“Behind Your Smile”ep 14 ~Xin Yu:”I need to be beaten to wake up.”


Xin Yu saw that Qian Ni entered Yi Ting’s house wearing the engagement ring. She keeps thinking about Qian Ni and Yi Ting and realizes that her relationship with Yi Ting begone the moment Yi Ting put the engagement ring in Xin Yu’s pocked. The next day, Yi Ting received a message from Lin Man and they’ve talked on the phone. The same time, Xin Yu entered Yi Ting’s house and found evidences that Yi Ting planed Lin Man’s and Xin Yu’s problems. She waits and gives Yi Ting hints so he would reveal the truth, but Yi Ting remained silent….until Xin Yu told him that she found out. When Xin Yu’s anger vanished, she intends to let Lin Man and Yi Ting meet so her mother could apologize to him. But Qian Ni intervened and made Lin Man arrested in Yi Ting’s name.ep14-1

Episode 14

Xin Yu and Yi Ting cleared the misunderstanding and reconciled so Xin Yu can leave without worry. She remembers that she forgot to pick up something from Yi Ting and returns. She sees Qian Ni talking to Yi Ting. Qian Ni is still wearing the engagement ring Yi Ting gave her and entered Yi Ting’s house.

Qian Ni found out that her father’s secretary, uncle Qing died and seems to be the only person sad about that. She only found out recently that her restaurant is under uncle Qing’s name, because that is chairman Tang’s business principle. Since she doesn’t have anyone to talk about her problems, Qian Ni came to Yi Ting. She still believes that Yi Ting is only faking that he loves Xin Yu. Qian Ni believes that after he will catch Lin Man, Yi Ting will return to her and they will get married.

Yi Ting:”He will never be in the front line.”

While Qian Ni made him realize that chairman Tang always need a scapegoat, Yi Ting remembers that chairman Tang contacted him to invest in Zhong Wen’s project. Qian Ni get closer to Yi Ting and hugs him, but he send her away coldly.

Yi Ting:”Didn’t I told you that my life doesn’t need any feelings? So I definitely don’t need you. Please leave.”

Meantime Xin Yu couldn’t stop thinking about Qian Ni wearing the engagement ring again. She remembered what Qian Ni said when Qian Ni told Xin Yu that she broke up with Yi Ting. Thinking about the ring, Xin Yu realizes that everything began with the ring. She realizes that when she entered into Yi Ting’s car, the ring should’ve fell on the car’s floor, not in her pocket. She finds it strange that Yi Ting knew that that ring was in her pocket when even she didn’t had any clue. Then Xin Yu realized all the strange things that happened since she met Yi Ting. He always knew where she was. He know about the lighthouse, even if Xin Yu never told him…the lighthouse was something that only Xin Yu and her mother knew, a secret and meaningful place for the two of them. But Yi Ting knew how to get there…and he didn’t show up from the start. He showed up a lot later, saying that he followed Xin Yu. Then… Yi Ting also had the puzzle Xin Yu lost.

Yi Ting is suspicious of Zhong Wen. He began thinking that Zhong Wen might have approached chairman Tang and himself as a result of a plan made between Zhong Wen and Lin Man. So Yi Ting asked Shi Huan to put someone to follow Zhong Wen. That way they might find Lin Man.

After Shi Huan left, Yi Ting opened an envelope he had just received. It was a message from Lin Man who was asking to meet him.


Yi Ting arrived at the meeting place and found a phone. The phone ringed and he answered. It was Lin Man! She was outside, hiding. She remembers Yi Ting so she knows that he is the son of the Healthy farm owner. She told Yi Ting to not harm Xin Yu because her daughter doesn’t know anything. Then Lin Man told Yi Ting that if his revenge on her is working with chairman Tang it means that his father really died in vain.

Lin Man:”I remember you! You are different now from how you were in the past.”

Meantime Xin Yu was inside Yi Ting’s apartment. There she saw her phone, the phone she had lost. Realizing that something is strange, Xin Yu looks around. She finds in Yi Ting’s bedroom pictures with herself and Lin Man from a long time. Crying, Xin Yu puts everything where it was, as if she didn’t move or touched anything and leaves. The only thing she took was the puzzle.

Xin Yu knew that Yi Ting will come looking for her, but when he arrived she pretended like she wasn’t expecting him. She was smiling, but she refused his invitation to eat together.


Since Xin Yu refused to eat with him or let him drive her to where she was going, Yi Ting believed that she might go meet Lin Man. He followed her and Xin Yu knew that, but pretended to now know. The place Xin Yu was going was Yi Ting’s father’s grave. After she visited the grave of Yi Ting’s father, Xin Yu appeared in front of Yi Ting pretending that it’s a coincidence. She even said that she feels everything between the two of them seem to be set up by someone.

Xin Yu:”I am already feeling that everything was set up by someone.”

In front of his father’s grave, Xin Yu told Yi Ting that she lost the key he gave her. She asked him to tell her there, at that moment, if he has something to share with her. She was giving Yi Ting a chance to tell her the whole truth, but Yi Ting didn’t say a word.

Xin Yu:”Is what you’re saying true or a lie?”

