“Tomorrow With You” ep 7 ~So Joon:”I’m a time traveler!”


After a conversation with Gun Sook, Ma Rin began being suspicious about So Joon’s relationship with Ki Doong. She is sad that So Joon always lies to her, disappointed that So Joon doesn’t talk to her about his problems. He opened up and told Ma Rin the truth, but she didn’t believed him. After an argument, Ma Rin doesn’t come home for a whole night. So Joon looks for her worried, until So Ri texted him that Ma Rin is in the hospital…ep7-1

Episode 7

The other time traveler came to So Joon. Because So Joon is so focused on the future and the fact that he will disappear in a few weeks, the other time traveler told him that the more So Joon tried to know the future, the worse is could become the future for both So Joon and Ma Rin. Do Shik begs So Joon to stop going to the future for a month and to trust him. Even if So Joon will continue going to the future, no matter what So Joon will find out, So Joon has to trust Do Shik. But So Joon can’t trust Do Shik. While pushing Do Shik away, So Joon said that he won’t ask for Do Shik’s help ever again.

Do Shik:”No matter how strangely I behave…I’m on your side.”

Back at the house, Ma Rin wants to know who the man So Joon was talking too was. But So Joon doesn’t know that Ma Rin saw him talking to Do Shik and having a lot on his mind, So Joon decided to go to the room and give Ma Rin some time alone so her anger will pass.

Gun Sook can’t accept the fact that Ma Rin married the chairman of the company Gun Sook husband works for. So Gun Sook keeps trying to find things to humiliate Ma Rin. Now Gun Sook believes that So Joon is gay and has a relationship with Ki Doong. She called Ma Rin and kept talking about So Joon having an affair with a man. Unfortunately for Gun Sook, Ma Rin doesn’t believe her.  Still Ma Rin, without admitting in front of Gun Sook, went to the address Gun Sook gave her to check if So Joon is really cheating on her with a man.


In front of Ki Doong’s house, Ma Rin regrets having trusted Gun Sook and texts So Joon. She asks where he is and apologizes for doing something she should apologize. So Joon answered her that he is at work and will be late home. While they were texting each other, So Joon and Ki Doon come out of the house to go play and met Ma Rin.

Ma Rin:”Are you dating Ki Doong? Do you like men?”

Ma Rin can’t hold in her anger. She asks about Do Shik, about the strange objects in their house, about the magazine from the future. She asks So Joon if he is a North Korean spy or has multiple personalities. Finally So Joon decided to tell Ma Rin that he time travels, but Ma Rin doesn’t believe him.

So Joon:”I’m a time traveler!”

“Happiness” finished building a few houses in which new people are moving in. Ma Rin goes there to take pictures. When the event was about to finish, So Joon arrived too. He came to pick up Ma Rin. But she is so upset about him lying to her that Ma Rin made him work really hard, helping the movers. So Joon complained first that physical work doesn’t go well with his personality, but when Ma Rin said that he can go time travel of at the internet café if she doesn’t want to work, So Joon stopped commenting an began working.

After all that work, So Joon can barely hold his chopsticks to eat. He has dinner with Ma Rin, Ki Doong and Se Young. At some point Ma Rin went to get some water and band aids for So Joon’s pain. When she returned, Ma Rin overheard So Joon talking with Ki Doong and Se Young. Since she just found out about the connection between So Joon and Happiness and she is the wife, Ma Rin had the impression that Ki Doong and Se Young don’t know either. But now she heard that they know. Both Ki Doong and Se Young are on Ma Rin’s side and thinking from Ma Rin’s point of view, they encourage So Joon to talk to Ma Rin. Hearing all that Ma Rin gets upset and leaves.

So Joon follows Ma Rin. He doesn’t understand why she reacts like that and calls her a pain. He talks about the fact that they don’t know each other for long and that he is tired of trying to make her, while she gets upset that she doesn’t know much about him. He blames her for not knowing how hard was for him to go to Happiness that day, but how can Ma Rin know if he doesn’t talk to her. But So Joon should’ve stayed silent. He tried to talk to Ma Rin and release her anger, but ended up making things worse and making it sound like she won the lottery when she married him and he lost everything when married her…. They go home on separated ways.

Ma Rin:”All I wanted was you.”


On her way home, Ma Rin fainted and was taken to the hospital. There she refused to call So Joon or her mother, instead she called So Ri. She will be in a hospital for a while.

So Joon’s been looking worried sick for Ma Rin everywhere, but he couldn’t find her. While he was in a meeting, So Joon received a text from So Ri and run to the hospital. Ma Rin didn’t feel like she could call So Joon because she doesn’t feel like he is her family. She starts to believe that they’ve rushed into that marriage. She thought that she knew So Joon, but she realized that she doesn’t know anything about him…and sent him away.

Ma Rin:”I don’t feel like you’re my family.”

Leaving the hospital, So Joon went to the subway station. He wants to go to the future and find out when and how he will fix everything with Ma Rin. But instead of going to the future, So Joon returned to the hospital. He asked Ma Rin what she wants to eat and when she said mountain barriers, So Joon went to buy it…even if he can’t find them in the winter. He bought her mountain berries from a faraway place…like the future. Then Ma Rin wanted something that can only be found in the spring and So Joon went to get it for her. Together with food, So Joon also brought Ma Rin flowers that can’t be found in winter either, like tulips and freesias.

One day, So Joon felt like he can open up to Ma Rin. He called her and talked about the day his parents died and his feelings regarding that accident. Then he run to the hospital and they hugged each other the moment they’ve met.

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