“Introverted Boss” ep 14 ~Ji Hye:”I really wanted to see you one last time. “


Yi Soo tried to commit suicide by dying the same way Ji Hye did.Luckily for her Ro Won was there and stopped Yi Soo until Hwan Ki arrived. After that incident Hwan Ki revealed the truth about Yi Soo hurting herself to their parents.Because he broke up with Yi Soo, Woo Il left the company and the house. Instead of Woo Il, Hwan Ki has to take care of Woo Il’s department. As the opportunity showed up, Hwan Ki approached the employees his way and won their over.ep14.1

Episode 14

Yi Soo said that she killed Ji Hye and wants to die the same way Ji Hye died. Ro Won caught her and doesn’t let Yi Soo jump. The same time Yi Soo pushes Ro Won away so that Ro Won won’t get hurt too. While the two girls were pushing and pulling, Hwan Ki came on the rooftop. He pulled Ro Won and Yi Soo on the ground and hugged Yi Soo until she calmed down.

Yi Soo fell asleep and Ro Won wants to know what happened to Ji Hye. Hwan Ki told her that the night Ji Hye died, Yi Soo heard Hwan Ki and Woo Il talking and found out that Woo Il fall in love with Ji Hye. Upset Yi Soo cut her wrists and fainted in Hwan Ki’s arms. While Hwan Ki was with Yi Soo at the hospital, Ji Hye called him. Because Hwan Ki didn’t answer his phone, Ji Hye sent him a text saying that she is waiting for him at the penthouse. Hwan Ki didn’t leave Yi Soo side and another text – a goodbye text – arrived. He rushes to the penthouse, but it was too late. Ji Hye had already jumped. Hwan Ki couldn’t save Ji Hye.

Ji Hye:”I really wanted to see you one last time. I’m sorry!”

After he told Ro Won everything that happened the night Ji Hye died, Hwan Ki gave Ro Won the shoes Ji Hye was wearing the night she died. Those shoes were a present from Hwan Ki and when she jumped from Hwan Ki’s office, Ji Hye left the shoes there.

Later Hwan Ki’s parents came and Hwan Ki told them that Ji Hye killed herself after Yi Soo tried to commit suicide in front of Ji Hye. Then Yi Soo, who had woke up, came clean in front of her parents. She revealed that she first started to hurt herself when she was little and her father was screaming at Hwan Ki. At those moments, Yi Soo was hurting herself to make her father quiet. From there she got confused with the passing years and things got worse.

The next day Hwan Ki appeared in front of Woo Il’s department and made a small speech. He told the employees that Woo Il will return soon so they should remain calm and do their job the best they can.


When he left Hwan Ki’s family, Woo Il returned to the orphanage. Hwan Ki came to see him and asked him to return. But Woo Il isn’t ready to do so yet. He is happy at the orphanage. There he can do the things that make him happy without being careful of everyone around him, like he’s been doing for the last 20 years. Beside Hwan Ki another person came to see Woo Il, that person was Yi Soo. She finally got the courage to accept herself and to let Woo Il free. She tells him about her need to hurt herself and about her last meeting with Ji Hye the night Ji Hye died.

A liquor company that Woo Il’s been working with has problems. They use recycled bottles for their liquor, but they use the bottles more than they should so a bottle exploded and a person got hurt. The same situation happened before, it always happens once or twice a year. Woo Il’s department is under Hwan Ki now and Hwan Ki doesn’t work like Woo Il – he doesn’t pay money to the hurt person and let it pass. Unfortunately with Woo Il gone, the employee of Woo Il’s department want to quit their jobs and move to other companies.  Hwan Ki is so stressed out that Yoo Hee called for rescue, she called Ro Won. She encourages Hwan Ki to talk to Woo Il’s employees in his own way, not to try and be like Woo Il. So Hwan Ki send the employees a mail in which he was inviting them to meetings that can be either during lunch or drinks…it’s the employees choice. Some employees came during lunch and Hwan Ki cooked for them. Others came for a glass of wine. The only condition Hwan Ki put was that during the meeting with him it should be a maximum three people group. At those small meeting Hwan Ki was able to relax, open up and communicate with the employees. He got the employees on his side. They find Hwan Ki easy to talk to.


Ro Won requested a meeting with Hwan Ki, on Valentine’s Day, at a restaurant. She tells him to stop blaming himself for Ji Hye’s death because Ji Hye didn’t left the shoes with Hwan Ki because she hated Hwan Ki. Ji Hye left her shoes because she felt sorry towards Hwan Ki for unintentionally hurting Yi Soo.

At the restaurant there is an event for couples. They have to kiss, but Hwan Ki is uncomfortable to kiss Ro Won in front of all those people and they leave. While leaving the restaurant, Ro Won fell. In front of the restaurant Hwan Ki had to tie his shoelaces, but Ro Won thought that Hwan Ki wasn’t to carry her on his back. She got on Hwan Ki’s back and was embarrassed when she realized that Hwan Ki was actually tying his shoelaces. Still Hwan Ki carried her and asked her to pretend that she is in pain, even if she isn’t.

The whole night, Ro Won expected Hwan Ki to kiss her or hold her hand. She even told him to do so, but Hwan Ki didn’t. Instead of kissing or holding her hand , Hwan Ki gave Ro Won a present, a necklace. Since Hwan Ki wasn’t doing what she expected him to do, Ro Won took the initiative and kissed him.

After Ro Won went inside her house, reporter Woo approached Hwan Ki.

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