“Tomorrow With You” ep 1 ~So Joon:”We…we’re newlyweds?”


Yoo So Joon is the CEO of a real estate company that travels through time using the subway. On one of his travels to the future, So Joon saw his own death. The same day, at the same hour with him, a woman died too. Thinking that the woman might be the key to save his own life, So Joon decided to look for that woman. It turns out that the woman, Song Ma Rin was actually his wife.

Song Ma Rin was an actress when she was a child. But her adult life wasn’t that good. She is a photographer that tries to get a job at a studio. After she married So Joon, she gets confused when she learned that she could travel through time.


Lee Je Hoon    as   Yoo So Joon

Shin Min Ah   as    Song Ma Rin

Kim Ye Won  as     Lee Gun Sok


Episode 1

So Joon, a time traveler, found out that Ma Rin will die. Returning to the present, from the future, he decided to save Ma Rin’s life. On the day of her accident, Ma Rin went to a friend’s wedding. She was the first to leave the wedding and stopped by a convenience store to get something to eat. But she got scared when she saw So Joon there too. The whole day Ma Ri saw So Joon, everywhere she went. He kept following her to save her life.

So Joon:”Today, I will change her fate. She might hold my life in her hands.”

Five minutes before the accident So Joon stopped Ma Rin. He said that he likes her because she is beautiful and invited Ma Rin to talk over a cup of coffee. But Ma Ri rejected the offer. Still So Joon was close to her and pulled her away from the street at the time that she was supposed to be involved in a car accident. Unfortunately while crossing the street Ma Rin fainted, in the middle of the street. So Joon took her to the hospital and while waiting for Ma Rin to wake up he searched information of her online.

When he doesn’t time travel or saves Ma Rin, So Joon is the CEO of a company. He went to a meeting where all he did was play games on his phone. After the director’s presentation, So Joon just said that he doesn’t agree with the director and told everyone what land he wants his company to buy. Since he got that information from the future, So Joon couldn’t tell anyone the reason why he wants a specific land. Back to his office, So Joon can’t stop thinking about the woman he saved.


The day of the wedding, Ma Rin gave her portfolio to the wedding photographer. Ma Rin’s dream is to become a photographer. Soon she received a phone call from the studio saying that she was accepted. Since she asked the wedding photographer to accept her as an assistant, Ma Rin thought that she was accepted as…an assistant. When she arrived at the studio Ma Rin found out that the photographer accepted her as a student, at the studio’s academy. The photographer isn’t pleased with the fact that Ma Rin got there through her friend’s husband, who is a director at So Joon’s company.

Going home, depressed, Ma Rin meets So Joon on the subway. He recognized her and invited her to diner. But Ma Rin rejected the invitation. Of course that didn’t stop So Joon so he invited her for drinks. Hearing the magic word “drinks”, Ma Rin accepted. Unfortunately for So Joon, he found out how Ma Rin really is…while being drunk. He even had to hold the bathroom door for her because the door wasn’t closing. He had to make sure that Ma Rin doesn’t come out of the bathroom with her zipper stuck.

Being drunk, Ma Rin talks freely about her pain. As a child she appeared in a movie and was known by the whole country. But since her life didn’t turn out that well everyone either feels sorry for her or mocks her now.

So Joon:”Life is shorter than you think. You shouldn’t hang up on the past.”

On one of his trips to the future, So Joon found out that dies on  25th  March 2019. There is a woman with him when he had the accident and they both die together at the emergency room. To find out what connects him with that woman, Doo Shik advised So Joon to find that woman. She is Song Ma Rin. That’s the reason So Joon saved Ma Rin and tried hard to get close to her.

Doo Shik: “She’s the only person who is related to your death. She may hold the key to save you.”

The next morning when she woke up and remembered what she did and said the other night, Ma Rin felt embarrassed. Going to work she meets again So Joon. He pretends that he doesn’t remember what happened the night before to make Ma Rin feel better. Later So Joon goes three months into the future. He enters his house and is shocked to see pictures from his wedding handing on the walls. The bride was Ma Rin!

Ma Rin:”What an interesting man!”

So Joon:”We…we’re newlyweds?”

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