“Tomorrow With You” ep 11 ~So Joon:”Marrying you…I think that might have been my mistake.”


Ma Rin, So Joon and Ki Doong try hard to save Se Young’s father, but it was in vain. Se Young’s father died. When he went to the future to see if Se Young’s father’s killer was caught, So Joon found out that he went missing and Ma Rin, instead of living her live, stays like a fool waiting for him at the subway station. To let Ma Rin move on with her life, So Joon breaks up with her.

Personal thought: Only I gets annoyed by Shin Min Ah’s character in this drama? I don’t know if Ma Rin is an idiot or what… She was upset for not knowing So Joon’s secrets so she could support and help him. And when she found out and So Joon clearly explains her what happens and what she should do to support him, Ma Rin stubbornly insists of doing things her way…making things more difficult for So Joon.


Episode 11

So Joon and Ki Doong are at the police station arguing with the policeman. They can’t understand why the police concluded Se Young’s father’s dead as an accident so soon. But they are even more shocked to find out that when the police tracked down Se Young’s father’s phone, they found out that Se Young’s father was also at the construction site where he was supposed to die originally. But if Se Young’s father was there why Ma Rin and Ki Doong didn’t saw him? There were there watching that place.

Leaving the police station So Joon met Doo Shik in order to find out what Doo Shik knows and hides from him. But Doo Shik didn’t say a word. Meantime Ki Doong asked Ma Rin if she saw any suspicious car passing by when she arrived at the construction site. She saw a car, she can’t stop thinking about that car, but there wasn’t anything suspicious about it.

So Joon:”I have to save my Ma Rin.”

So Joon arrived drunk home and the next morning Ma Rin offered to take him to work. The road to work took them four hours and made So Joon sicker than he was because of Ma Rin’s driving.


Yong Jin is forcing Gun Sook to move to Vietnam. Stressed, Gun Sook meets Ma Rin and tells Ma Rin about her immigrating to Vietnam. Then Gun Sook asks Ma Rin to put a good word with So Joon for Yong Jin. The only reason Gun Sook can think about Yong Jin desire to immigrate to Vietnam is because So Joon isn’t treating Yong Jin well.

So Joon goes two years in the future to see if the police has found anything else about Se Young’s father’s death. Instead So Joon found out that he went missing soon after Se Young’s father’s death.

So Joon:”I went missing!”

To find out more, to find out the reason he went missing, So Joon went to Ki Doong. But Ki Doong doesn’t know what happened. One morning So Joon went to the future and never came back. Ki Doong insists that So Joon should put thing in their original place for both So Joon and Ma Rin’s sake. So Joon and Ma Rin were never supposed to get married and when they did So Joon changed his own destiny. Before the marriage with Ma Rin he wasn’t supposed to disappear. There is one thing both Ki Doong and Ma Rin from the future try hard to hide from So Joon…the fact that Kim Yong Jin is Se Young’s father’s killer.


So Joon returned to the present and met Ma Rin. They talked about how he travels to the future and back and Ma Rin asked So Joon to stop going to the future. She fears that one day So Joon will disappear and never come back. Still, So Joon has to go to the future. Because of that Ma Rin insists to follow So Joon to the future. She goes to the subway and rides it several times. While riding the subway to get to the future, Ma Rin tries all kinds of embarrassing things and still doesn’t work for her.

Ma Rin:”Yoo So Joon, if you insist on going back and forth, I will follow you to the future. If you die, I’ll die with you. If you live, we live together.”

Suddenly Ma Rin sees So Joon getting on the subway. She goes to him and asks him to not got, but So Joon can’t control that.

So Joon:”I’m going to disappear soon.”

So Joon went to march 2019, the day before the day he and Ma Rin are supposed to die in a car accident. He wanted to see how Ma Rin is living without him. And on that day Ma Rin was holding a photo exhibition.  Even on that day, more than two years after So Joon disappeared, Ma Rin keeps waiting for him at the subway station. She still can’t forget So Joon and move on with her life.

Returning to the present So Joon finds Ma Rin waiting for him at the subway station. He gets upset, they argue and So Joon breaks up with Ma Rin. Maybe, like that, when he will disappear Ma Rin would be able to live her life, instead of spending her time waiting for him.

So Joon:”Marrying you…I think that might have been my mistake.”


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