“Introverted Boss” ep 11 ~Yeon Jung:” Should we pull each other’s hair out or something?”


For the first time in his life, Hwan Ki was able to speak in public with Ro Won’s help and that makes Woo Il feel insecure and not needed anymore. After the presentation Hwan Ki confessed that he knows who Ro Won is. Thinking about everything, Ro Won realizes that Hwan Ki was Mr Smith, that Hwan Ki was always there, taking care of her from behind. She decided to accept Hwan Ki’s feelings, but Yeon Jung appeared….


Episode 11

It’s time for Hwan Ki to do the presentation. He goes up on stage, decided to present. Unfortunately the words don’t come out. He is ready to give up when Hwan Ki sees Ro Won. She was holding her phone with the light on so Hwan Ki could see her. In front of Ro Won, Hwan Ki doesn’t have any problem talking so as long as he looks at Ro Won, Hwan Ki could do the presentation.

Ro Won:”Boss, I’m here! You can do it.”

Hwan Ki looked into Ro Won’s eyes, he only saw her and did the presentation. For the first time in his life, the timid Eun Hwan Ki talked in front of so many people. After the presentation Hwan Ki followed Ro Won outside and hugged her, thanked her. Then Hwan Ki fainted.

Burning with fever Hwan Ki wants to sleep and get some rest. But he can’t! All the Silent Monster members come to his room to check him. They bring him medicine, food, they cover him with the blanket or make sure that the air is good in Hwan Ki’s room.


Everyone went home, except Ro Won. She stayed behind to take care of Hwan Ki. She tried the whole day to tell Hwan Ki that she is Ji Hye’s sister and because of that they can’t be together. But Hwan Ki revealed that he already knows everything. Hwan Ki told Ro Won that he knows that she is Ji Hye’s sister and they can’t be together because he caused Ji Hye’s death. At that moment Ro Won realizes that Hwan Ki is also “Mr Smith”.

Seeing Hwan Ki blaming himself for Ji Hye’s death, Ro Won consoled him and asked him to say that there must be another reason that someone doesn’t know yet that pushed Ji Hye to her ending. But Hwan Ki insists that he is to blame, at least partially. Then Hwan Ki asks Ro Won to wait for a while and he will make sure that the truth will be revealed.

Hwan Ki:”Wait for me.”

Woo Il is not pleased with the fact that Hwan Ki finally spoke in front of people. If thinks continue like that, Woo Il feels like his presence won’t be needed anymore. For that Woo Il works, now, harder on Hwan Ki’s father’s campaign. When Hwan Ki came by his office and invited him to play together basketball, Woo Il rejected Hwan Ki…coldly.

Hwan Ki wants Woo Il to reveal the truth about what happened to Ji Hye. He asked Woo Il to tell the truth himself and he is willing to wait for Woo Il until Woo Il will be ready to confess. But hearing that Woo Il’s insecurity and fear of being abandoned by the Eun family made Woo Il go crazy.

Hwan Ki:”I want you back.”

Later Hwan Ki went to pick up Yi Soo who’s been discharged from hospital. When he took Yi Soo home, Hwan Ki found out that his suspicions were true…Yi Soo jumped in front of the car to stop Woo Il from leaving her. Wanting to help his sister and make her understand that it’s wrong what she is doing, Hwan Ki insisted that Yi Soo should get admitted to the hospital and get treated for her urge to hurt herself when things don’t go her way. He also wants to tell everything to their parents and Woo Il. But Yi Soo refused! She even threatened Hwan Ki with killing herself if Woo Il and their parents find out. No matter how much Hwan Ki tried to make Yi Soo realize that either Woo Il or herself will be happy if she forces Woo Il to marry her, Yi Soo doesn’t listen. She wants Woo Il and that is the only thing Yi Soo cares about.

Yi Soo :”I don’t care. He’s all I need!”

Hwan Ki misses Ro Won that much that he went to see her. He is waiting for Ro Won to come home and in the meantime her get his hair cut, a shave and a new hairstyle …all made by Ro Won’s father. Ever since Ji Hye died, Hwan Ki’s been a regular client there. But when Ro Won arrived home and their eyes met, Hwan Ki run away.

That night Ro Won found out from her father and her neighbors that Hwan Ki comes often there to cut his hair. He brought food to Ro Won’s father, threw the garbage and cleaned the stairs when it snowed.

Ro Won:”He didn’t just send me flowers. He was always close by.”


Ro Won can’t avoid Hwan Ki anymore. She got dressed and runs to Hwan Ki, but when she arrived at the event where Hwan Ki was, she saw Hwan Ki with Yeon Jung. Right beside Ro Won is was Gyo Ri, who kept talking about how good Hwan Ki and Yeon Jung look together.

Hwan Ki went to have dinner with Yeon Jung. There he confessed to Yeon Jung that he started to wear the hood because of her. He liked Yeon Jung in university and master up the courage to confess. He learned the dance of Yeon Jung’s favorite singer and dances for her. But Yeon Jung called all her friends to see Hwan Ki’s confession. She wanted to brag to her friends that Hwan Ki is hers, but Hwan Ki misunderstood. He thought that Yeon Jung humiliated him because she wanted to reject his confession.

Yeon Jung brought food to Silent Monster team too. While they were eating, everyone was talking about Hwan Ki being on a date with Yeon Jung. Realizing that something is wrong with Ro Won, Yoo Hee took Ro Won out. Being just the two of them, Ro Won confessed Yoo Hee that she got a job at that company because she wanted to revenge her sister death…but in the process she fell in love with Hwan Ki.

Ro Won:”I fell in love with Boss!”


When Hwan Ki returned after his lunch with Yeon Jung, the whole Silent Monster team fell sick.  Hwan Ki and Ro Won carried everyone to the car and Hwan Ki drove them to the emergency room. Back from the hospital, Hwan Ki finds Ro Won lying on the floor and rushed her to the emergency room too.

Ro Won wakes up at the hospital and Yeon Jung was in the bed next to her. Everyone got food poisoned.  Yeon Jung is a honest person and she told Ro Won that she likes Hwan Ki too. Then she send Ro Won to Hwan Ki who was working to prepare the set for Silent Monster event the next day.

Yeon Jung:”I like him. You like him too, right? Should we pull each other’s hair out or something?”

Hwan Ki also had the same food as Yeon Jung and his team so he isn’t feeling well either. Still he has to work and finish everything for the event. Ro Won took him home, told him that she wants to stay by his side and support him in no matter what he will do. She trusts Hwan Ki and believes that he must have a reason for not telling anyone what happened to Ji Hye. Ro Won knows that it wasn’t Hwan Ki’s fault her sister died and still he took responsibility and took care of Ro Won and her family without showing his face. She spend the night with Hwan Ki, taking care of him…

Ro Won:”Now that I look back on it, you were protecting me. I want to stay by your side. I’ll stay by your side!”

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