Shi Huan found evidence that Zhong Wen and Lin Man are communicating. But Shi Huan also found out another thing. He discovered that behind Lin Man taking over Healthy farm was chairman Tang’s company. But as usually, chairman Tang’s name didn’t appear anywhere.

Since he knows now more than before, Yi Ting made up his mind. He called chairman Tang and agreed to invest in Zhong Wen’s research. Yi Ting believes that following Lin Man’s trap for him and chairman Tang will be the fastest way to get in touch with Lin Man. So soon chairman Tang, Yi Ting and Zhong Wen met.

Later Zhong Wen sent another mail to Xin Yu asking to meet. But instead of Xin Yu, Xiao Yue appeared again. She introduced herself as Xin Yu’s friend and told Zhong Wen that Xin Yu can meet with him and they should just talk via mail.


Xiao Yue is offered a role. She has to dress up as a panda and get beaten by a rooster. She’s not enjoying the role so Xin Yu offered to be the beaten Panda. Still disappointed because of Yi Ting, Xin Yu believes that she has to be beaten to wake up and not trust everyone so randomly.

Xin Yu:”I need to be beaten to wake up.”

Seeing Xin Yu willing to get beaten, Xiao Yue realizes that something happened between Xin Yu and Yi Ting. Worried about Xin Yu, Xiao Yue called Yi Ting there. When Yi Ting arrived, Xin Yu got closer and hit him, pretending that she didn’t see him. The moment Yi Ting asks to talk, Xin Yu pushes him away. Angry she tells him that she found out the truth.

Xin Yu leaves and Yi Ting follows her. She believes that Yi Ting fooled her because of what her mother did to his family. Yi Ting wanted to explain her that all started like that, but he ended up falling in love with her. But Yi Ting couldn’t bring himself to talk.

Xin Yu:”Do you know that I’ve been waiting for you to tell the truth? I never met a person who can lie with a straight face.”

The place Xin Yu was going furious was Qian Ni’s restaurant. She wants to return Yi Ting to Qian Ni since she realized that everything started when Yi Ting put the ring in her pocket. But even there, while Qian Ni kept humiliating Xin Yu, Yi Ting kept quiet. Realizing that everyone knew the truth except her, Xin Yu is more disappointed.

Since Qian Ni closed her restaurant, one of her former employees is furious that he didn’t received his pay. He follows Qian Ni asking for his money, but Qian Ni acts like her father. She keeps saying that the restaurant wasn’t on her name so it’s not her problem. The man got furious and wanted to hurt Qian Ni with a knife. But Qian Ni had hidden behind Xin Yu so Yi Ting got cut while protecting Xin Yu.

Seeing Yi Ting defending Xin Yu, Qian Ni had the former employee arrested and intends to sue him.


Yi Ting walked Xin Yu home. The moment Yi Ting saved her, Xin Yu remembered that Yi Ting has also good parts. She remembered all the times Yi Ting helped her and decided to help Yi Ting heal his wounds. Xin Yu told Yi Ting about the message she left her mother at the lighthouse.  Lin Man and her mother will meet the next day at the lighthouse…and Xin Yu told Yi Ting that …even after found out what Yi Ting had done. She said that she will ask her mother to apologize to Yi Ting for his father’s death. As soon as he arrived home, Yi Ting told Shi Huan to prepare everything since Lin Man will appear at the lighthouse.

Xin Yu:”I believe that you are worthy for me to gamble for once.”

Qian Ni heard Shi Huan talking on the phone about catching Lin Man and decided to give a hand and called the police. Then Qian Ni went to Yi Ting’s office to threaten him with letting Xin Yu know that Yi Ting only used Xin Yu to catch Lin Man. But Yi Ting doesn’t fell into Qian Ni’s trap. He made Qian Ni angry when he said that Qian Ni keeps blaming her father or Xin Yu for everything, but Qian Ni doesn’t uses her time to realize that she is to blame for all the bad thing that happen to her.

Qian Ni, furious, starts throwing everything of the floor and breaking things so she got hurt.

Xin Yu is at the meeting place waiting for her mother. Shi Huan and Yi Ting are also there, hiding, waiting for the right time to catch Lin Man. Soon Lin Man arrived. After hugging each other, Xin Yu tells her mother about Yi Ting. Knowing who Yi Ting is, Lin Man wants to leave. She knows that Yi Ting must plan something. But, foolishly and without knowing the whole story, Xin Yu stops her mother.  Xin Yu believes Yi Ting more than ever.

Yi Ting hears what Xin Yu tells her mother and can’t hurt Xin Yu. But Qian Ni was also there. Seeing that Yi Ting can’t hurt Xin Yu, Qian Ni gave the order to catch Lin Man in Yi Ting’s name. Together with Shi Huan and his man, the police came too.  Lin Man was arrested!

While the police took Lin Man away, Xin Yu saw Yi Ting and thought that Yi Ting was the one that called the police.

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3 Responses to “Behind Your Smile”ep 14 ~Xin Yu:”I need to be beaten to wake up.”

  1. Mam this drama is hearing up. I just finished episode 15 and the acting is blowing me away with how genuinely they portray pain and betrayal. Wow

  2. Ugg please excuse the typos I just realized I made :/

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