“Introverted Boss” ep 5 ~Ji Hye:” I think I made a huge mistake.”


Episode 5 of Introverted Boss describes Chae Ji Hye’s story,  her last days alive. Ji Hye and Hwan Ki were close. He could be himself around her and Ji Hye was giving him advises in everything he needed. But when Woo Il intervened, Hwan Ki tried to protect both his sister and Ji Hye. Unfortunately Hwan Ki’s silent way of protecting Yi Soo and Ji Hye made things worse. Ji Hye was humiliated and hurt the night she died….and Hwan Ki took the blame for Ji Hye’s death, feeling guilty that he couldn’t do more.ep5-1

Episode 5

Ji Hye is at a restaurant waiting for someone. That someone is Hwan Ki. He comes with flowers, sits at the same table and orders some coffee. At that time Ji Hye was coaching Hwan Ki how to ask out the girl he likes, what to do, how to act and what to wear. But Ji Hye was a sweet and nice girl. After Ji Hye told him what to do, Hwan Ki went to meet the girl he liked for a while. Unfortunately that girl was completely different to Hwan Ki and Ji Hye. To a certain point Hwan Ki and Ji Hye were similar.

As soon as he met her, Yeo Jung told Hwan Ki that she used to like him when they were in school and asked him to meet her from time to time.

Yeon Jung:”I liked you!”

Back at the penthouse, Hwan Ki brought Ji Hye a pair of shoes as a thank you present for helping him. Later when he was playing basketball with Woo Il, Hwan Ki tells him about his date with Yeon Jung. But when Woo Il asked Hwan Ki to “borrow” him Ji Hye, Hwan Ki didn’t like the way Woo Il talked about Ji Hye. She is a good person.


Hwan Ki’s mother came by the office to see Woo Il. She has good news for him. Hwan Ki’s father gave permission to Woo Il and Yi Soo to get married so now all that Woo Il has to do is to officially propose to Yi Soo. She even showed him what she likes and told him that she would want to get for Christmas Eve. And Woo Il bought that necklace. Meantime Hwan Ki meets Yeon Jung again. He visited her at the gallery with flowers and coffee. He even bought a painting.

After buying the present he will give to Yi Soo when he will propose, Woo Il met Ji Hye. He wants to know what Ji Hye wants as a present for Christmas Eve. The unexpected answer shocked Woo Il. Ji Hye wanted a lot of money that would want to donate to White Cloud orphanage.


Excited, Yi Soo came to see her brother. It’s the day before Christmas Eve and the next day Woo Il will propose to her. She has everything planed, even her date with Woo Il at W Art Hall. When Yi Soo mentioned W Art Hall, Hwan Ki remembered that Ji Hye asked permission to leave early on Christmas Eve because her sister is performing at W Art Hall. While Yi Soo and Hwan Ki were talking, Ji Hye met Woo Il to show him something she drew. Woo Il liked the drawing so much that he asked Ji Hye to give it to him.

Woo Il is an orphan that grew up at White Cloud orphanage. Because Hwan Ki’s family took him in to be Hwan Ki’s friend and help Hwan Ki, Woo Il mistook them as his own family. He thought that he was another member of the Eun family. And for Hwan Ki, Yi Soo and their mother Woo Il was a member of the family.

The day before Christmas, after getting Ji Hye’s drawing, Woo Il found in his office a bug that Hwan Ki’s father installed to watch every step Woo Il does. Realizing that Hwan Ki’s family doesn’t see him as a member of the family, Woo Il got drunk and called Ji Hye. He told her about his pains and …kissed her.

Because Woo Il was way too drunk, Ji Hye took him home. There Woo Il gave Ji Hye the necklace he had gotten to propose to Yi Soo…the necklace Yi Soo wanted. That day Ji Hye spent the night with Woo Il.


In the morning Ji Hye regrets what happened. She is devastated! Woo Il consoles her and hugs her. From his car, Hwan Ki saw everything. He saw his secretary, Ji Hye, and his sister’s fiancé, Woo Il, hugging each other.

Ji Hye:” I think I made a huge mistake.”

Knowing that Woo Il might not be able to buy her the expensive necklace she wanted, Yi Soo returned to the shop. When she asked the seller to show her the necklace, the seller told Yi Soo that Woo Il already bought that necklace to propose.

Not wanting Ji Hye or Yi Soo to be hurt and knowing that they were both going at W Art Hall, Yi Soo with Woo Il and Ji Hye to see her sister, Hwan Ki tried to prevent Ji Hye from going. He gave Ji Hye something to do so Ji Hye couldn’t keep the promise she made with Ro Won…she couldn’t go to Ro Won’s last show on the Christmas Eve. Because of his silent way of protecting the once he cares about, Hwan Ki missed his date with Yeon Jung.


While Woo Il was in the middle of his date with Yi Soo, Ji Hye called him saying that she is waiting for him. When he heard that, Woo Il left Yi Soo alone, on Christmas Eve and run to see Ji Hye. Before he reached the rooftop where Ji Hye was waiting for him, Woo Il met Hwan Ki. With Hwan Ki questioning him about his relationship with Ji Hye, Woo Il pretended that he made a mistake. He was afraid that he could lose Yi Soo’s love and the power he get from Yi Soo’s family. Woo Il said that he was feeling unsure about the wedding so he drank too much and made a mistake with Ji Hye. Hearing that Hwan Ki got upset so Woo Il lied saying that Ji Hye seduced him. Unfortunately for her, Ji Hye heard everything. Hurt and humiliated, Ji Hye runs away. On her way out, Ji Hye met Yi Soo, who also heard everything.

That night, when Ro Won called Ji Hye…she received the horrible news came. Ji Hye died!


After Ji Hye died, Woo Il was afraid that people and Hwan Ki’s father would find out about his relationship with Ji Hye. He went to Hwan Ki and kneeled while asking Hwan Ki to save him.

Woo Il:”We’re friends, Hwan Ki! Please, save me!”

As a result Hwan Ki took the blame. He told Woo Il to tell his father that he is responsible. Hwan Ki let everyone know that Ji Hye committed suicide because he gave her a hard time.

Soon after Ji Hye’s death, her mother also died…

Soon after Ji Hye’s death, Hwan Ki went to visit her family. Ji Hye’s father saw him and since then, from time to time, Hwan Ki gets a shave there. At the same time, Ro Won began receiving flowers after every show she was in.

Hwan Ki:”On behalf of the one who’s left, I’ve been watching her for three years.”

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