“Behind Your Smile”ep 17 ~Yi Ting:”If you keep moving around I’ll kiss you.”


Yi Ting and Xin Yu begin working together to make chairman Tang pay for ruining their lives, their families. So for that they start spending time together and Xiao Mao makes sure to bring them as close as possible. At some point Xiao Mao said that he wants to look a the stars, but when they arrived on the mountain, Xiao Mao left Xin Yu and Yi Ting there. That place was the place were Xiao Mao and Yi Ting promised to bring the girl they like.ep17.1

Episode 17

Yi Ting rushed Xiao Mao to the hospital. Luckily Xiao Mao wasn’t hurt badly, but Yi Ting realized that everything started with him. So to not let Xin Yu get hurt also, Yi Ting decided to bail Lin Man out of jail. That way Xin Yu won’t go seek chairman Tang again.

Yi Ting:”I don’t want her to be in danger again.”

By continuing with his plan Yi Ting is about to lose a lot, but he doesn’t care as how much he loses as long as chairman Tang loses more than him. Yi Ting instructs Shi Huan to leak the information that they don’t have the patent for Zhong Wen’s drug.

Since he couldn’t bail Lin Man on his own, Yi Ting gave the money to Zhong Wen. When chairman Tang found out, he realized that Zhong Wen’s drug was a trap and decided to sell all the shares.


Xin Yu doesn’t know how to act around her mother so she doesn’t want to spend the night with Lin Man. Before Xin Yu could leave, she heard the news about Yi Ting’s company not having Zhong Wen’s drug’s patent. She blames her mother for leaking the news to hurt Yi Ting. Xin Yu is so upset that she tells her mother that she was about to be kidnapped by chairman Tang’s people when Yi Ting and Xiao Mao saved her.

Seeing Xin Yu arguing with her mother and blaming her, Zhong Wen intervened. He told Xin Yu and Lin Man that the bail money came from Yi Ting and Yi Ting himself is the one that leaked the information of not having the patent.

Zhong Wen:”I think, compared to his hatred for auntie, he cares about you even more.”

The next day, Xin Yu proposed Yi Ting to work together to make chairman Tang pay. But Yi Ting doesn’t want Xin Yu to be put in danger.  Xin Yu insists! She wants to make peace with Yi Ting. She wants them to not hate each other, but she also doesn’t want them to love each other in the future. Xin  Yu will give Yi Ting everything she and Lin Man have against chairman Tang and after chairman Tang will pay…they will go their ways without seeing each other again.

Yi Ting:”I don’t want to be dragged down by you.”

Unfortunately when Yi Ting got closer to Xin Yu, she distanced herself from him, turned her back of him and left.

When the time came, Yi Ting went to see chairman Tang and show chairman Tang that he revenged his father. But chairman Tang fights back! Chairman Tang knows Yi Ting’s weakness…Lei Xin Yu.


Yi Ting is taking care of Xiao Mao in the hospital. Of course Xiao Mao takes advantage of the situation. He asks Yi Ting to blow on his food before feeding him. He asks Yi Ting to scratch his back. But that didn’t last long because Yi Ting slapped him telling Xiao Mao to not cross the line.

Yi Ting:”Don’t cross the line!”

Xiao Mao apologizes for crossing the line because he got hurt and has a few stitches and it’s the first time he needs someone to take care of him in 20 years. Then Xiao Mao sees Xin Yu outside his hospital room and pretends to be in pain to make her come in. Since Yi Ting and Xin Yu avoid each other, the moment Xin Yu came in, Yi Ting left saying that he has work to do.

Xiao Mao can’t look at how sad both Yi Ting and Xin Yu are and how they’re suffering after breaking up. He tells Xin Yu that she misunderstood Yi Ting because it’s not Yi Ting the one that called the police and had Lin Man arrested.

Xiao Mao:”Da Mao is really bad at expressing his emotions. Don’t let him be alone because you’re mad at him.”

At night Xin Yu received a text from Xiao Yue. She sent Xin Yu the picture with Yi Ting’s confession letter. Xin Yu read the letter and found out that Yi Ting’s feelings for her are real, he really loves her.

Yi Ting:”My feelings for you are all real.”

The next day Lin Man went to Xiao Mao’s hospital room to apologize for what she did in the past. Unfortunately her attitude wasn’t sincere so Xiao Mao’s mother sent her away.


Yi Ting is about to be dismissed from his CEO position when Xin Yu appears. The reason Yi Ting was about to be dismissed was because he didn’t had the patent for Zhong Wen’s new drug which would lead the company to have great loses. But Xin Yu showed up at the meeting saying that she is the owner of the company that has the patent and she is selling it to Yi Ting.

Xin Yu left the farm and moved with her mother. She told her mother about her plans with Yi Ting to get revenge on chairman Tang and asked Lin Man to give her the USB with evidence against chairman Tang. Seeing how much Xin Yu trusts Yi Ting, Lin Man gave Xin Yu the USB. With that USB, Xin Yu went to Yi Ting. Together Yi Ting and Xin Yu went to Xiao Yue to get the lipstick with the password. The two girls got angry at each other, screamed and accused each other, then they’ve started crying. They hug each other and make pace.

From Xiao Yue’s house, Yi Ting and Xin Yu went to the farm. There Xin Yu sees for the first time the real Yi Ting, the way Yi Ting acts, the way Yi Ting is, the way Yi Ting gets along with Xiao Mao.

Yi Ting:”If you keep moving around I’ll kiss you.”

After Yi Ting cleaned Xiao Mao’s would, they got closer to Xin Yu to try and find the USB password. Xin Yu and Xiao Mao try all kinds of passwords that come to their heads, but Yi Ting gave them the real password.

Yi Ting:”Try I love you!”.

Since Xiao Mao is close to Yi Ting and Xin Yu, he makes fun of Yi Ting saying that Yi Ting is confessing to Xin Yu. He wasn’t actually wrong, but Yi Ting to get away from the awkward moment pretended to confess to Xiao Mao.

Xiao Mao:”Are you taking advantage of the chaos to confess?”

Yi Ting:”I love you, baby.”

Yi Ting’s password was the real one, but Xiao Mao didn’t let them look at the USB content. Since Xin Yu said that after chairman Tang will be punished, she and Yi Ting won’t need to be in contact ever again, Xiao Mao tries to delay as much as possible Xin Yu and Yi Ting’s break up.  Xiao Mao wants to go see the stars. He asks Yi Ting to go with him, but Yi Ting didn’t want. When Xiao Mao grabbed Xin Yu’s hand saying that he will go with Xin Yu look at the stars, Yi Ting changed his mind.


Beside the driver there is one more place in the truck. Using the excuse that he was just discharged from the hospital, Xiao Mao gets in the car next to uncle Tai and lets Yi Ting and Xin Yu together in the truck. On their way to the mountain, Xiao Mao makes uncle Tai get all kinds of bumps to force Yi Ting hold Xin Yu. In the middle of nowhere uncle Tai and Xiao Mao pretended that the truck broke down and left, leaving Xin Yu and Yi Ting together there.

Yi Ting and Xin Yu ended up looking at the stars together. Well more like Xin Yu was looking at the stars while Yi Ting was looking at Xin Yu. They talk, forgetting about all their problems. Suddenly Yi Ting tells Xin Yu that he and Xiao Mao found that place and told themselves that they would bring the girl they like there.

Yi Ting:”Do you see those three stars in the sky? Those three stars have a name…Lei Xin Yu.”

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