“Tomorrow With You” ep 8 ~Ma Rin:”You and I were never meant to meet.”


So Joon started to open up in front of Ma Rin and tell her what’s on his mind.But he isn’t ready to tell her the whole truth yet so he asks Ma Rin to wait for a while. They’ve cleared the misunderstandings and Ma Rin believes that they can return to their newlywed life, but So Joon is extra careful around her…way to careful…Until he meets Ma Rin on a trip he mad to the future.ep8-1

Episode 8

So Joon finally opened up and talks to Ma Rin about his parents, that died in the subway explosion. He feels guilty that he got off and disappointed his parents even on their last seconds of life. Ma Rin consoles him and tells him that his parents were relieved that at least he survived.

So Joon:”It was my fault!”

Ma Rin:”You’re also a victim!”

So Joon admits that he has a lot of secrets that he can’t tell Ma Rin about yet. He asks her to wait until March 25th 2019. On that night they will go see the fireworks and he will tell her everything…all his secrets.

After Ma Rin was discharged and they went home, Ma Rin was hoping to share the same room with her husband. But So Joon said that he doesn’t want to pressure her and that he doesn’t expect Ma Rin’s anger to go away so easily so he will use the small room until Ma Rin will give him a sign.

In the morning Ma Rin dresses up sexily to get So Joon’s attention, but So Joon has other plans. He sends Ma Rin to change because they will start exercising everyday from now one.

At the office So Joon realizes that the person who started the rumor about him and Ki Doong being in a relationship was Gun Sook. Disgusted by that rumor, So Joon invited Gun Sook and Yong Jin to dinner…as a double date.

So Joon:”Let’s go punish Gun Sook.”

During dinner So Joon treats Ma Rin lovely and even talks like young people. He takes care of Ma Rin, he cuts her food, he dives her water to drink, he compliments her…in front of Gun Sook. Since there is a big age gap between Gun Sook and her husband, he can’t do that so Gun Sook is jealous of Ma Rin being treated so well by her young husband.

So Joon:”I can’t bear to take my eyes off her for one moment.”

At some point Yong Jin left to answer his phone and Ma Rin went to the restroom. On her way back, Ma Rin heard Yong Jin talking on the phone about backstabbing So Joon.


Wanting to have a normal relationship with her husband, Ma Rin seduced So Joon. Or at least she tried because her plan failed and So Joon locked himself in the small room. He doesn’t want to argue again with Ma Rin so he is more careful than he should be around her.

To find out what happened that he disappeared, So Joon put some surveillance cameras in Ki Doong’s house. He asked Ki Doong to record everything and put them in a certain folder. Then So Joon took the subway to the future to pick up the recordings. But there were only recordings for a few days.

On his way back to the present So Joon met Ma Rin. The Ma Rin in the future knows that So Joon is a time traveler. Unfortunately the Ma Rin in a few months is cold towards So Joon. She tells So Joon that they weren’t supposed to meet in the first pace. They only met because So Joon forced the future to change. Ma Rin also asks So Joon to break up with her as soon as he returns to his present and put her life to where it was originally. But he refuses. He confesses to the future Ma Rin that he likes her. Still Ma Rin is cold towards him. She only gives So Joon an advice…to stop Se Young from living.

Ma Rin:”I know you’re a time traveler. You and I were never meant to meet.”

So Joon:”I will be by your side. I like you!”

Back to the present So Joon goes to pick up Ma Rin from the Happiness construction site. She wanted So Joon to see the construction and she called him there using a little trick. When they arrived home, Ma Rin’s mother was there, cooking dinner. The moment So Joon tasted his mother-in-law’s cooking, he realized from were Ma Rin learned to cook. Both mother and daughter are terrible cooks. To share the same room, but too embarrassed to admit that both of them want that, So Joon and Ma Rin insisted that Ma Rin’s mother should spend the night there. If Ma Rin’s mother is there and they sleep in separate rooms, she would worry.

Ma Rin:”I love you!”

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