“Behind Your Smile”ep 11 ~Yi Ting:”I can have this small happiness…until Lin Man appears. “


Xin Yu prepares food for Yi Ting and bring it to him. It’s not tasty or looking good, but Yi Ting eats it happily. The night before Xin Yu’s birthday, Yi Ting took her out for dinner and wanted to confess, but Xin Yu run away. She had to go to the place where she was supposed to meet her mother. Yi Ting followed her and waited with her for Lin Man for more than 24 hours. During that time Xin Yu confessed that she likes him and Yi Ting showed that he also likes her…Until Lin Man appears and Xin Yu finds out everything, they can be happy.ep11-1

Episode 11

Xin Yu believes that she ruined her mother so to make her feel better and realize that it’s not her fault Yi Ting took Xin Yu out to a park. They sit on a bench and Yi Ting opens up towards Xin Yu. He talks about his father’s death and his feelings towards what happened.  He was like crazy from the anger, but he didn’t have anywhere to vent his anger on. He kept walking without a destination in mind.

Seeing his consoling her like that, Xin Yu was about to confess her feelings for her. But she stopped at the last second and said that she is afraid of becoming too reliant on Yi Ting if he continues to show up every time she is in trouble. But Xin Yu doesn’t know the fight that is in Yi Ting’s heart. He likes Xin Yu, but behind her back he is the cause of all her problems.

Yi Ting:”Do you think I’m very cruel?”

The next day Xiao Yue did the job that Yi Ting pays her to do. She asked Xin Yu about the message Xin Yu send to her mother the other day in front of the cameras. Xin Yu established a meeting with her mother, at a place only the two of them knows on Xin Yu’s birthday. Since Yi Ting has the puzzle Xin Yu lost the day she returned home and met Yi Ting, he knows where the meeting place will be.

Xiao Yue delivered the information to Yi Ting and before leaving she tried to convince Yi Ting stop his plan. Xiao Yue started to like Yi Ting, but at the same time she knows that Xin Yu and Yi Ting like each other. She knows that if Yi Ting stops his plan there is a chance for Yi Ting and Xin Yu to be happy together.

Xiao Yue:”I’m worried about you! If you knew that Lei Xin Yu….Lei Xin Yu likes you…”

Returned at the house, Yi Ting finds Xin Yu at his door. She cooked something for him and came by to make sure Yi Ting has a healthy dish instead of instant noodles. The food didn’t look good or tasted good, but still Yi Ting ate it. Then when the moment came, Yi Ting asked Xin Yu to make time for him on her birthday, which will be in two days.


When things were going well between Yi Ting and Xin Yu, Qian Ni made sure to show up and ruin the mood. Qian Ni heard what happened to Yi Ting’s father because of Lin Man and came by…when Xin Yu was there. Qian Ni was always jealous of the way Yi Ting was treating Xin Yu, but now she realized that Yi Ting got closer to Xin Yu because of Lin Man.

From what Qian Ni said that day, Yi Ting realized that chairman Tang put people to investigate him.

Now that she knows that reason Yi Ting got closer to Xin Yu, without knowing that Xin Yu and Yi Ting really like each other, Qian Ni decided to help Yi Ting with destroying Xin Yu. She approaches Xin Yu and tells Xin Yu that she and Yi Ting broke off the engagement a long time ago.

After finding out that news Xin Yu sent a message to Zhong Won. She was talking about a person that she search for every time the bus makes a turn, a person that she is eager to see always, a person that she needs courage to talk to. The message arrived to Yi Ting which doesn’t realize that the person Xin Yu was talking about is him. Still he decided to confess to Xin Yu.

Yi Ting:”I will confess to her.”


Before midnight, Yi Ting came to pick up Xin Yu. He rented a restaurant and invited her to have dinner together. Whenever he is with Xin Yu, Yi Ting forgets about his bad temper, he starts talking more, he smiles…he is himself. The spend time together at the restaurant while eating, talking…Xin Yu playing the piano for Yi Ting. The enjoy each other’s presence. But in the middle of their happy time, Xin Yu remembers that she has to leave and meet her mother. Trying to get away from there, Xin Yu sent Xiao Yue a message to call Yi Ting. But when Xiao Yue called, Yi Ting realized what was going on.

Xin Yu tries to find all kinds of excuses to leave, even if Yi Ting asked her to stay there with him. He held her hand and asked her to not go. But for Xin Yu, her meeting her mother is more important.

Yi Ting:”No matter where you want to go, don’t go. I’m worried about you!”

Xin Yu left her bag and phone at the table, let go of Yi Ting’s hand and said she needs to use the bathroom. When Yi Ting realized, Xin Yu was already getting into a taxi. The second Xin Yu left, Yi Ting called Shi Huan, who was waiting with some men for Lin Man at the meeting place.

Yi Ting arrived at the meeting place and watched, worried, over Xin Yu. When Shi Huan questioned him about his feelings towards Lei Xin Yu, Yi Ting admitted that he has Lei Xin Yu in his heart and doesn’t want her to be sad. After many hours of watching her from behind, Yi Ting finally approached her. When he did, Xin Yu told him the truth…that she is there to wait for her mother. Yi Ting offered to wait there with Xin Yu for Lin Man.

While waiting for Lin Man to appear together with Xin Yu, Yi Ting is conflicted. He wants to catch Lin Man and make her pay for what happened to the farm and his father. But if Lin Man appears then Yi Ting will have to let go of Xin Yu. If and when Lin Man will appear Yi Ting and Xin Yu will have to go their separate ways and Yi Ting doesn’t want that.

Xin Yu waited for her mother for more than 24 hours.  Because her mother didn’t show up, Xin Yu lean on Yi Ting’s shoulder and started to cry. While Xin Yu was crying in Yi Ting’s arms, two hooligans showed up. Yi Ting fought them to protect Xin Yu, but when Xin Yu saw that one of them was trying to hit Yi Ting with a bottle, she jumped in. The bottle hit Xin Yu and the hooligans ran away. Worried that Xin Yu might have been hurt, Yi Ting keeps checking her and scolding her.

Yi Ting:”Is this the time for you to play the heroine? What should I do if you would’ve been hurt?”

While Yi Ting was checking to see if Xin Yu is hurt in anyway, Xin Yu confessed. Xin Yu’s confession gave Yi Ting the courage he needed to confess to. But instead of saying out loud what he feels, Yi Ting kiss Xin Yu.

Xin Yu:”I like you!”

In the morning when Yi Ting took her home, Xin Yu didn’t want to leave. She wanted to spend more time with Yi Ting.

Yi Ting:”I can have this small happiness…until Lin Man appears. “

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