“Behind Your Smile”ep 12 ~Xin Yu:”Zhao Yi Ting, I like you!”


With Zhong Wen’s help, Lin Man returned to Taiwan. Zhong Wen also came to help Lin Man seek revenge on the person that ruined her life and made her a runaway. Meantime Yi Ting begins his relationship with Xin Yu while tormenting himself. He loves Xin Yu, but in the same time he prepares to catch Lin Man. Yi Ting keeps saying that he will only date Xin Yu until Lin Man shows up, but deep inside he knows that he won’t be able to let Xin Yu go…ep12-1

Episode 12

Chairman Tang called Yi Ting over to discuss business. Yi Ting went, but he isn’t sure that he can still trust chairman Tang. They’ve started their work to destroy Lin Man 2 years ago, but when they’ve finally managed to do what they’ve started Lin Man escaped. Yi Ting just found out that the person who helped Lin Man escape was chairman Tang.

Yi Ting:”Are we…still working together?”

The same as Yi Ting, chairman Tang doesn’t fully trusts Yi Ting either. He had Yi Ting followed and found out about Yi Ting’s relationship with Lei Xin Yu. But when he asked Yi Ting about it, Yi Ting lied. Yi Ting said that he is only using Lei Xin Yu to find where Lin Man is.  Still either of them trusts each other.

Before Lin Man disappeared, when she was still struggling to save the company her husband left behind, chairman Tang advised her what she should do, pretending to be her friend that wanted to help her. Lin Man trusted chairman Tang and accepted his advice. Chairman Tang was the person who told Lin Man to do what happened to destroy Yi Ting’s family farm. Now chairman Tang is trying to prevent Lin Man and Yi Ting from meeting. That way Yi Ting will never found out that the one who actually ruined his farm was chairman Tang, not Lin Man.

Back at the hotel he is staying, Yi Timg met Xin Yu. She waited for him so they could go shopping together. That night Xin Yu planed to prepare dinner for Yi Ting. They went shopping together, but Yi Ting didn’t had any opinion. He let Xin Yu be excited by herself and buy anything she wanted. When they were leaving the shop, a man offered to help Xin Yu carry the bags and at that moment Yi Ting realized that it was his job to help Xin Yu. Since Yi Ting decided to be a gentleman, Xin Yu pushed things a little more and asked Yi Ting to carry her bag too. Yi Ting looked pretty well carrying Xin Yu’s pink bag. J

Meantime Lin Man return, in secret, to Taiwan. She meets the young man that helped her return. Since Lin Man was too innocent and didn’t know what chairman Tang was actually doing, she trusted him way too much. When she did as he thought her, problems started to appear. Then chairman Tang arranged for Lin Man to leave Taiwan and go to Philippine. But when Lin Man was in the Philippine, chairman Tang kept sending people to search for her. And all happened because without knowing, Lin Man left for Philippine with the evidence against chairman Tang. In the Philippine, Lin Man realized what she had in her hands and returned to seek revenge on the man that destroyed her while pretending to help her. Lin Man returned to seek revenge on chairman Tang and the other person that brought her to that situation, Yi Ting.

Lin Man:”I have someone that I want to seek justice from.”


While cooking Xin Yu keeps talking to Xiao Bi until she burned her hand because she didn’t pay attention to what she was doing. Because Xin Yu got hurt, Yi Ting had to finish cooking. After diner Yi Ting walked Xin Yu home, holding hands.

Yi Ting:”Why don’t I want to let go of you? Why don’t I want to be myself?”

Zhong Wen send a message to Xin Yu in which he was telling her that he is in Taiwan and wants to meet her. The message went to Xiao Yue, who announced Yi Ting. Hearing that Zhong Wen is in Taiwan, Yi Ting sent Xiao Yue a photo of Zhong Wen and instructed her to meet Zhong Wen and find out why he is in Taiwan. Xiao Yue did as instructed and went to meet Zhong Wen. But Zhong Wen isn’t the type girls talk to, he is more like a nerd so he didn’t tell Xiao Yue anything of the things she wanted to know.


