“Tomorrow With You” ep 2 ~So Joon:”I’ve never liked you.”


Soon after he was discharged from the army, So Joon was in the subway with his parents. They wanted him to do something and when a woman started a fight with him, So Joon took advantage of the situation. The woman was Ma Rin and she thought that So Joon secretly took a picture of her. They both got out of the subway and in a few seconds the subway exploded. They don’t remember each other, but on one of his trips to the future, So Joon discovered that the day and hour of his death are related to her. So Joon looks for her and shows up in front of her, making Ma Rin think that he likes her. But he doesn’t and he made sure to tell her that. They don’t see each other for a while and when they finally meet, So Joon acts like he doesn’t know Ma Rin. That’s only until he finds out that Ma Rin is the woman that saved his life from the subway accident.ep2-1

Episode 2

In 2009 So Joon was arguing with his parents in the subway. A strange woman thought that he took a picture of her and they got into an argument. So Joon saw that as a chance to get off the subway and get away from the work his parents were making him to. The strange woman was Ma Rin. They got off the subway and few seconds later the subway exploded. They saved each other’s lives without knowing. On the 49h day since his parents died, So Joon returned to the subway tunnel to say his last farewell. That day he time traveled for the first time in his life.

So Joon’s first time travel took him from the spring of 2009 straight to the winter of 2015. While she was shocked, not understanding what was going on, So Joon met another time traveler.

Back from the journey in which he saw that he will be married to Ma Rin in three months, So Joon calls Ma Rin to meet up. He keeps asking her about her life, the men in her life…to help her get a man. But Ma all of So Joon’s actions make Ma Rin misunderstand that he likes her. It’s the first time a man calls her, shows up in front of her after seeing her terrible drinking habits. So for her the fact that So Joon showed up as if nothing happened after the night they went drinking together, it means that So Joon likes her.

In the middle of their discussion Ma Rin received a phone call and has to be at a photo shot in an hour. Because she is in a hurry, Ma Rin made So Joon drove her. Arrived at the studio, Ma Rin run in letting So Joon carry her belongings inside.

So Joon:”Why am I helping her with this?”

The owner of the shopping mall Ma Rin had to take pictures that day liked So Joon. She plans of getting Ma Rin as a photographer every time, but she has a condition. Ma Rin has to bring So Joon at the studio and convince him to model.


Forced to bring So Joon at the studio if she wants to get hired, Ma Rin called him. They set up a date, but while waiting for So Joon to come Ma Rin hears people badmouthing her. She gets into a fight with those cowards and leaves. Without knowing that So Joon didn’t show up to their date either, Ma Rin calls to apologize. No matter how much So Joon insists that he stood her up too, Ma Rin only misunderstands, thinking that he is being considerate towards her feelings.

Ma Rin:”I want to jump into that river.”

Depressed about hearing what people were talking about her, without having the courage to tell her into her face, Ma Rin got drunk. Then she called So Joon telling him she doesn’t remember her way home. So Joon, who keeps telling himself that he won’t get involved with Ma Rin, ran to her rescue. When they’ve met, Ma Rin told him that she can only get hired as a photographer if she brings him in as a model.

So Joon walked Ma Rin home where they’ve met Ma Rin’s mother. Ma Rin took her mother inside and they started arguing. Ma Rin’s mother is disappointed that Ma Rin didn’t live according to her expectation. From outside So Joon heard everything.


Feeling sorry for Ma Rin, So Joon showed up at the photo shoot and accepted being the model. It was his goodbye present for Ma Rin. After the photo shoot, So Joon cleared the misunderstandings. He told Ma Rin that he never liked her and that he hopes they won’t contact or see each other ever again. Then they each went their separate ways.

So Joon:”I’ve never liked you.”

After a month without seeing each other, Ma Rin and So Joon met at a wedding. They didn’t talk to each other, but pretended that they don’t know each other. After the wedding both of them went their way.

During the month that she didn’t met So Joon, Ma Rin went to a blind date arranged by her mother. The blind date was with a reporter. They kept seeing each other and they continue to do so. After the wedding, Ma Rin met the reporter.

The reporter wants to do an interview of Song Ma Rin. He wants people to know her real life, not the articles that make her look pathetic. At the interview, Ma Rin confessed that she survived from a subway accident.

Ma Rin:”I have to be strong and live a long life…because I’m still alive now.”

So Joon left after the wedding, but he kept thinking about Ma Rin. He went to the future to see if everything returned to normal or he is still married to Ma Rin. He wasn’t! Because he can’t stop thinking about her, So Joon search for online news about her and finds out that Ma Rin is a survivor of the same accident as he is. He realized that Ma Rin is the woman whom he got into an accident and saved his life the day of the subway accident. He returned to the present and went to look for Ma Rin. So Joon showed up at the moment the reporter was asking Ma Rin out on a date and dragged Ma Rin away.

So Joon:”I’m Yoo So Joon! But…who are you?”


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