“Tomorrow With You” ep 10 ~So Joon:”He…he will not die!”


So Joon decided to confess to Ma Rin about his ability to travel to the future. He did that because Ma Rin is to stubborn to listen to him when So Joon asks her not to go to the construction site or something could happen to her.She can’t believe what So Joon tells her, but she has no other choice but to accept it. When she finally accepted the truth, Ma Rin helps So Joon and Ki Doon protect Se Young’s father.ep10.1

Episode 10

So Joon tell Ma Rin that he can travel to the future, but Ma Rin doesn’t believe him. She thinks So Joon is lying. At the house she remembers the newspaper from the future, the shoes that wrap alone on the food and the noodles that she had, but no one heard about. She goes to So Joon and as a prove that he can travel to the future, Ma Rin asked him the lottery numbers. But So Joon doesn’t play with the lottery anymore…after wining 3 times. He talks about him not working at all and still managing to have a successful company. Still for Ma Rin is hard to accept everything.

The next day, when she arrived at work at Happiness, Ma Rin found out that So Joon brought plan tickets for Se Young’s parents to go with Se Young in Japan on 27th October. Also on the same day So Joon send everyone working at Happiness on a trip.

Wanting to know if something will happen on 27th October, Ma Rin went to see a tarot lady. Since that lady couldn’t see anything about Ma Rin and So Joon, as if they weren’t either death or alive, she only said that good things waits for Ma Rin from now on.

So Joon told Ki Doong that Se Young’s father could die on 27th October. To prevent that for happening So Joon send Se Young’s parents with her in Japan on that day. Also So Joon asked Ki Doong to go at the construction site on 27th October and check things out just in care Se Young’s father’s criminal will show up.


When So Joon was telling Ki Doong about Se Young’s father going to die, Ma Rin came by. She sees all the thinks So Joon brought back from the future and decided to accept that she is married with a time traveler. They go home, walking so Ma Rin could clear her mind. On their way back, Ma Rin tells So Joon about her visit to the fortune teller and also gave So Joon the talisman that she got from the fortune teller to protect him.

So Joon:”You shouldn’t like me too much.”

Since Ma Rin knows the truth now and accepts it, So Joon tells her that Se Young’s father will get hurt soon at the construction site. At the house Ma Rin keeps being worried about not being able to save Se Young’s father. To calm her down, So Joon revealed Ma Rin that on the day they’ve met, So Joon actually stopped her from getting into an accident.

Ma Rin:”You really are amazing!”

Se Young’s father went to see So Joon and thank So Joon for sending him on a trip to Japan to send Se Young there. Leaving So Joon’s office, Se Young’s father tells So Joon that a friend of him is bragging of buying a company that belongs to So Joon. Knowing that he is not selling, So Joon believes that Se Young’s father might be mistaken. But he wasn’t. Yong Jin is the one selling without telling So Joon. Also Yong Jin saw Se Young’s father talking to So Joon.


Worried about Se Young’s father, Ma Rin went to the airport to make sure that Se Young and her father go to Japan. But Se Young came alone. He father insisted to make another stop before the airport. What Se Young’s father didn’t know was that Yong Jin was following him. Yong Jin approached Se Young’s father with the pretext that he wants to donate to Happiness. He told Se Young’s father that he is going to the airport and offered to give him a ride.

Meantime So Joon is at Ki Doong’s house waiting for the one he suspects being Se Young’s father’s killer, Doo Shik. So Joon is nervous. He likes Doo Shik and doesn’t want his suspicions to be true. But Doo Shik doesn’t tell him who the real killer is. Doo Shik only asks So Joon to trust him.

So Joon:”He…he will not die!”

Suspecting Doo Shik and wanting so much to save Se Young’s father, So Joon handcuffed Doo Shik and went both of them went to the future. Because So Joon wasn’t answering his phone and Se Young’s father didn’t come to the airport, Ma Rin went to the construction site.

From the future So Joon sees the news about Se Young’s father dying at the construction site disappearing. He thinks that he was able to save Se Young’s father, but suddenly a new news appeared. Se Young’s father died…at another location.

So Joon runs to the present and calls Ki Doong. He tells Ki Doong the new location and So Joon, Ki Doon and Ma Rin run to the new location to save Se Young’s father. Unfortunately they were too late. When they arrived, Se Young’s father was lying unconscious on the ground, bleeding. When So Joon arrived, Ma Rin jumped to his arms to cry…Like she couldn’t wait for a few minutes to do so. They should first call an ambulance and try to save that man, instead of hugging….

After Se Young’s father died, So Joon blames himself. He thinks that he made things worse by trying to save Se Young’s father. Another thought comes to So Joon…maybe he and Ma Rin won’t be able to be save either….

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