Xin Yu is at Yi Ting’s office looking for a place to leave him a note. She sees a picture of Yi Ting, Xiao Mao’s mother and Xiao Mao. She saw that picture before, but she can’t remember where. When Yi Ting comes in, Xin Yu asks him about his parents.

Yi Ting:”I hope that you won’t mention my parents in front of me.”

Later when Xin Yu went to the farm, she saw the same picture, but without Yi Ting in it, there. She asks Xiao Mao since when he and Yi Ting know each other. She asks if Yi Ting grew up at the farm or loved animals.

Xiao Mao:”He didn’t just like animals, he was one of them.”

Xiao Mao talks about Yi Ting, the way Yi Ting was before their father died. The Yi Ting from there was completely different from Yi Ting that Xin Yu knows.  While Xin Yu was talking to Xiao Mao, Yi Ting called her and asked her out for dinner.

After her phone conversation with Yi Ting, Xin Yu asked Xiao Mao about the picture with Xiao Mao, Yi Ting and their mother. Xiao Mao told her that he folded out the part with Yi Ting because his mother gets upset every time she sees Yi Ting. Then he asked Xin Yu to not ask Yi Ting about his parents and wait until Yi Ting will open up and tell her everything. He also asks Xin Yu to listen to Yi Ting’s explanation if one day she will find out that Yi Ting did something unforgivable.

Yi Ting is waiting for a business partner. A foreigner wants to invest in something and set up an appointment with Yi Ting. But when the foreigner appeared, Yi Ting and Shi Huan were shocked to realize that the foreigner was Zhong Wen.

Zhong Wen came at the meeting and presented his business proposal. But knowing who Zhong Wen is and not knowing Zhong Wen’s intentions, Yi Ting rejected to work with Zhong Wen.

When Zhong Wen got into the lift, Yi Ting remembered that Xin Yu was on her way to meet him. He runs off downstairs to prevent Xin Yu and Zhong Wen from seeing each other. The moment he arrived at the lobby and saw Xin Yu and Zhong Wen so close to each other Yi Ting run over and hugged Xin Yu…while covering her face.


Arrived at Yi Ting’s house, Xin Yu and Yi Ting play for a while. Then Xin Yu tells Yi Ting that she hopes he will let her into his heart and will talk to her about everything he is thinking about. She told Yi Ting that no matter what he will do, she will be by his side, supporting him.

Yi Ting kissed Xin Yu, but when they’ve reached the bedroom, the puzzle that Xin Yu lost fell. She picks up the puzzle and questions Yi Ting. He answered her questions until a certain point then Yi Ting closed up. The more she thing she knows and understands Yi Ting, the more Xin Yu realizes that she doesn’t. She grabs Yi Ting’s hand and begs him to be honest with her and tell her everything, but Yi Ting doesn’t. Disappointed, Xin Yu leaves.

Yi Ting follows Xin Yu home, but she turns her back on him when she saw him. Xin Yu goes up on the balcony of her apartment and calls Yi Ting’s name.

Xin Yu:”Zhao Yi Ting, I like you!”

Xiao Mao saw what happened between Yi Ting and Xin Yu and confronted Yi Ting. He asked Yi Ting if he told Xin Yu everything and sorted out his plans towards Lin Man. Hearing that Yi Ting still has plans to hurt Lin Man, Xiao Mao gets upset. He tells Yi Ting that he likes Xin Yu and it will be better if Yi Ting just let Xin Yu go before it’s too late. Since Xiao Mao likes Xin Yu too, he will take care of her and make her happy. All his life Xiao Mao gave up what he liked in Yi Ting’s favor because Yi Ting was their parents biological son. But would Yi Ting wake up after what Xiao Mao told him?

Xiao Mao:”I like Lei Xin Yu! I will treasure her more! I won’t let her get hurt.”


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