“Tomorrow With You” ep 6 ~Ma Rin:”It seems like he’s hiding something.”


Since she found out that So Joon’s parents died in the subway explosion and that So Joon invested in the company his parents founded, Ma Rin keeps giving him signs and waiting for him to trust her and talk to her about everything that’s on his mind. But So Joon can’t do that! He can’t tell Ma Rin that he time travels. On one of his travels to the future, to find out the reason he disappeared, So Joon missed the last subway home. When he finally returned, Ma Rin was upset with him. She waited for him, she texted him, she called him, she was worried, but there was no sign from So Joon…ep6-1

Episode 6

Ma Rin wants to watch the news together with So Joon. She keeps talking about the people in the news that were helping others until So Joon said that he is tired. They go to bad, So Joon is tired, but Ma Rin continues t talk about bats and Batman who can’t talk about his identity with anyone. She was meaning for So Joon to trust her and tell her everything that’s on his heart, to share their problems because she can hear him and support him.

In the morning Ma Rin insists for So Joon to pose for her. He kept saying that he doesn’t like to have his pictures taken, that he doesn’t like to pose, but he was doing a great job posing for Ma Rin at the supermarket.

So Joon:”I look good if you get a full face shot so get one of those.”

The pictures Ma Rin took with So Joon were her concept for her new job at a company that So Joon’s parents started. So Joon doesn’t know that Ma Rin is “Happiness” new photographer. Everyone loved the concept of Ma Rin’s pictures, except Se Young. The reason Se Young doesn’t like Ma Rin’s pictures is because Se Young likes So Joon, but he never saw Se Young as a woman and married someone like Ma Rin.

From outside Ma Rin hears what Se Young has to say about her, but it’s not the first time someone talks bad about Ma Rin. She gets hurt by those mean words, but she is also used to them. She got in and in a diplomatic manner Ma Rin beat Se Young with Se Young’s words. After she got the job, Ma Rin called So Joon to give him the good news. But So Joon couldn’t talk, he was on the subway going to the future. He traveled to the future until he found his journal in order to find clues about why he disappeared. So Joon opened his journal and he found his notes in which he was mentioning the other time traveler’s identity and why the other time traveler thought him about time travel and also he was mentioning Gun Sook’s husband, Kim Yong Jin.


In the present the other time traveler and Yong Jin met in secret.

So Joon comes home and Ma Rin asks his opinion about her working at Happiness. She wants to continue working there for other projects too. She really likes Shin Sung Gyu, Se Young’s father. But Ma Rin plays dumb when So Joon asked her if Sung Gyu told her something else. She doesn’t want to mention that Sung Gyu told her about So Joon’s parent’s death. Ma Rin wants So Joon to tell her when he will feel ready to do so.  On the other hand So Joon is curious what Ma Rin would do if he will disappear suddenly.

So Joon:”Why would I have left Ma Rin and disappeared? Let’s live together a long, long time. If you disappear from my side, I might go crazy.”

Ma Rin went to work at Happiness. Everyone is friendly with her and helps her, except Se Young. When Se Young approached her, Ma Rin coldly send her off. But when Se Young invited her for drinks, Ma Rin accepted. Ma Rin knows that Se Young hated her and she tells Se Young that. Se Young is taken back by Ma Rin’s honesty. She wasn’t expecting Ma Rin to be so direct.

Ma Rin:”I have no interest in people who don’t like me.”

Drunk, Ma Rin comes home and finds a magazine from the future. On the cover of that magazine was the new president. It was a magazine from the future and So Joon tried to lie that she doesn’t see well because she is way too drunk. He puts her to bed, but Ma Rin wakes up in the middle of the night thinking about all the strange things that are around So Joon.


Ma Rin met So Ri and tells So Ri what happened, but So Ri jokes around.

So Ri:”Then are you saying Realtor is riding around in a time machine?”

Ma Rin:”It seems like he’s hiding something.”

The same time So Joon arranged with his friend Ki Doong to meet on December 3th of that year. Then So Joon took the subway and went to the future to meet Ki Doong and find out why he disappeared. But what he found out shocked So Joon more than he expected. From Ki Doong, he found out that he and Ma Rin broke up without registering their marriage and So Joon left abroad without being in touch with any of his friends. The last advice Ki Doong gave So Joon that day was to return to the present and break up with Ma Rin as soon as possible for both Ma Rin and So Joon’s well being.

That day, So Joon missed the last subway to go home.


The next morning when he returned home, Ma Rin was upset with him. She didn’t want to talk to him, she didn’t want to share the same bedroom, she talked again about postponing their marriage registration. There are a lot of things Ma Rin wants to know about So Joon, but she can’t ask him. She expected a reaction from So Joon when she kept telling him that she is working at Happiness, but the reaction never came. She waited the whole night for him, but never came or called. She feels like So Joon has a lot of secrets and is hiding things from her. And he is! He can’t tell Ma Rin that he can time travel or that he saw that they either will die or will break up and he will disappear in the future. So Ma Rin misunderstands a lot of things and starts making a lot of weird thought while playing the victim.

So Joon:”All I worry about is our future.”

So Joon keeps apologizing, but Ma Rin is still angry. Feeling suffocated inside, So Joon goes outside. In front of his house, So Joon sees the other time traveler. Ma Rin followed So Joon out and saw him talking with another man.

So Joon:”I think my future has become more twisted and complicated than before.”

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