“Introverted Boss” ep 13 ~Yi Soo:”Chae Ji Hye…I killed her! “


Yi Soo found out that the woman her brother loves is Chae Ji Hye’s sister. Afraid that she will lose Woo Il when the truth about Ji Hye’s death will be revealed, Yi Soo asks her brother to give up his love for Ro Won.Meantime Woo Il took Hwan Ki’s advice and told everyone the truth about the feelings he had for Ji Hye and annulled his wedding with Yi Soo. But Woo Il broke up with Yi Soo without knowing that Yi Soo hurts herself. When Hwan Ki found out that Woo Il broke up with Yi Soo and left her alone, Hwan Ki rushed to find his sister before it will be too late. While Hwan Ki was looking for her, Yi Soo was on the company’s rooftop confessing to Ro Won that Ji Hye died because of her. Yi Soo tries to kill herself by umping of the rooftop.ep13.1

Episode 13

When Yi Soo found out that Woo Il liked Ji Hye, she knew that it wasn’t a mistake. She cut her wrists in front of Ji Hye and told Ji Hye to disappear. That night Ji Hye committed suicide. For three years Yi Soo didn’t care what happened to Ji He and how much Ji Hye’s family might suffer. But now that she found out that Ro Won is Ji Hye’s sister and Hwan Ki likes Ro Won everything changed. Hwan Ki wants to reveal everything so Yi Soo starts her act again. She cries and threatens with taking her live, she asks Hwan Ki to give up on his happiness by Ro Won’s side. All that Yi Soo cares about is her own selfish happiness while forcing Woo Il to marry her. Nothing and no one else matters for Yi Soo.

Yi Soo:”I’m sorry, but please give up!”

Hwan Ki assigned a new project to Gyo Ri and Se Jung, but Se Jung talked too freely to the clients and now both clients hate him. Gyo Ri, who doesn’t have any experience, has to meet the both sides alone and convince them to work together. After one meeting, a sudden rain started while Gyo Ri and the client were leaving. Luckily for Gyo Ri, Hwan Ki came to her rescue. He escorted Gyo Ri to his car and gave an umbrella to the client. While he was driving Gyo Ri home, Hwan Ki encouraged her which lead Gyo Ri to have more trust in herself and in what she is capable of accomplishing. After Hwan Ki’s encouragements, Gyo Ri did a good job meeting the clients and didn’t let herself stepped on by the clients anymore.


Hwan Ki cat talk to Yeon Jung and tell her things that he could tell anyone before. When she met Hwan Ki the first thing Yeon Jung did was take picture of herself and Hwan Ki and sent them to Ro Won. Then she encouraged Hwan Ki to treat Ro Won good while they are together and stop thinking about everything else. Taking Yeon Jung’s advice Hwan Ki went home where Ro Won was waiting for him. They had fun together, playing the guitar and singing to each other. Ro Won sang a love song to confess her feelings for Hwan Ki.

Woo Il saw Hwan Ki and Ro Won and heard her singing. He left without saying a word and Hwan Ki followed him. After all this time Woo Il still thinks how things would’ve been if he had chosen Ji Hye instead of Yi Soo three years ago. Hwan Ki on the other hand encourages Woo Il to come clean. He advises Woo Il to talk about what happened three years ago and whatever will happen, Hwan Ki will be by his side, supporting and helping him. Also Hwan Ki told Woo Il to talk to Yi Soo and discover what Yi Soo’s been hiding from Woo Il. Hwan Ki apologizes for forcing Woo Il stay by Yi Soo’s side believing that like that he can protect both Woo Il and Yi Soo. Now Hwan Ki is letting Woo Il go and live his life, the way Woo Il wants and makes him happy.

Returning at the house, Hwan Ki has fun with Ro Won while playing games and dancing.


While Yi Soo was getting her bridal makeup, Woo Il came and picked her up. He wants to give Yi Soo a present and the place Yi Soo wants to go is the amusement park. Because Yi Soo recently had the car accident Woo Il took her to a park where they have fun, eat cotton candy and enjoy their date. At the end of their date, Woo Il broke up with Yi Soo. That date was his last present to Yi Soo.

Woo Il:”I should stop before it gets too far.”

From the park Woo Il went to the restaurant where he and Yi Soo were supposed to get married. Yi Soo’s parents were there waiting for them, but Woo Il came alone. He came clean and told them the whole truth, that he had feelings for Ji Hye and Ji Hye committed suicide because of him…that’s the reason he can’t marry Yi Soo.

When Hwan Ki left for the wedding he didn’t let Ro Won come. Since she already had gotten a present for Woo Il and Yi Soo, Ro Won went to Woo Il’s office to leave the present. There Ro Won saw the drawing Ji Hye did before she died. Upset, Ro Won took the drawing and went to the wedding. Instead of the wedding Ro Won heard Woo Il’s confession. Shocked Ro Won runs outside. Woo Il follows her and tells her what he felt for Ji Hye.

While Woo Il and Ro Won were talking, Hwan Ki arrived. But when Hwan Ki heard that Woo Il broke up with Yi Soo and left her alone, Hwan Ki turned his back to Ro Won and went to Yi Soo. He is afraid his sister might have done something to hurt herself.


While he looks everywhere for Yi Soo, Hwan Ki asked Yeon Jung to check on Ro Won. Yeon Jung called Ro Won to a sauna and consoled her. When Yeon Jung fell asleep, Ro Won went to Silent Monster’s building’s rooftop…from where she believes Ji Hye jumped.

The moment Ro Won wanted to throw away the necklace Woo Il gave Ji Hye, Yi Soo appeared. She told Ro Won that she killed Ji Hye. Then Yi Soo got on the rooftop wanting to jump and die the same way Ji Hye did. But Ro Won caught her.

Yi Soo:”Chae Ji Hye…I killed her! I won’t hurt anyone. There is only one person I want to hurt.”


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