting at his desk, depressed that he couldn’t protect his employees, everyone went out for drinks. They are all disappointed so they went to console themselves. Why in Korean dramas everyone goes for a drink where a problem shows up…I don’t know… It’s not like drinking will solve your problem and in the morning you’ll still have the problems… and a huge hangover.

Since everyone got really drunk, the owner of the place they went to drink had to call Hwan Ki to pay and get his employees. He went, paid for the drinks, took every single employee to a taxi and sent them home. When he put the employees into taxis, Hwan Ki took pictures on the taxi driver and taxi numbers.

Ro Won:”Why do you secretly observe people from behind? Are you scared of people? Just by watching you can’t protect anyone.”

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