“Introverted Boss” ep 7 ~Hwan Ki:”I missed you!”


While spending more time with Hwan Ki, Ro Won realizes that Hwan Ki might not be the reason her sister committed suicide. She opens up in front of Hwan Ki and tells him what she had been bottle up for the past three years. Meantime Hwan Ki fights the battle with himself and tries hard to change. He scheduled a team meeting and a team dinner with his coworkers. He drinks with them and takes pictures. When Silent Monster received a new project, Hwan Ki showed his employees how good he is with his job…but he did that alone, not together with them, as a team.ep7-1

Episode 7

Hwan Ki and Ro Won are at the orphanage. Since he couldn’t come empty handed Hwan Ki brought some kimchi he made. While Hwan Ki was cutting the kimchi, Ro Won asked him about Ji Hye. She didn’t tell Hwan Ki that she is Ji Hye’s sister and suspect that Hwan Ki already knows that. Ro Won just said that she heard a rumor about a secretary who committed suicide. Hwan Ki stops from what he was doing and tells Ro Won that the secretary who died was a good person and he regrets that he never told her that.

Since Hwan Ki opened up and answered her question, Ro Won also decided to do the same. She talked about her sister who died and the fact that her mother stopped making kimchi after that. With Ji Hye dead, her mother felt like there was no one in the family who would eat kimchi and Ro Won couldn’t tell her mother that she also likes it. She didn’t want to upset her mother more than she already was after losing a daughter. So Ro Won started saying that she doesn’t eat kimchi.  When her sister died, Ro Won’s mother lost her will to live and soon died of a heart disease.

Now Ro Won started eating kimchi again, thanks to Hwan Ki. Later , Ro Won sees Hwan Ki giving food to the children from the orphanage and began thinking that it might not be his fault that Ji Hye died.

Ro Won:”It might not have been his fault.”

It’s Christmas Eve and Woo Il can’t stop thinking about Ji Hye. He gets drunk and calls Ro Won. Being mistaken and believing that Woo Il might be the person she keeps calling “Mr. Smith”, Ro Won rushed over. When Ro Won arrived, Woo Il kept reminding Ji Hye and he kept apologizing.


When Ro Won left to get some medicine for Woo Il, Yi Soo came. She took Woo Il to the taxi and saw Ro Won returning with the medicine.

Ro Won met reporter Woo to tell him that she gives up her revenge. She believes that Hwan Ki is innocent and someone else is to blame for Ji Hye’s death. Still Ro Won will continue working at Silent Monster until she finds “Mr. Smith”.

Hwan Ki met his therapist which advised Hwan Ki to work together with his coworkers if he wants to change, not alone like he always did. Wanting to change, Hwan Ki tried to share his thoughts with his coworkers during a meeting, but they misunderstood his actions with Hwan Ki being angry and left him alone.

Therapist:”You’re the leader! You can’t be a supporting role forever.”


On his journey to change, Hwan Ki asked everyone to go out on a team dinner. Because Hwan Ki was late, Gyo Ri had to go and check on him. He was late because he couldn’t decide what to wear so Hwan Ki asked Gyo Ri for her help and fashion advice. He got help from Gyo Ri, but he ended up way to overdressed for a casual team dinner. At the team dinner, they had drinks, they took pictures and Hwan Ki was complimented by how photogenic he is. Unfortunately when Hwan Ki was about to open up, Woo Il arrived with his team.

At some point Se Jong asked Hwan Ki to take a picture of him, but behind Se Jong was Ro Won. Hwan Ki couldn’t stop himself from taking Ro Won’s pictures.  Later, Hwan Ki hears Woo Il and Ro Won talking about their meeting on Christmas Eve and got angry. He was so angry that he screamed at Woo Il in front of all the employees. Upset that he got angry and believing that he ruined the team dinner, Hwan Ki left. Ro Won followed him and heard Hwan Ki talking on the phone with his therapist. Embarrassed that Ro Won found out about his counseling sessions, Hwan Ki ran away.


Silent Monster received a new project. They must restore the imagine a company president has as an abusive superior. That company president offered the orphanage children a trip to Malaysia just to restore his bad imagine. When the Silent Monster introduced themselves to the company president and Hwan Ki was taking pictures of the orphanages, the company president Mr. Park threw a tantrum that Woo Il isn’t there.

When Woo Il finally arrive, President Park got angry that Woo Il brought all the employees and the orphanages instead of making him the main character.  He doesn’t care what happens to the orphanages, he only wants his public imagine to be good so he could increase his profits. While Woo Il was getting screamed at, Hwan Ki intervened and took Woo Il away from president Park.

Hwan Ki asked Woo Il to leave and let him handle that project. Since Hwan Ki’s mother kept calling him saying that it’s urgent, Woo Il left. The urgent matter she was calling about was…a dress. She called both Yi Soo and Woo Il in order to force them get married. While she was practically forcing Woo Il to marry Yi Soo, Hwan Ki’s father arrived. He was furious that Woo Il left president Park to watch a dress and hit Woo Il.


President Park made the children cry when he got angry at them. Then he asked to see Woo Il and started screaming at Hwan Ki. He entrusted that project to Silent Monster as a favor to Hwan Ki’s father and feels like Hwan Ki is a disgrace to his father’s name. But Hwan Ki didn’t bow his head to apologize as Woo Il would do. He knows that president Park needs him more than he needs president Park. So he offered president Park to cancel his schedule and leave. Hwan Ki can’t guarantee to improve president Park’s bad imagine, but he’s sure that he can promote president Park’s company.

When president Park began screaming and getting angry, Hwan Ki took pictures of him and showed him the reporters that were there. He reminded president Park about the rumors of president Park being an abusive superior and if the reporters will film him getting angry at the airport that won’t do any good to president Park’s imagine.

One of the children kept crying because she lost her favorite toy. Hwan Ki calmed her down and entrusted her to Ro Won.  Hwan Ki has something to do before leaving so he will meet his team and the orphans in Malaysia.

Ro Won:”We’ll wait for you!”

In Malaysia both Ro Won and Shi Won were waiting for Hwan Ki to come with Shi Wo’s toy. Suddenly Se Jong found a picture online. It was with Shi Won’s toy promoting president Park’s company.

Hwan Ki stayed behind at the airport and looked everywhere for Shi Won’s toy panda. When he found the toy he took picture of the toy and the toy’s first travel trip. He made a story about Panda being so excited to go on a trip with Shi Won that he forgot the boarding pass. Hwan Ki took pictures with Panda waiting for his plain, with Panda on his way to the departure gate, with Panda holding a boarding pass and a passport, with Panda going through the security check point,  with Panda eating on the plain and with Panda sleeping on the plain. Then he posted the pictures online as a story of Panda’s first trip overseas.

When Hwan Ki arrived and Ro Won saw him, Ro Won couldn’t stop smiling. She ‘s been waiting for him.

Hwan Ki:”I missed you!”


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