“Behind Your Smile”ep 13 ~Xiao Yue:”Zhao Yi Ting, you’re an idiot!”


Yi Ting can’t stop thinking about Xiao Mao and Xiao Yue’s words. They both told him that if he won’t tell the truth to Xin Yu soon, he will lose her. Realizing that he won’t be able to let Xin Yu go, Yi Ting decided to tell Xin Yu the truth. Because he can’t open up and talk, Yi Ting wrote everything down. But after seeing his mother, Yi Ting changed his mind. ep13-1

Episode 13

Yi Ting walks home while thinking about Xiao Mao’s words. He imagines Xin Yu there with him. Then he remembers the words Xiao Yue told him. He knows that both Xiao Yue and Xiao Mao are right. He lies to himself when he says that he will let go of Xin Yu when Lin Man will appear. It’s too late for that! Xin Yu is already deep inside Yi Ting’s heart. He won’t be able to let her go, to see her become happy with another man. So Yi Ting decided to reveal Xin Yu the truth. Since he can’t talk about it, Yi Ting wrote it down.

Yi Ting writes down that “Healthy Farm” was his home, that Xiao Mao’s mother is his mother, that he owner of the farm that died after making business with Lin Man was his father. He also writes that he destroyed Lin Man’s company and caused Xin Yu to become homeless.

Yi Ting:”I want you to know everything about me.”

Yi Ting put the letter, the picture with him and his family and Xin Yu’s puzzle in a deposit box. In the morning Yi Ting went to Xin Yu. He gave her the key of the deposit box, told her the address and password and asked her to go find out his past. Then she should tell him her answer…if she is willing or not to continue dating him.

Xiao Mao can’t find his mother. Worried, he calls Yi Ting and Xin Yu. Then he looks around and sees the picture with Yi Ting folded. He runs out and meets Yi Ting that also come worried to look for his mother. They see her and run towards their mother. She saw the picture, but she can’t remember who Da Mao is. While thinking about who Da Mao could be, a car comes towards her and remembers the day her husband died. She, like Yi Ting, saw her husband getting out of the loan sharks car and getting hit by a truck. She looks at Yi Ting and blames him for his father’s death. Yi Ting was the one that told his father to borrow money from the loan sharks and repay their debts.


Xin Yu arrives at the farm and goes to the office to look for Xiao Mao. There she sees the picture unfolded. She looks at the picture and sees what was written on the back of it. She realizes that Yi Ting is Da Mao.

“Mom with Da Mao, Xiao Mao.”

Later Xin Yu sees Xiao Mao, Yi Ting and their mother. Xin Yu hears Xiao Mao’s mother blaming Yi Ting for his father’s death and sending him away. She blames Yi Ting, but in reality she blames herself. At that moment she was hospitalized and the farm was bankrupt. Yi Ting convinced his father to get a loan to save her. She feels useless, she feels her husband died because of her so she prefers not to remember anything and to blame Yi Ting. That way she can survive. To stop his brother and mother from blaming each other, Xiao Mao blames Lin Man. With her started everything…And Xin Yu heard everything.

Xiao Mao’s mother fainted and they took her inside. Yi Ting, Xiao Mao and Xin Yu spend the whole night watching over Xiao Mao’s mother and in the morning when she woke up she couldn’t remember Yi Ting. She felt resentful when she was seeing Yi Ting so she asked Xiao Mao to sent Yi Ting away.

Yi Ting leaves the farm. Xin Yu follows him. Realizing what type of pain her mother brought to Yi Ting and his family, Xin Yu thought about telling him that she left a message for her mother to meet again.

Arrived home, Xin Yu tells Xiao Yue what happened. She trusts Xiao Yue and thinks of Xiao Yue as a close friend, like a family member. But Xiao Yue was just trying to get the locker key that Yi Ting gave Xin Yu. He had told Xiao Yue to get the key before Xin Yu could go there and find the whole truth. Yi Ting changed his mind about telling Xin Yu the truth.

Xiao Yue:”You are the person he loves.”


Lin Man and Zhong Wen prepared a plan to catch chairman Tang and he fell in the trap. While playing golf, chairman Tang heard Zhong Wen talking with another businessman about a funding. Zhong Wen was looking for funding to a project. Hearing the conversation and being interested, chairman Tang approached Zhong Wen and asked for more details.

