“Introverted Boss” ep 9 ~Hwan Ki:”I’m avoiding it!”


Ro Won reminds Woo Il about Ji Hye and wants to get to know her better. But Hwan Ki isn’t willing to let Ro Won go and tells Woo Il that Ro Won is Ji Hye’s sister. As the news that Ro Won is Ji Hye’s sister wasn’t enough, Woo Il received another shock. Yi Soo and her parents announced that Woo Il and Yi Soo will get married soon.ep9-1

Episode 9

Things are awkward between Woo Il and Hwan Ki so Ro Won proposed to go for drinks.  Because both Woo Il and Hwan Ki got really drunk, Ro Won carried them to their room. The first one she carried was Woo Il. Then Ro Won returned for Hwan Ki. When she arrived with Hwan Ki to the room, Ro Won fell in the bed. Hwan Ki was too heavy for her. She wanted to get up, but Woo Il moved and put his arm on her. At that moment she saw Hwan Ki’s sleeping face and fall asleep while watching Hwan Ki.

Ro Won:”He is beautiful!”

In the morning when Hwan Ki and Woo Il woke up, they were surprised to see Ro Won sleeping between them. They let her sleep and went out were they had a honest conversation. Woo Il admitted in front of Hwan Ki that he never forgot Ji Hye and that he still regrets for not choosing Ji Hye and let her die. Feeling like that Woo Il can’t marry Yi Soo. Hearing what Woo Il had to say, Hwan Ki reveals Woo Il that Ro Won is Ji Hye’s sister.

Hwan Ki:”Chae Ro Won is Chae Ji Hye’s little sister. I can’t let her go now! I want to protect her this time.”

After being caught by Se Jong while coming out of Hwan Ki’s room, Ro Won went to talk to Hwan Ki. She apologized for falling asleep in Hwan Ki’s room. Then she tells Hwan Ki about her argument form that morning with Se Jong and the fact that Gyo Ri has a crush of Se Jong. In the end Ro Won told Hwan Ki about a new way to communicate. He should use colors to express his moor. Red if Hwan Ki doesn’t feel like talking. If he is available for urgent matters he should use yellow. Lastly if Hwan Ki is open to all kinds of discussion she should use green light. Few days later, after everyone returned to Korea, Woo Il is shocked when Hwan Ki’s father announced that Woo Il and Yi Soo are getting married soon.


Woo Il tries to talk to Yi Soo and break up the engagement, but Yi Soo doesn’t listen. She must know what Woo Il is trying to say and that must be why she doesn’t listen to him.

Yi Soo:”Stay with me.”

Woo Il is scared! He has so many problems around him. Yi Soo and her parents are forcing him to marry Yi Soo. On the other hand Ro Won is giving Woo Il a headache. He is scared that Ro Won is still looking to revenge her sister’s death. He wants Ro Won fired, but Hwan Ki isn’t ready to let Ro Won go. While the two men were fighting, Ro Won came looking for Hwan Ki. She heard them fighting, but she couldn’t hear the reason they were arguing about.

After the news about Woo Il getting married to Yi Soo, the employees believe start fighting. Woo Il’s team talk about the battle for inheritance that is already won by Woo Il. Meantime Hwan Ki’s team tries to help Hwan Ki become his father’s hair. The only one that doesn’t trust Hwan Ki is Sun Bong, who is on Woo Il’s side.


Silent Monster has a new project. Yoo Hee sends Ro Won with Hwan Ki to see the location of the new project. Yoo Hee knows that Hwan Ki likes Ro Won and that’s why she sent Ro Won with Hwan Ki.

Ro Won left earlier so Hwan Ki, holding two cups of coffee, is on his way to meet her. But on the crosswalk, Hwan Ki met Yu Jung. She still likes Hwan Ki and invited him to a cup of coffee. Since Hwan Ki is busy, Yun Jung took one of the cups Hwan Ki was holding.

Hwan Ki:”I was going to give it to Ro Won.”

Meantime Ro Won was watching a movie at the theatre they will work as PR. When Hwan Ki arrived, Ro Won fell asleep. He borrowed her one of his shoulders to sleep for a while, but left before she woke up. As a result Ro Won never knew that Hwan Ki arrived at the theatre that day.

Few days passed and Silent Monster team doesn’t have any idea of how to promote the theatre. Hwan Ki took the whole team at the theatre and asked them to think of an idea together, instead of waiting for him to find one. Finally Hwan Ki reached out to his team.

Hwan Ki:”Let’s think together from now on.”

After watching the movie there to experience why that theatre was so bad, Sun Bung started joking around. He started talking about making that theatre into a horror movie theatre. While Sun Bong was joking around with the others, Hwan Ki heard him. Since Hwan Ki liked Sun Bong’s idea, he decided that Sun Bong’s idea will be their way of promoting that theatre.

Ro Won :”The green light is finally on.”


Sun Bong prepared some idea about how they should promote the theatre as the worst theatre. He presented his ideas to Hwan Ki and Hwan Ki liked Sun Bong’s idea. Since he found a good listener in Hwan Ki, Sun Bong got the courage to work as much as possible. The other employees are impressed by how much Sun Bong works.

Ro Won:”He looks so cool now.”

After few days Sun Bong presented Silent Monster’s idea for promoting the theatre as the worst theatre. Everyone liked the idea and Sun Bong was applauded, encouraged and congratulated like he wasn’t before. Seeing Sun Bong like that Ro Won realizes that Hwan Ki stays silent because he wants to listen to the other, instead of talking.

Sun Bong:”The real horror starts now!”

Silent Monster team idea won over Brain’s idea. People came at the theatre to watch a scary movie. When the movie was the scariest Silent Monster employees showed up wearing scary make-ups and walked around the people.  The press is there, taking pictures too.

Woo Il came too. He sees Ro Won and Hwan Ki together. Ro Won was putting make up on Hwan Ki too. He kept looking at Ro Won, making her uncomfortable. At some point Hwan Ki held Ro Won’s hand…looking like he is about to kiss her.

Hwan Ki:”I’m avoiding it!”

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