“Tomorrow With You” ep 3 ~So Joon:”I will save you!”


Finding out that Ma Rin is the woman that saved him seven years ago from the subway explosion, So Joon decided that he has to continue meeting her. But Ma Rin must want that too, and Ma Rin is still upset with So Joon. He keeps appear in front of Ma Rin and even gives her a gift. Ma Rin doesn’t the present and want to return it. She follows So Joon to the subway, but So Joon disappears. He went to the future where his future self told him to not let Ma Rin go.ep3-1

Episode 3

So Joon took another trip to the future. He searched online for news about Song Ma Rin and found an interview with her saying that she is one of the survivors of the same subway accident So Joon. Shocked to realize that Ma Rin is the woman that saved his life at that time and they will both die in the future in the same time, So Joon goes to see Ma Rin.

So Joon:”We have to continue meeting each other.”

Going home, So Joon keeps searching for connections between his death and Ma Rin’s. The only thing he could realize is that the day he and Ma Rin will die in the future is in the same day as the subway accident…ten years apart. At that moment, So Joon goes to the future. His future self should’ve known about him and Ma Rin being survivors of the same accident, but didn’t tell him anything. They argue and So Joon realizes that his future self knows more about him and Ma Rin, but refuses to tell him.

Meantime Ma Rin is taken to the police station. There are some problems with the shopping mall she took photos for so she has give a statement. So Joon was also called at the police station, but he sent his lawyer instead.


Back to the present So Joon goes to talk to another time traveler about everything that stresses him out about his and Ma Rin’s death. The other time traveler advised So Joon to have a child with Ma Rin in order to change his future.

Coming home from the police station, tired Ma Rin finds So Joon waiting for her. He wants to make up with her, but Ma Rin gives him the cold treatment. Ma Rin is still upset with what So Joon told her when he asked her to go their separate ways.

Ma Rin:”What is our relationship anyway?”

So Joon calls Ma Rin, but she doesn’t answer. Ma Rin doesn’t want to have anything to do with So Joon. Instead of Ma Rin, her friend, So Ri, answered the phone and told So Joon where Ma Rin is…without Ma Rin knowing. When she saw him, Ma Rin was surprised. Still she accepted to talk to him.

Ma Rin and So Joon went to a restaurant close by and had something to eat. She asked him some questions about himself, than she left. So Joon follows Ma Rin outside and by mistake pulls her bag that fell on the ground. From the bag a lot of Ma Rin’s pictures fell off. While picking up the pictures, So Joon asks about the subway accident. He is curious what Ma Rin thinks about the man that survived with her. He doesn’t tell Ma Rin that he is that man, but is surprised Ma Rin would want to meet that man. She hopes that man is living well and hopes he doesn’t feel guilty for surviving when so many people died. She hopes to meet that man sometime so they could comfort each other. After picking up all the pictures, So Joon decided to keep one picture.

So Joon:”You look…kind of cute.”


Ma Rin comes out of her house and finds a present from So Joon. It was a new camera, the police took her old camera. Feeling burdened by the present, Ma Rin went to So Joon’s company to return it. Unfortunately she made a mistake. Ma Rin left her bag, in So Joon’s car, instead of the present. When she realizes what she did, Ma Rin follows So Joon.

So Joon parked his car and took the subway. Ma Rin follows him in the subway. They saw each other, but when Ma Rin turned around for a second, So Joon was gone. He went to the future.

So Joon arrived at the day he will die in the future. He calls his future self, who was driving. Suddenly future Yoo So Joon sees Ma Rin, starts crying and advices present So Joon to don’t lose Ma Rin.

Future So Joon:” Why don’t you try making things work with that woman?”

While the present and future So Joon were on the phone, someone pushed Ma Rin, by mistake, in front of a car. A huge accident was provoked! So Joon runs to the place where the accident was and sees Ma Rin being taken away by the paramedics.

So Joon:”I will save you!”

So Joon runs towards the subway to return back to his time. Unfortunately he missed the subway and began disappearing. Meantime, Ma Rin recognized So Joon. She remembered that So Joon is the man that survived together with her from the subway explosion seven years ago. She is waiting for him at the subway.

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