“Tomorrow With You” ep 5 ~“You’ve disappeared, So Joon.”


Ma Rin is extremely happy as a married woman, but when she meets Gun Sook everything changes. Gun Sook made Ma Rin realize that she doesn’t know a lot of things about So Joon so when she meets So Joon, Ma Rin asks him all the questions she couldn’t answer Gun Sook. But soon problems began when Ma Rin took a picture of a noodles package and posted it online without knowing that the noodles was from the future and wasn’t on the market yet.ep5-1

Episode 5

On the first morning after the honeymoon, Ma Rin cooked breakfast for So Joon. He didn’t like the food, but because Ma Rin overreacted, he pretended to like it. So Joon pretended that the food is good, but he doesn’t want Ma Rin to tire herself cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner so it will be better to hire someone for that. Of course things didn’t go according to So Joon’s plans because Ma Rin wants to cook for him. It’s her hobby!

Ma Rin:”You seem too much like a husband.”

Later Ma Rin met So Ri and Guk Sook and went shopping. Gun Sook wants to know more about So Joon because her husband asked her to investigate. But Ma Rin doesn’t know many things about So Joon. She doesn’t know what he likes, what size he wears to buy him clothes, she doesn’t know his friends. She tried to call him, but So Joon was in the future and couldn’t answer. After meeting her friends, Ma Rin went grocery shopping. There she saw a couple shopping together and talking about meeting each other friends. She looked envious and realized that Gun Sook was right.

Returned to the present So Joon saw the 22 calls from Ma Rin and called her thinking that something might have happened. When he called and realized that she was grocery shopping, So Joon asked her out for dinner…just to stop her from cooking.


Ma Rin and So Joon met at the restaurant for dinner. While talking Ma Rin asked So Joon to introduce his friends to her and So Joon accepted. When a restaurant worker slipped and was about to create and accident and hurt Ma Rin, So Joon got angry and screamed at that man for almost hurting his wife.

Ma Rin:”You were like my protector. You smell like a husband.”

On their way back Ma Rin and So Joon buy fruits and talk. Arrived home So Joon peels an apple. If he will cut the apple peel he will have to change Ma Rin’s name in his phone to “Flower”. While he peels the apple, Ma Rin talked about her live. Her parents married early because her mother got pregnant with her. Ma Rin doesn’t have memories of her parents loving each other, they were just a man and a woman living together because of Ma Rin.

Ma Rin always wondered if it was because of her every time her parents fought. She wondered if because of her she was seeing her mother crying. They weren’t a family, they were eating together awkwardly and she was wondering if it was because of her.

Ma Rin:”Am I a woman to you?”

Wanting to be a good wife, Ma Rin took pre-marriage classes before marrying So Joon. They had fun while Ma Rin was reading from the book she received at those classes. While Ma Rin was reading from that book, So Joon kissed her.

Ma Rin:”Realtor, I am happy!”

So Joon:”When I see you up close, you’re the prettiest woman in the whole world.”


Ma Rin’s mother came by and they had some ramen together. That was ramen that So Joon brought from the future, a kind of ramen that wasn’t yet released on the market. Ma Rin enjoyed that ramen, took a picture of it and posted it online.

Later Ma Rin called So Joon and told him about the ramen picture she posted online. A lot of people saw it, but none recognized the name or package. Since he can’t tell the truth, So Joon lied that a friend who is a researcher for a company gave him the ramen to taste it before going on sale. He asked Ma Rin to delete the picture before they get into trouble.

When So Joon arrived home, Ma Rin gave him the documents necessary to register their marriage. So Joon hesitate for a while, but when Ma Rin proposed to register their marriage later, he started talking about having a child and living well for the rest of their lives. But Ma Rin isn’t ready to have a baby yet. She wants to be sure that she and So Joon will be good parents before having a child. She wants her child to suffer like she did.


Because Ma Rin wanted to eat the ramen from the future, So Joon went to buy it. After shopping, So Joon met the other time traveler and went to his house. There he couldn’t find anything. There other time traveler refuses to tell So Joon what happened to him.

“You’ve disappeared, So Joon.”

Meantime, in the present time, Ma Rin found out that So Joon’s parents died in the subway accident that both Ma Rin and So Joon survived.

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