“Introverted Boss” ep 6 ~Hwan Ki:”I like you!”


Hwan Ki’s father is furious after the video of Hwan Ki stuttering became viral. He came at the penthouse, hit Hwan Ki, threw everything on the floor and asked Woo Il to disband Silent Monster. Luckily Woo Il convinced Hwan Ki’s father to give Silent Monster another chance. But the condition was for Hwan Ki to change. For that Woo Il proposed a team building.ep6-1

Episode 6

Hwan Ki’s team went to drink, upset that they’ve lost a good project. Because they are really drunk, the owner of the place they’ve drink called Hwan Ki. He went over, plaid the bill and sent everyone of his team members home. The last one to send home was Ro Won. She looks at him, then suddenly she starts hitting Hwan Ki. When Ro Won finally calmed down, Hwan Ki drove her home.

The next morning when everyone came to work, they didn’t remember how they’ve got home. Since Hwan Ki was wearing sunglasses – he had a red eye after Ro Won hit him – everyone thought that Hwan Ki was too embarrassed to look at them.

Hwan Ki:”She did this to me, yet she doesn’t remember a thing.”

Later the video with Hwan Ki stuttering during the presentation became viral. When his father saw the video, he got furious.


Ro Won comes to the office and finds Hwan Ki being beaten up by his father. After seeing the video, Eun Bok Dong got furious and came to see Hwan Ki. He is disappointed of his son. He would’ve preferred Woo Il to be his son or at least his son to be …as good as a pore on Woo Il’s foot.

Eun Bok Dong:”Die! Just die! Why are you Eun Hwan Ki, not Kang Woo Il?”

When Bok Dong starts throwing everything around, Woo Il comes in. He stops Bok Dong. Embarrassed of what his father said to him, in front of his employees, Hwan Ki leaves the office.

Cleaning up the office, Hwan Ki’s team members found the papers that showed that Hwan Ki did the presentation that Woo Il did and became legend. After knowing that, Ro Won goes to find Hwan Ki. He was locked in his car, thinking about what just happened. But when Ro Won got in Hwan Ki’s car and mentioned Woo Il’s name, Hwan Ki got angry and screamed at her.

Ro Won starts comforting Hwan Ki. She tells him to brag with the things he did if he wants people to know. She asked him to tell them what he is thinking, not just to look from behind.

Ro Won:”I don’t think you’re a bad man. You just look hurt.”


Bok Dong wants Silent Monster to be disbanded and the employees fired. Luckily Woo Il managed to convince Bok Dong to give Silent Monster another chance. But there was a condition, the team must change Hwan Ki. The team has to transform Hwan Ki into someone similar to Kang Woo Il. The first step is to build teamwork and for that Woo Il proposed a team building. Unfortunately Hwan Ki refused to go on that team building. But Woo Il went!

Hwan Ki:”Will I be able to change?”

When the Silent Monster team arrived at the place of their team building, they’ve found Hwan Ki there. He couldn’t let Woo Il with his team members and went there. As soon as they’ve arrived , they start playing games. The first game was a mime game in which Woo Il took advantage of the situation and hugged Ro Won. Seeing that Hwan Ki got angry, but he couldn’t say anything. After Woo Il it’s Hwan Ki’s time to imitate different things. Unfortunately Hwan Ki thinks too much and complicates his explanations until they’ve lost the game.

After the game, Hwan Ki plans to win his employee’s hearts by cooking for them. He starts making the barbeque and dream about his employee’s congratulating him for the meet’s taste. Unfortunately that didn’t work well for Hwan Ki either.


Ro Won realized that she misunderstood Hwan Ki all this time and now she wants to help him. She asks Woo Il for advices to help Hwan Ki and Hwan Ki is impressed to hear Ro Won so worried about him and the way others misunderstand him. But there is also one thing Hwan Ki doesn’t like…the way Woo Il looks at Ro Won.

Walking around Hwan Ki meets Yoo Hee. There was a misunderstanding between them few days ago and because of that Yoo Hee is careful around Hwan Ki. Remembering what he heard Ro Won saying earlier, Hwan Ki apologized to Yoo Hee and cleared the misunderstandings. Yoo Hee sees herself as a mother and that it’s her weakness. Hwan Ki is sure that she is capable of greater things and the fact that she is a mother should be her straight so he makes clear his thoughts. Impressed and apologetic that she misunderstood Hwan Ki, Yoo Hee has the courage to talk to him. During that team building, Yoo Hee realized the way Hwan Ki and Ro Won looks at each other. Even they don’t realize that they seem to like each other.

Yoo Hee:”It seems like she’s the one you like the most among us.”

Walking around thinking about his feelings for Ro Won, Hwan Ki tripped on something. He picks it up and lights it. Se Jong had prepared a surprise event for Ro Won. He has feelings for her and wanted to confess to Ro Won. Unfortunately when he brought Ro Won over, Hwan Ki was there sitting in the middle of Se Jong’s confession.

Hwan Ki:”Do I have feelings for her?”

Ro Won:”Boss, do you love me?”

Se Jong is upset that Hwan Ki ruined his confession and get angry. Embarrassed Hwan Ki keeps pressing the buttons and fireworks started flying around. Ro Won is happy! Se Jong is angry! Hwan Ki doesn’t know what to do so he runs away.

Hwan Ki:”No, I don’t like her.”

Later everyone gathered around the fire for some worm drinks and songs. Only Ro Won was focused on Woo Il…and Hwan Ki focused on Ro Won.

Hwan Ki:”She isn’t here for revenge any longer.”

Ro Won drew Woo Il’s face since she has a crush on him. Luckily she isn’t as talented as her sister so no one realized that it was Woo Il when they saw the drawing. There is only one person that knows that the man Ro Won likes is Woo Il. That person is Hwan Ki. He approaches Ro Won and tells her that Woo Il has a fiancée.


Hwan Ki asked Ro Won to prepare a presentation. She worked hard, but the presentation didn’t work as expected. Because Ro Won was disappointed Hwan Ki approaches her. He tells her what she did wrong and advises her. Hwan Ki told Ro Won that her presentation should be like confessing her love to the person she likes. She has to be sincere. He looks into her eyes and tells her that he likes her.

Hwan Ki:”I like you!”

Few days later, Ro Won had her first presentation and it worked better than she expected. She followed Hwan Ki’s instructions, she was sincere and did a good presentation.  Still Silent Monster didn’t get the project.

Later while Woo Il was congratulating Ro Won and in a way seducing her, Yi Soo showed up. When she the way Yi Soo was acting towards Woo Il, Ro Won realized that Yi Soo is Woo Il’s fiancée that Hwan Ki was talking about.

Yi Soo came over to bring Hwan Ki his Christmas present. In return she wanted Hwan Ki to cook something for her and he was happy to do it. Ro Won watched them and remembered Ji Hye.

Since on Christmas Eve Ji Hye was usually going to the orphanage, Ro Won continued with what her sister used to do. Hwan Ki sees Ro Won leaving with a lot of luggage and decided to give her a ride. Hwan Ki drove Ro Won to the orphanage and helped Ro Won get into a panda costume. But when Ro Won started talking about Ji Hye, Hwan Ki took the panda costume off Ro Won and put the costume on himself.

Dressed in a panda costume, with his face covered, Hwan Ki danced in front of the children at the orphanage.

Hwan Ki:”I’ve changed!”

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