“Introverted Boss” ep 10 ~Hwan Ki:”Was she going to kiss me?”


After being humiliated by Hwan Ki’s father again, Woo Il wanted to break up with Yi Soo and live his own life. But afraid to lose Woo Il, Yi Soo jumped in front of a car and got injured. Knowing that his sister hurts herself after every fight with Woo Il, Hwan Ki asked Woo Il to stay by Yi Soo’s side. In return of doing as Hwan Ki asked him, Woo Il wants Hwan Ki to fire Ro Won….and Hwan Ki did so. After sending Ro Won to another team, Hwan Ki can’t stop thinking about her and wants to bring her back to his team. For that Hwan Ki challenged himself to a presentation. Ro Won know that Hwan Ki will have to beat Woo Il at the presentation and decided to train Hwan Ki so Hwan Ki could talk in public.In the process Hwan Ki and Ro Won revealed what they feel for each other.ep10-1

Episode 10

Yi Soo came by Hwan Ki’s house while he was cooking. She wants the recipe for the dish Hwan Ki made to cook it for Woo Il after their marriage. Since Yi Soo brought it up, Hwan Ki tries to make her understand that she shouldn’t force Woo Il into that marriage, but Yi Soo is focused only on what she wants.

Yi Soo:”I will marry him! I want to. I want to be congratulated.”

Later Yi Soo and Woo Il accompanied Bok Dong to an interview before the elections. During that interview Woo Il was one more time humiliated by Bok Dong and understood the reason Bok Dong suddenly announced to the public Woo Il and Yi Soo’s wedding. In order to get more votes, Bok Dong told during the interview that he passed down his company to his future son-in-law who grew up in an orphanage. Bok Dong wanted to show the public that he believes in talented people, even if they aren’t from a rich family who can back them out.

Hurt, Woo Il left saying to Yi Soo that he can’t look at the, he can’t go on with his life like he did until that moment. Afraid that she will lose Woo Il, Yi Soo did what she knows best…she hurt herself to force Woo Il stay by her side. Yi Soo jumped in front of the car and got injured.

Ro Won is on her way home when she received a phone call from Hwan Ki. She received two shocks that night. The first one was Hwan Ki calling her and the second the fact that Hwan Ki thanked for doing a good job.

Hwan Ki:”Thank you for staying by my side.”

Since no happy moment lasts for long, Hwan Ki received a phone call from Woo Il saying that Yi Soo was admitted. He rushed to the hospital where he talked to the medic. The doctor told Hwan Ki that Yi Soo’s injuries weren’t serious, but the serious problem was that on Yi Soo’s body the doctors found old scars…Yi Soo is hurting herself, but Hwan Ki already knew that and he was trying to protect her, in his silent way.


Woo Il tells Hwan Ki that he told Yi Soo about leaving the house. He feels guilty for Yi Soo being hit by a car. But Hwan Ki realizes that Yi Soo might have jumped in front of the car on her own…He asks Woo Il to stay by Yi Soo’s side and in return Woo Il told Hwan Ki to fire Ro Won…

Hwan Ki:”Please stay by Yi Soo’s side.”

Ro Won arrives at work in the morning and finds out that she was reassigned. She tried to find out what she did wrong, but Hwan Ki didn’t open his mouth. Later, at Ro Won’s goodbye party, Ro Won is disappointed to find out that the whole Silent Monster team received the same phone call as her the night before. The next day, Hwan Ki sees Ro Won everywhere and in every person.

Sun Bong:”If you miss her so much, bring her back or don’t show it.”


Everyone went to lunch and Ro Won is all alone at Brain. Suddenly a woman come and asks to see Hwan Ki. Ro Won takes her to Hwan Ki’s office and becomes sad to see that Hwan Ki and Yeon Jung are so close.

Hwan Ki keeps thinking about Ro Won and doesn’t pay attention to his conversation with Yeon Jung. Since she is a smart woman, Yeon Jung realized that the motive of Hwan Ki’s concern is Ro Won. She advised Hwan Ki to bring Ro Won by his side again is he is so worried about her. She encouraged Hwan Ki to bring Ro Won by his side without hesitating too long or he could lose Ro Won.