Xin Yu brought Yi Ting something to eat. She believes that he doesn’t want to see her so Xin Yu hides until Yi Ting leaves his office. Then she left the dish and a note to him. Yi Ting saw Xin Yu hiding and after she left he read the message Xin Yu left for him, but he also picked up the messages Xin Yu threw in the trash bin.

Xiao Yue took the key from Xin Yu, but before returning to Yi Ting she went to see what was inside the locker. When she met Yi Ting, Xiao Yue told him that he is an idiot for doing that. The more important a person is for Yi Ting, the less that person knows about him.

Xiao Yue:”Zhao Yi Ting, you’re an idiot!”

Yi Ting:”Don’t challenge my temper.”

They talk for a while. Yi Ting opens up and tells Xiao Yue the reason he can’t stop hating Lin Man and why he can’t be with Xin Yu forever. And he also tells Xiao Yue why he chose her to watch over Xin Yu and tell him everything. Then Xiao Yue gave Yi Ting another advice. He can lie now, but a lie brings another lie after it and when his lies will be discovered, everything he did or said that where sincere will be also seen as lies.


Xin Yu went to the farm, picked up the “Healthy Farm” signboard and went to Xiao Mao’s mother. She asked Xiao Mao’s mother is she remembers that greedy woman who took away their farm and then told Xiao Mao’s mother that she is Lin Man’s daughter.

Xin Yu:”I am her daughter! I am Lin Man’s daughter!”

It hard for Xiao Mao’s mother to accept that the sweet girl that helped her fix the signboard, took her to the hair salon, took pictures together, is Lin Man’s daughter. But Xin Yu continues to convince her. Then Xin Yu asked Xiao Mao’s mother to hate and forget her and Lin Man, not her son Da Mao. In the beginning Xiao Mao’s mother couldn’t remember Da Mao, but then she had a flash back from the past with Da Mao and Xiao Mao.

Xiao Mao’s mother treated harshly Xin Yu and even slapped her for mentioning Lin Man in front of her.

The following days Xin Yu returned at the farm and tried to get close to Xiao Mao’s mother again. But Xiao Mao’s mother rejects her. She either throws water at Xin Yu or hurts her by mistake. Luckily for Xin Yu the other, Xiao Mao, Yu Nan or uncle Tai, are always close by to take care of Xin Yu.

Chairman Tang made a background check on Zhong Wen and found out that Zhong Wen’s family is close to Lin Man. He became suspicious of Zhong Wen, but Zhong Wen is smart enough to play a psychological game a get chairman Tang’s attention again. Zhong Wen pretended to be offended and to leave chairman Tang’s office in order to find another investor, but chairman Tang stopped him.

Later Zhong Wen met Lin Man to tell her who it went to chairman Tang. And everything went according to Lin Man’s plans. She knows chairman Tang way too well. She knows that chairman is greedy and that he likes to have a scapegoat. Soon chairman Tang will contact Zhong Wen and introduce him to the scapegoat.


Chairman Tang met the scapegoat. He met Yi Ting and presented Yi Ting the documents Zhong Wen left him. Looking at the documents, Yi Ting realized that Zhong Wen approached chairman Tang with the same research Zhong Wen approached him.

When Yi Ting arrived home, he met Xin Yu. She will meet her mother soon and wants to know Yi Ting’s opinion about that.

Xin Yu:”I want Lin Man to pay for what she did before!”

He opens up and angry tells Xin Yu that he wants Lin Man to pay for what she did to his family. Yi Ting wants Lin Man to be caught, to be prosecuted, to be imprisoned for what she did to his family and the people at the farm. He wants Lin Man to kneel before his family and apologize. He wants Lin Man to publically clarify that the poisoned milk incident wasn’t the farm’s fault. But after he met Xin Yu everything changed. Every time Xin Yu has a problem, Yi Ting can’t stop wanting to help her. After Xin Yu showed up, Yi Ting felt like he can let go of the past, of his hate towards Lin Man and be happy with Xin Yu.

Xin Yu hugged Yi Ting, apologized and thanked him at the same time. In return Yi Ting kissed her. Unfortunately they didn’t realize that Qian Ni was hiding, listening to everything they were talking.

Yi Ting:”A real one is like a fake one.  A fake one is also like a real one.”

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