“Introverted Boss” ep 8 ~Ro Won:”You like me, don’t you?”


Hwan Ki, his team and Woo Il are on a trip to Malaysia with the children from the orphanage. He arrived late and Ro Won kept waiting for him. When Hwan Ki finally arrived, Ro Won couldn’t stop smiling. She likes Hwan Ki, but she doesn’t realized it. She follows Woo Il around asking him all kinds of questions about Hwan Ki, but seeing Ro Won and Woo Il always together makes Hwan Ki jealous. He keeps asking Woo Il to leave. ep8-1

Episode 8

Ro Won keeps waiting for Hwan Ki to come, but instead of Hwan Ki there was another person who came. Woo Il arrived first! There is someone he missed and wanted to see…the director of the orphanage. It’s the same orphanage where Woo Il grew up until Hwan Ki’s father took him.

Woo Il:”I missed someone. I wanted to see her!”

Shi Won is only a little child, but she realized that the person Ro Won was waiting for was Hwan Ki. Even if Ro Won keeps denying it, when she saw Hwan Ki, Ro Won couldn’t stop smiling.

Shi Won:”You’re smiling now!”

Hwan Ki:”I’m sorry I made you wait.”

Since Woo Il came suddenly, he has to share the room with Hwan Ki. He came after Hwan Ki left him an airplane ticket to come and see the orphanage director Woo Il’s been missing for the last 20 years.  The next day, Hwan Ki keeps taking pictures of everyone having fun, but after he heard that Woo Il came after Ro Won called him, Hwan Ki kept asking Woo Il to leave.


Hwan Ki received compliments from his team and embarrassed left. While walking around happy, he sees Woo Il and Ro Won and gets angry. Hwan Ki didn’t know at that time that Ro Won was actually talking to Woo Il about Hwan Ki. Ro Won wants to see Hwan Ki smiling, but she doesn’t know how to make him smile. She asked Woo Il for advises since Woo Il knows Hwan Ki better than anyone.

Ro Won sees Hwan Ki and wants to go to him, but Woo Il stopped her. Woo Il told Ro Won to give Hwan Ki some space. If Hwan Ki looks like there are a lot on his mind, everyone should give Hwan Ki time to think. After putting his thought in order, Hwan Ki will approach others.

In that hot weather, Hwan Ki is wearing his black clothes and a hoodie. He is sweating so much that he tried to take the hoodie off. But at that moment his team came to play in the pool. He wants to join them, but he can’t approach them. When Se Jong wanted to take Hwan Ki into the pool,  Ro Won stopped him. Since Woo Il told Ro Won to give Hwan Ki some time, she believes that Hwan Ki wants to be alone and she doesn’t let Se Jong get Hwan Ki involved in their game.


Ro Won is drawing with Shi Won when Woo Il approaches them. He is reminded of Ji Hye when he sees Ro Won there. But as soon as Ro Won sees him, she starts talking about Hwan Ki.

Woo Il:”Do you like Hwan Ki?”

Meantime Hwan Ki, who was in his room received a phone call from Yi Soo. By the way Yi Soo was talking, Hwan Ki realized that something happened between Yi Soo and Woo Il. He tries calling Woo Il, but Woo Il doesn’t answer. Angry, Hwan Ki sees Ro Won and approaches her. He screams at her asking about her meeting with Woo Il on Christmas Eve. Hearing Hwan Ki asking her that, Ro Won gets upset. She already told him that nothing happened between her and Woo Il and Hwan Ki still suspects her. Still Ro Won tells Hwan Ki one more time that nothing happened that night between her and Woo Il so Hwan Ki shouldn’t worry about anything.

Thinking that Woo Il and Hwan Ki had been awkward around each other because of a misunderstanding, Ro Won drags Hwan Ki to the beach. There she calls Woo Il in order to send them on a boat for a chat. Ro Won gets Hwan Ki’s hoodie and his camera and puts him on a boat with Sun Bong until Woo Il comes. The two men are awkward with each other in the boat. They both think about what to say to the other and finally found a topic…army. Sun Bong brags about having been to the navy, but he fall into the water and started screaming out. Hwan Ki also fall because of Sun Bong and he had to save Sun Bong by carrying Sun Bong into his arms back to the boat. In the boat again, the two men start talking about their military lives and when Sun Bong found out that Hwan Ki was a sniper, Sun Bong gets scared.


Ro Won realized that Gyo Ri like Se Jong and went to console her. While Ro Won was consoling Gyo Ri a monkey took Ro Won’s bag. Inside the bag Ro Won had Hwan Ki’s camera. To get the camera back, Ro Won runs after the monkey.

Hwan Ki got off the boat and doesn’t see Ro Won. Because he has a lot of Ro Won’s pictures in his camera and worried Ro Won might see them, Hwan Ki runs to get his camera back. He meets Woo Il, who goes after Ro Won too. When Gyo Ri told them that Ro Won run after the monkey, both Woo Il and Hwan Ki run to find Ro Won. On their way, in the middle of the forest, Woo Il and Hwan Ki start arguing. After arguing, Hwan Ki sends Woo Il back to Yi Soo. He knows that every time Woo Il doesn’t answer her calls or something happens to them, Yi Soo hurts herself. But Woo Il only see things from his perspective. He gets angry thinking that Hwan Ki reminds him that if he hurts Yi Soo, he will be abandoned by the family. While they were arguing, Hwan Ki and Woo Il hear Ro Won calling for help.

They run to help Ro Won and Hwan Ki was the one that got to her first. Ro Won is impressed to see Hwan Ki worried about her. He was dirty, he was hurt and bleeding and he had leafs on his head.

Ro Won got on Hwan Ki’s back and he lifted her to get the bag. The monkey had put the bag up on a tree. But when Ro Won got the bag, Hwan Ki stepped wrong and they fell. Hwan Ki sprained his ankle and can’t walk. Luckily at that moment Woo Il found them.


Hwan Ki can’t walk so Woo Il carried him back to the hotel. On their way back Ro Won was curious what was inside Hwan Ki’s camera that he was so eager to find it. She looked at the picture and saw the pictures Hwan Ki took of her.

Ro Won:”You two look great together.”

After dinner Hwan Ki was sitting alone next to the pool when Ro Won approached him. She tells him that she saw the pictures. He gets shy and embarrassed especially when Ro Won asked him if he likes her. But Ro Won meant to like her as an employee because in Hwan Ki’s camera there were pictures of the whole team. Then she apologize for trying to make Hwan Ki change, just like his father and asked him to stay the way he is. Hearing Ro Won saying that, Hwan Ki smiled.

Ro Won:”You like me, don’t you?”

When things were going well Woo Il appeared. The moment Woo Il appeared, things became awkward between Woo Il and Hwan Ki again. Ro Won proposed to go for drinks, but both Hwan Ki and Woo Il got drunk so she had to carry them to their room.

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