“Introverted Boss” ep 12 ~Yi Soo:”You want me to die, don’t you?”


Ro Won fought with her father and moved in with Hwan Ki. He tried to convince Ro Won to return home, but when he convinced Ro Won to leave, Yeon Jung arrived. Yeon Jung is a smart woman who knows how both Hwan Ki and Ro Won are so she plays around to make Ro Won jealous. But when things were going well and Hwan Ki was about to tell the truth about Yi Soo to Woo Il, Yi Soo arrived. She had an argument with Hwan Ki and was shocked to find out that Ro Won is Ji Hye’s sister.ep12.1

Episode 12

Ro Won spent the night with Hwan Ki and in the morning when she comes out of Hwan Ki’s room, she met her father. Reporter Woo told Ro Won’s father that Ro Won got a job at the same company Ji Hye worked for to get revenge on her sister’s death. Ro Won’s father can’t let his daughter do that so he came to get revenge instead. He is surprised to see Ro Won there so early and wearing the same clothes she was wearing the other day. Then he was shocked to see that the nice young man that was often coming to his barbershop is actually the CEO of the company Ji Hey worked for. Hwan Ki gets on his knees and apologizes…But furious Ro Won’s father takes her home …

Ro Won’s father:”You killed my daughter and I…cut your hair so carefully with my own hands.”

At the house Ro Won fights with her father while defending Hwan Ki and gets thrown out. Kicked out of her house Ro Won returned to Hwan Ki’s penthouse. He sends her home, but Ro Won wants to eat first so Hwan Ki cooked something for her. While she was eating, Ro Won and Hwan Ki talk about Ro Won’s way of behaving at home and the way her father treats her. Hwan Ki understands Ro Won’s father more than Ro Won. He knows that her father always asked Ro Won to stay quiet and do nothing to revenge Ji Hye’s death because he wanted to protect the daughter he had, he wanted to protect Ro Won the only way he could and knew how.


Ro Won insisted so much that she wants to stay at Hwan Ki’s house that he didn’t have any other choice but to let her spent another night there. This time Hwan Ki let Ro Won sleep on the bed while he set a tent next to the bed for himself.

Hwan Ki:”She must have such a cute face on as she snores like that.”

Early in the morning when Sun Bong came to work Hwan Ki and Ro Won woke up. To stop Sun Bong from seeing Ro Won there, dressed in Hwan Ki’s clothes, having just woke up, Hwan Ki goes to distract Sun Bong. While Hwan Ki was distracting Sun Bong, Ro Won got out of the room….and sneezed. At that moment the only thing Hwan Ki could tell Sun Bong was that he loves Sun Bong. But the moment Hwan Ki was hugging Sun Bong so Ro Won could get out, Yoo Hee came in. Since Ro Won can’t go out without being seen, Hwan Ki asked her to hide in his room while he goes to buy her clothes.

Hwan Ki:”I love you!”

At the store, while he was buying clothes for Ro Won, Hwan Ki met Yi Soo. She helped her brother buy clothes for Ro Won. Leaving the store Yi Soo asked Hwan Ki to bring the woman he is dating to her wedding.


Ro Won returned home saw that the flowers Hwan Ki gave her and her mother’s and Ji Hye’s pictures were gone. Ro Won’s father wants Ro Won to move on with her life so her took away everything that didn’t let her continue with her life. Seeing the pictures of her mother and sister gone, Ro Won got into another argument with her father and left home.

Ro Won:”I have to be by his side.”

Ro Won went to Hwan Ki’s house. As soon as their eyes met, Ro Won jumped to Hwan Ki’s arms and started crying. Hwan Ki calmed her down and tried to convince her to go home. When Hwan Ki finally convinced Ro Won to return home, Yeon Jung arrived.  The three of them sat at the table to drink some wine. But Hwan Ki made the mistake to sit beside Yeon Jung and that got Ro Won jealous. Feeling Ro Won’s jealousy Yeon Jung starts playing and talking about Hwan Ki’s good points that she likes.

Ro Won:”Only if I was a little bit taller, I wouldn’t be inferior.”

Knowing Hwan Ki’s shy personality and seeing Ro Won’s jealousy, Yeon Jung plays around with both of them. She called Ro Won a little kid, referring to Ro Won’s height. She made fun of Ro Won and Hwan Ki sleeping in the same room and doing anything else. She asked Hwan Ki whom he would kiss if he would have to choose between the two of them. Uncomfortable between the two women, Hwan Ki got drunk and fell asleep.


Hwan Ki wakes up and sees Ro Won just coming out of the shower, wearing just a towel. Later Hwan Ki went to the exhibition Yeon Jung invited him and Ro Won. While he was talking to Yeon Jung someone else came. Woo Il came at the exhibition to meet Yi Woo. When she noticed the awkward tension between Woo Il and Hwan Ki, Yeon Jung realized that Woo Il is the person Hwan Ki is protecting since Christmas Eve three years ago. She looks at Woo Il and tells him that Hwan Ki didn’t abandoned Woo Il because Woo Il isn’t needed anymore. Instead of doing so Hwan Ki protected and keeps protecting Woo Il.

Upset Woo Il goes to Hwan Ki and tells Hwan Ki that he will do anything Hwan Ki wants, including marry Yi Soo, as long as he doesn’t have to tell what happened to Ji Hye. Woo Il can’t lose everything. At that moment Hwan Ki was about to reveal Woo Il that Yi Soo hurts herself and that is why he asked Woo Il to stay by Yi Soo’s side. But Yi Soo came and stopped Hwan Ki by pretending to feel sick.

Hwan Ki took Yi Soo to his car and there Yi Soo started talking about dying if she loses Woo Il. No matter how much Hwan Ki tried to make Yi Soo realize that she is doing something wrong, that someone died because of Yi Soo’s selfishness and Ji Hye’s family still suffer, Yi Soo insists that she wants Woo Il and doesn’t care what some strangers might feel.

Yi Soo:”You want me to die, don’t you?”

While Hwan Ki and Yi Soo were in his car, Hwan Ki sees Ro Won. She came to Hwan Ki’s car to greet Hwan Ki and Yi Soo. At that moment Yi Soo locked at Ro Won and by Hwan Ki’s reaction, she realized that Ro Won is Ji Hye’s family. Yi Soo remembers the night Ji Hye died. Ji Hye apologized for being the woman Woo Il likes and Yi Soo cut her wrists in front of Ji Hye. She looked at Ji Hye and told her to disappear if she is really sorry…and Ji Hye disappeared for good…

Yi Soo:”If you’re really sorry don’t pretend to be so innocent and just disappear. Please disappear!”

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