“Behind Your Smile”ep 15 ~Yi Ting:”Lei Xin Yu, I’m sorry!”


Lin Man was arrested and Xin Yu feels betrayed by Yi Ting. Her love for Yi Ting made her trust him that he will wait for Lin Man to apologize and turn herself in. Of course Xin Yu doesn’t know that Qian Ni is the one that called the police and Yi Ting doesn’t open his mouth to tell Xin Yu the truth. Instead Yi Ting uses harsh words that hurt Xin Yu more. His dream came true! He put in jail the person he blames for his father’s death, but Yi Ting isn’t happy…he misses Xin Yu.ep15-1

Episode 15

Lin Man was arrested and Xin Yu followed her to the police station. When she came out, Xin Yu sees Yi Ting waiting for her in front. She is furious with Yi Ting because she thinks Yi Ting is the one that betrayed her and tipped the police with the place where they can find Lin Man. She trusted Yi Ting and the love she has for him and wanted to convince her mother to apologize to him and turn herself him, but she didn’t have time to do that. Instead of defending himself, Yi Ting doesn’t say anything. He just asks what difference it makes the way Lin Man gets arrested as long as she is where she belongs. Xin Yu pushes Yi Ting away and tells him that meeting him was the worst thing that could’ve happened to her. Based on Yi Ting perception he had to take revenge on Lin Man for hurting his family, now it should be Xin Yu’s turn to take revenge on Yi Ting for hurting her. But Xin Yu won’t do that because taking revenge on Yi Ting would mean to continue seeing him and she doesn’t want to see Yi Ting ever again in her life.

Xin Yu:”The difference is that I trusted you and I trusted myself too much. Only I thought of us as ‘’us”. To you we were just Lei Xin Yu and Zhao Yi Ting.”

Of course Qian Ni couldn’t have stopped at getting Lin Man arrested in Yi Ting’s name. She went to Xin Yu’s house and played a recording of Yi Ting talking to chairman Tang. In that recording Yi Ting was telling chairman Tang that Yi Ting is just a chess piece he is using to catch Lin Man, he doesn’t have any feelings towards Xin Yu. Well…Yi Ting just said that because he didn’t want chairman Tang to hurt Xin Yu, but now when Xin Yu is already disappointed and hurt by Yi Ting…she believes that what she heard is the truth.

Xiao Yue can’t let Qian Ni keep insulting and hurting Xin Yu so she tells Qian Ni a piece of truth. Xin Yu and Yi Ting are in love with each other, while Qian Ni came to insult Xin Yu because she can’t have Yi Ting. Feeling humiliated Qian Ni raised her hand to hit Xiao Yue, but Xin Yu stopped her. Xin Yu never wanted to compete with Qian Ni, but Qian Ni needs to humiliate people that are better than her every time they feel bad to increase her confidence. Since Qian Ni felt like she needs to make Xin Yu feel worse than she already was, it means that even Qian Ni knows deep inside that Xin Yu is way better than her, but she is afraid to admit it.

Xiao Yue saw the letter Yi Ting wrote to confess everything to Xin Yu. She took a picture of it and wants to show it to Xin Yu so Xin Yu would know what Yi Ting really feels for her. But she is afraid! If Xiao Yue gives the picture to Xin Yu then Xin Yu could realize that Xiao Yue is Yi Ting’s informant. Xiao Yue doesn’t want to lose Xin Yu’s friendship so she changes her mind and doesn’t give the picture to Xin Yu.

Meantime at his apartment, Yi Ting can’t stop thinking at what happened. Suddenly he realizes that he never texted Shi Huan to take Lin Man. He looks at his phone and sees that he doesn’t have any sim card and remembers that Qian Ni was in his office.


Yi Ting went to Qian Ni. She is furious that she couldn’t make Yi Ting love her in 8 years, while he fell in love so easily with Xin Yu. She believes that Yi Ting should thank him for helping him catch Lin Man. Qian Ni also wants to know how Xin Yu is better than her. Of course Yi Ting couldn’t let Qian Ni be curious about that for ever. He told Qian Ni that Xin Yu is better that Qian Ni by the simple fact that Xin Yu doesn’t believe to be better than Qian Ni…Xin Yu’s life doesn’t revolve around what Qian Ni does. Yi Ting thanks Qian Ni for agreeing to terminate their engagement.

