“Tomorrow With You” ep 4 ~So Joon:”Put your future in my hands.”


Ma Rin waits for So Joon at the subway station after she remembered that he is the other survivor, but he never came. Suddenly Ma Rin received a phone call from the hospital and worried about So Joon, she rushed over. After that trip to the future, So Joon met Ma Rin and proposed to her. He insisted so much that she accepted and soon they’ve got married.ep4-1

Episode 4

Ma Rin followed So Joon to the subway and remembered that he is the other survivor of the subway explosion seven years ago. She texts him to meet and she is waiting for him. But So Joon never showed up. He was in the future!

It’s gotten late so Ma Rin leaves. On her way home, Ma Rin received a phone call from the hospital. So Joon was found, passed out, on the subway line. Worried Ma Rin runs to the hospital and meets So Joon. Since he is fine she wants to leave, but So Joon stops her.

So Joon:” We did survive death together.”

She’s been waiting for So Joon the whole day at the subway station. She was surprised and happy to realize that So Joon is the other survivor and to know that he is living so well. But then the hospital called her and the word “subway” made Ma Rin think that the fate is playing a terrible joke on them.

When So Joon asked Ma Rin to live together she didn’t understood the meeting of his proposal. She thought that So Joon meant to live like the survived the accident and continued with their lives after it.

So Joon:”Then we should…live together.”

Since it was late and Ma Rin left her bag with her wallet in his car, So Joon gave her his wallet to get home. But Ma Rin didn’t use his money.

When he arrived home So Joon texted Ma Rin to meet the next day for lunch. They’ve met, exchanged their belongings. Ma Rin returned So Joon’s wallet and So Joon returned her bag. Then So Joon asked Ma Rin to marry him.

So Joon:”A woman I want to marry.”

Shocked by the sudden proposal, Ma Rin gets angry. She gets up and leaves. So Joon follows her, trying to persuade her to accept his wedding proposal. He insisted so much that he convinced Ma Rin to return at the table and finish their lunch together.

So Joon:”You save me and I save you. I think we are destined for each other.I think I’ll die if I don’t marry you.”

Since he saw the future, So Joon knows how he can win Ma Rin’s trust. Out of the blue he called her “Flower”, like he did in the future when they were married.


When she heard that Ma Rin and So Joon seems to be close, Gun Sook asked Ma Rin to help her prepare dinner. What Gun Sook didn’t say was that her husband will bring co-workers home, including So Joon. During the dinner Guk Soon kept pushing her husband secretary and Ma Rin together saying that they would look good together…even if her husband secretary is a little too good for Ma Rin. She kept humiliating and insulting discretely Ma Rin until Ma Rin couldn’t held it in.

Ma Rin went to the kitchen to get some water and broke something expensive to get Gun Sook follow her. In the kitchen the two women argued and even fought with each other. So Joon went after the two women and stopped them from fighting. After Ma Rin left, So Joon looked straight into Gun Sook’s eyes and told her that he will remember her as a woman that pokes and uses people’s weakness to make them feel insignificant. Then So Joon asked Gun Sook to meet often…then four of them, including Ma Rin.

Hurt, humiliated and embarrassed, Ma Rin goes home. So Joon calls her to see if she is alright, Ma Ri doesn’t answer.


So Joon is in front of Ma Rin’s house when Ma Rin’s mother shows up. He hands over his business card to Ma Rin’s mother to introduce himself, but Ma Rin’s mother doesn’t know what CEO means and told him to not show up in front of  Ma Rin.

Without telling Ma Rin that So Joon is outside, Ma Rin’s mother asked Ma Rin what a CEO does. She was shocked to know that a CEO is the chairman of a company.  The next morning she went to check out So Joon’s company and realizing how rich So Joon must be, Ma Rin’s mother was extremely happy.

Ma Rin’s mother called So Joon and invited him to dinner. He accepted and came to dinner. When Ma Rin found out what her mother did, she tried to stop her mother and So Joon from meeting. She caught So Joon just in time, before he got in. She begged him to leave and not meet her mother. But So Joon hugged her and consoled her. Earlier that day Ma Rin had sent So Joon a long mail talking about the pains she’s been through her life, but he pretended that he never read that mail. He wipes Ma Rin’s tears and kisses her.

So Joon:”I see you telling me not to leave.”

So Joon went inside, said hello to Ma Rin’s mother and left. He told her that he is on his way to go on a date with Ma Ri so Ma Rin’s mother let him go.


For their first date Ma Rin and So Joon went to So Joon’s house. Afraid of Ma Rin’s drinking habits, So Joon pretended that he doesn’t have any alcohol at home. They sat on the sofa and talked about their lives. Ma Rin found out that So Joon’s parents died and after he remained alone, So Joon became rich. He insists on the marriage subject and asks Ma Rin to put her future in his hands. He is sure that he can protect her. Finally Ma Rin accepted to date him, as long as So Joon doesn’t talk about marriage.

So Joon:”I feel nervous living you alone. Stay by my side so that I can protect you. Put your future in my hands.”

So Joon and Ma Rin spent the night together. They dated for a short while, happily. Then Ma Rin and So Joon met their loved once and handed them the wedding invitations. Ma Rin and So Joon are getting married! Ma Ri is in love! She marries So Joon out of love, but So Joon sees the married as a contract…a way for both of them to not die in three years from now.

They had an outdoors wedding, even if it rained. Ma Rin was so happy that she couldn’t hide her excitement. On the other hand So Joon was just pretending to feel the same as Ma Rin….

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