“Goblin” ep 16~Kim Shin:”How am I supposed to live without you?”


Kim Shin and Eun Tak are getting ready to get married. At their wedding only the once that know the truth about the goblin and the grim reaper were present. Unfortunately a missing soul like Eun Tak isn’t safe for ever. Every year before the perfect number she has to face death and see a grim reaper. At the age of 29 years old, soon after her wedding, Eun Tak faced death again. This time it was a sacrifice. Eun Tak sacrificed her own life to save few children. But she refused to drink the tea that the grim reaper gave her. Eun Tak wanted to remember her life so in her next life she could find Kim Shin.Soon after Eun Tak’s death, Wang Yeo received his last name card. It was Sunny’s name card. They went together towards the world of the dead. Years passed and Kim Shin was once again alone. But when he least expected, Kim Shin saw Sunny and Wang Yeo in their new lives. Sunny was an actress and the grim reaper was a detective. They fell in love with each other in this live too and this time they lived happily with each other. Also, while Kim Shin was reading a book, a high school girl came to him. She was Eun Tak’s reincarnation…

Personal thought : I can’t believe this drama is over. It was great! I think it was the best drama I saw in a while. It had everything: funny scene, sad scene, it made you cry, it made you smile…and it had amazing actors. I knew that Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook were good actors, but I was impressed with Kim Go Eun. I wasn’t expected her to be that good. Thumbs up 👍👍👍👍👍

Hopefully there will be more drama’s like this one this year!!!!


Episode 16

Eun Tak began seeing ghosts again and they congratulated her for her wedding with the goblin. The next day, Kim Shin went to pick her up from work for lunch and introduced himself as Eun Tak’s fiancé. For lunch they’ve met Deok Hwa to announce him that they are getting married. That meeting made Deok Hwa want to get married too, preferably before Kim Shin and Eun Tak does. But unfortunately for Doek Hwa he doesn’t have a partner he would want to spend the rest of his life with.

Eun Tak is in the middle of her program when they’ve received a love letter. It was Sunny’s love letter…about hers and Wang Yeo’s love. Reading the letter Eun Tak leaves in a hurry to find Sunny, but she was too late. Kim Shin and Wang Yeo also listened to the letter during the program and left in a hurry to find Sunny.


The one that found Sunny was Wang Yeo. They’ve met on the bridge and told their goodbyes. Sunny is leaving for good. He will not hear from her in this life time.

Sunny:”In this live, we will never meet again.”

Wang Yeo called Eun Tak to give her the wedding bouquet. As soon as she arrived, Eun Tak believed that Wang Yeo had received her name card. Since she recovered her lost memory, Eun Tak realized that no matter what she is still a missing soul, she is still someone that wouldn’t have been born if Kim Shin wouldn’t have gotten involved. She thought about that since she remembered everything and decided to live each day to her fullest and love as much as she can so she won’t regret anything when she will die.

Eun Tak:”Did you get my name card?”

Kim Shin and Eun Tak got married and the only once that celebrated with them were Wang Yeo, Deok Hwa and secretary Kim.


Wang Yeo received few name cards. A day care bus filled with children was supposed to be involved in an accident. In the last moment the fates of all those children was changed by an unpredictable death…a sacrifice.

Eun Tak left early form work to meet with a client. She passed by Wang Yeo and soon she sees a truck that lost control going straight towards the daycare buss with children. She couldn’t let all those small children die so she stopped her car and sacrificed herself.

Eun Tak:”I couldn’t be late, not even for a second. This was my fate.”

Wang Yeo:”A human’s sacrifice is something the almighty cannot predict. It’s a choice only humans can do.”

Eun Tak:”I was really scared!”

The grim reaper took Eun Tak to the tea house. She was still considering if she must save or not the bus with children, but while considering it she was already stopping her car. She couldn’t let all those children die so she sacrificed herself. At the tea house Ean Tak was happy to find out that her life as Ji Eun Tak was her first life out of the four lives a human can have. While she was there with Wang Yeo, Kim Shin came to say his goodbye. He just returned to live and hopped to live for a long time, happily with Eun Tak. But Eun Tak died!

Kim Shin:”How am I supposed to live without you?”

When the time came for her to leave, Eun Tak refused to drink the tea that allows her to forget her life. She wanted to remember everything so after she will be born again she could find Kim Shin and lifelong by his side.

Eun Tak:”See you again.”

After Eun Tak left for good, Kim Shin was so upset that it rained for a while. Then he walked around all the places he’s been with Eun Tak, wearing her scarf and remembering her.


Wang Yeo received his last name card. His punishment is over! The last spirit Wang Yeo had to cross over was Sunny. He leaves for his last job, but before leaving he stops to say his goodbye to Kim Shin.

Sunny entered the tea house where Wang Yeo was waiting for her. They say goodbye to each other. Then Sunny and Kim Shin say goodbye to each other too.  After saying their goodbyes, Wang Yeo grabbed Sunny’s hand and they moved on together.

Sunny:”Let’s meet again someday.”

Kim Shin is once again left alone. His bride, his sister and his friend left. One day while Kim Shin was sitting on a bench, depressed, a man approached him. That man sat next to Kim Shin, consoled Kim Shin and shared his sandwich with Kim Shin.

Since time passed, Kim Shin while walking on the streets sees Sunny and Wang Yeo. They were reborn and they’ve met again. This time Sunny is an actress and Wang Yeo is detective Lee Hyuk. They fall in love with each other again.  After seeing that his sister and his friend were happy in their new life, Kim Shin went to Canada. There he met Eun Tak. She was reborn too and she remembers him and her previous live.

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