“Tomorrow With You” ep 9 ~So Joon:”I…can travel to the future.”


So Joon sees Ma Rin being friendly with other men and starts getting jealous. Everything is going perfect between Ma Rin and So Joon until So Joon goes on a trip to the future and finds something that will happen soon. Back to the present So Joon does everything he can to stop Ma Rin from working at Happiness. Because Ma Rin is stubborn, So Joon ends up telling her that he is a time traveler.ep9-1

Episode 9

Ma Rin is at the construction site, taking pictures of the workers. But they can’t relax so Ma Rin tried to get friendly with them. She is massaging one of the workers to help him relax. At that moment So Joon arrived and got jealous to see his wife massaging the shoulders of another man. Since Ma Rin needs to get closer to the workers to make them relax, So Joon ended up taking pictures of his wife and the workers.

Later, Ma Rin smiles and gets everyone all they need during lunch. So Joon is watching her smiling and being cute in front of other men so get jealous again.


Since Se Young will leave soon, So Joon, Ma Rin, Ki Doong and Se Young went to the beach for the weekend. So Joon asked Se Young and Ma Rin to spend time together and get friendly, but Se Young preferred spending time with Ki Doong. Even when Ma Rin reached out towards her, Se Young rejected Ma Rin.

So Joon goes to search for Ma Rin who is on a walk on the beach. Instead of Ma Rin, So Joon found a mailbox. On that mailbox it was written that the letter will be send on the day the writer wants, up to 50 years. So Joon took a sit and wrote a letter to the future Ma Rin. Meantime, while walking around Ma Rin hears Se Young talking to Ki Doong and finds out that Se Young likes So Joon.


So Joon looks at the footage from Ki Doong’s house surveillance camera and sees Doo Shik stealing his journal. He goes to the future, on the day Doo Shik steals the journal and follows Doo Shik. He arrived at a construction site where he sees Ma Rin crying and having blood on her hands and clothes. So Joon tried to go help Ma Rin, but Doo Shik stopped him.

Leaving the construction site Doo Shik tells So Joon that Se Young’s father will die that day and Ma Rin is the one to find him. Back to the present So Joon insists Se Young to take her parents with her in Japan when she will go there for work. Later So Joon asks Ma Rin to give up her job as Happiness photographer. Unfortunately no matter how much So Joon wants her to quit, Ma Rin insists on finishing the project she started with Happiness.

So Joon tried so hard to stop Ma Rin from working at Happiness that he got her a job with the photographer that took Guk Soon’s wedding pictures, the photographer Ma Rin wanted too much to work with but got rejected. Now, with only one word from So Joon, that photographer accepted Ma Rin and changed her attitude towards Ma Rin completely. But Ma Rin got upset and rejected the job. Upset, Ma Rin leaves! So Joon follows her and reveals Ma Rin that he is a time traveler.

So Joon:”I…can travel to the future.”

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