Yoo Hee’s phone kept ringing so Yeon Jung asked Hwan Ki to answer, it might be something urgent. Hwan Ki answered and it was a call from the kindergarten. One of Yoo Hee’s children was sick.

Hwan Ki went to the kindergarten, but the personal there couldn’t give the child to an unknown person without Yoo Hee’s permission. So Hwan Ki called Ro Won to clarify to the personal that he is Yoo Hee’s superior at work…and Yoo Hee was with Ro Won at that moment.


Hwan Ki took the boy to the hospital. On his way there, Hwan Ki called Yoo Hee to calm her son. Because both mother and son were agitated, Hwan Ki tried to calm them down saying that he thinks the boy is constipated. When Ro Won and Yoo Hee arrived at the hospital, the doctor conferment Hwan Ki’s diagnostic, the boy was in pain due to constipation.

Yoo Hee’s children like Hwan Ki so much that they’ve begged Hwan Ki to eat with them. Hwan Ki went to Yoo Hee’s home and cooked for Yoo Hee, her boys and Ro Won.   While they were having dinner, Yoo Hee created another opportunity for Hwan Ki to spend more time with Ro Won. She asked Ro Won to have some beer together because Hwan Ki will drive her home.

Since Il Ho has a shy personality like Hwan Ki, he can understand the boy better than no one. Hwan Ki sees a drawing that Il Ho made on the wall and realized that Il Ho has something that he wants to say to his mother, but doesn’t have the courage to. Hearing Hwan Ki say that, Yoo Hee remembered that she scolded Il Ho for drawing… instead of listening to the little boy.  Il Ho wants his mother to see him present something at the kindergarten. But on that day Yoo Hee has a presentation for the new project Silent Monster has. Because Il Ho wanted his mother to see him, Hwan Ki decided to help. Hwan Ki offered to do the presentation instead of Yoo Hee, that way Yoo Hee will be able to go see Il Ho at the kindergarten event.

Love is the thing that makes people change all of a sudden. Since Hwan Ki offered to do the presentation, Ro Won wants to know if Yeon Jung is the woman that Hwan Ki loves, the one that made him change. Since Hwan Ki denied that Yeon Jung is the one he likes, Ro Won starts to think that it’s her. Meantime Hwan Ki noticed that Ro Won has something between her teeth and tries to tell her. But Ro Won misunderstands Hwan Ki’s actions and thinks that Hwan Ki confessed and asked her for a kiss.

Ro Won:”You’re the one who confessed. Why are you asking me to kiss you? My feelings for you aren’t there yet.”

Because Ro Won misunderstood, Hwan Ki told her about the food in her teeth. Embarrassed Ro Won left Hwan Ki’s car leaving him shocked that Ro Won was about to kiss him because she also might like him the way he likes her.

Hwan Ki:”Was she going to kiss me?”


Ro Won goes to work planning to hand over her resignation letter. She hears that Brain and Kang Woo Il are going to participate in the same bidding Silent Monster will be so Ro Won decided to postpone her resignation. Woo Il is sure that Hwan Ki won’t be able to present anything in front of people so he wants to get involved. But Hwan Ki is decided to do that without Woo Il, no matter how much Woo Il protests. Hwan Ki is so decided to do the presentation that he asked Woo Il to send Ro Won back to Silent Monster  if Hwan Ki will do a good job presenting.

Se Jung heard Woo Il and Hwan Ki arguing over Ro Won.

Before handing over her resignation letter, Ro Won wants to help Hwan Ki with his stage fear. She takes him out for a run, she teaches him to stay straight and tall and to breath using his abdominal muscles. Every day after work, Ro Won comes to Hwan Ki to prepare him for his presentation. Hwan Ki does a good job in front of Ro Won, but when he has to present in front of the whole team he starts stuttering.

Disappointed and angry with himself, Hwan Ki locks himself in the bathroom. Ro Won follows him and tells Hwan Ki about her resignation letter. She hopes to see Hwan Ki speaking in front of people one time, regardless of the result.

Ro Won:”I think I opened a door I shouldn’t have opened. If you feel too nervous, fix your eyes on me.”

While Ro Won was encouraging him, Hwan Ki turned on the water of the shower by mistake. They both got wet! At that moment, Hwan Ki mustered his courage and kissed Ro Won.

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