Yi Ting:”I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be with you for the rest of my life.”

Before leaving Qian Ni’s house, chairman Tang asked Yi Ting if Lin Man gave any information to the police. Yi Ting found that question suspicious and realized that while he was looking for Lin Man, another group of people was looking for her too. He remembers what Lin Man told him about working with chairman Tang against her and what Shi Huan discovered about the connection between chairman Tang and his family farm. Yi Ting goes to see Lin Man.

Looking straight into Yi Ting’s eyes, Lin Man answers Yi Ting’s questions. Chairman Tang was involved in Healthy farm case, chairman Tang helped her escape to Philippine, chairman Tang send people to find her and Lin Man has evidence against chairman Tang… Then Lin Man tells Yi Ting part of what happened that year when she met his father and Healthy farm. But Yi Ting is waiting for an apology that doesn’t come. Instead Lin Man begs Yi Ting to stay away from Xin Yu.

Lin Man:”Please stay away from my daughter.”


Xin Yu went to visit the people at the farm with presents…goodbye presents. Xiao Mao tried to convince her that Yi Ting really loves her,  but Xin Yu is really disappointed and doesn’t want to become like Yi Ting, doesn’t want to hurt the people that hurt her…so Xin Yu will leave. Then Xin Yu said her goodbye to Xiao Mao’s mother. Later Xiao Mao’s mother went to see her other son.  She consoles Yi Ting. She tells him to forgive himself that it’s not his fault that his father died, that the only thing Yi Ting wanted to do was save, protect his mother. She hugs her son for the first time in 12 years. The person who made her realize that she was wrong in pushing her son away was Xin Yu. She tells Yi Ting everything Xin Yu did for her. She tells Yi Ting that Xin Yu came by the farm to say goodbye and encouraged Yi Ting to not miss the chance to be happy for the rest of his life with Xin Yu.

Jia Ling : “It’s my son! My Da Mao!”

Yi Ting returned home to eat with his family. Xiao Mao asked everyone to not mention Lin Man or Xin Yu in front of Yi Ting and to forgive Yi Ting if he will be in a bad mood since Yi Ting and Xin Yu broke up. But when Yi Ting arrived, he was in a good mood, he was joking.


Xiao Mao and Da Mao went for drinks like they used when they were younger. After Yi Ting got drunk, Xiao Mao realized that Yi Ting pretended to be happy the whole day, that Yi Ting is in a lot of pain. Xiao Mao encourages Yi Ting to stop torturing himself and honestly telling Xin Yu how he feels. But Yi Ting thinks that he doesn’t have the right to hurt Xin Yu anymore by appearing in front of her.

Yi Ting:”Lei Xin Yu, I’m sorry!”

Xiao Yue decided to tell Xin Yu the truth. She wants Xin Yu to find out from her and not from someone else that Xiao Yue was Yi Ting’s informant. Before talking to Xin Yu, Xiao Yue went to see Yi Ting. But when she arrived home, Xiao Yue received a text from Zhong Wen while she was reading Xin Yu’s message. Both Xin Yu and Zhong Wen were going to visit Lin Man at the police station. Afraid that Zhong Wen and Xin Yu will meet there, Xiao Yue called Yi Ting to help her stop Zhong Wen and XinYu from meeting.

At the police station Lin Man told Xin Yu that Zhong Wen is in Taiwan. She also asked Xin Yu to look for her friend’s daughter. Then Lin Man asked Xin Yu to never meet Yi Ting again since Yi Ting is a dangerous man.


When Xin Yu was leaving the police station, Zhong Wen was arriving. But Xiao Yue arrived in time to stop them from meeting.

A man suddenly attacked Xin Yu. She hit him with her bag and ran away. Suddenly Yi Ting stopped his car in front of her and told her to get in. The man that was following Xin Yu was Yi Ting’s man.

Yi Ting:”I’m here to see your mother locked up in prison.”

Qian Ni hears her father talking with a friend of his and finds out that the one that actually destroyed Yi Ting’s family is chairman Tang. Because Yi Ting and Lin Man already met, chairman Tang knows that Yi Ting will soon find out so he plans on destroying Yi Ting before that.

At home Yi Ting can’t stop thinking about Xin Yu. The pain makes him dream of having Xin Yu by his side. The next morning goes to see Xiao Yue and asks her to give Xin Yu something from him…flowers and gummy bears….

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