“Behind Your Smile”ep 18 ~Yi Ting:”I really miss your smile when you still believed in everything.”


Yi Ting can’t hurt Xin Yu anymore so he returned the evidence USB to Lin Man and let Lin Man decide what to do with it. And Lin Man did what she thought it was best for Xin Yu. Lin Man apologized for hurting Xin Yu and everyone at the Healthy Farm, then she turned herself in to the police. Now Yi Ting and Xin Yu have to work out their relationship, their love…ep18.1

Episode 18

Yi Ting and Xin Yu are alone on the hill, looking at the stars. Xin Yu sees Yi Ting fooling around like she never saw him. She sees another side of Yi Ting. She sees the real Yi Ting. He tells her what he used to do as a child. He keeps her hand worm. They are having fun, forgetting about everything. But suddenly they remember the USB and the fact that they will have to break up soon. When they return to the car, Xiao Mao was gone. A text came from Xiao Mao

Xiao Mao:” Count the stars for me. If you don’t count 500, you can’t come back down. Also be more honest about your feelings, stop being Romeo and Juliet.”

Xiao Mao had to walk back to the farm. On his way, Xiao Mao met Yun An who was coming to look for him really worried. When he met Yun An, Xiao Mao said he has an headache and wants to rest for a little while. Thinking that Xiao Mao was asleep, Yun An confessed that she has feelings for him.

Xin Yu and Yi Ting slept in the truck, on the hill. When he woke up, Yi Ting saw Xin Yu sleeping in his arms. But when they came down the hill, Xin Yu left.

Xin Yu:”Thank you! Before separating you still gave me a very special memory. I won’t forget it.”

Knowing the Yun An likes him made Xiao Mao avoid her. Every time he hears a noise, Xiao Mao hides. But Yun An is too embarrassed to come to the farm and asked for a few days off. Meantime at the farm, Xiao Mao found out that everyone, except him, knew that Yun an liked him and now they are making fun of him.


Yi Ting looks at the evidence that were on the USB, but she can’t stop thinking how much will suffer Xin Yu if he will give the USB to the police. Since he doesn’t know what to do, Yi Ting asked Xin Yu. He sent her a message from the mail he was using to impersonate Zhong Wen. There are things Xin Yu can’t tell Yi Ting, but she can tell Zhong Wen. Both of them know now that they are Xin Yu and Yi Ting, but it’s easier for them to talk like that.

Xin Yu asked if Yi Ting can give up the idea of sending the USB to the police. Yi Ting answered that he doesn’t know what to do because he doesn’t want Xin Yu to be sad.

Yi Ting:”He doesn’t want Lei Xin Yu to be sad…I … regret so much that I could never clearly tell you anything.”

Yi Ting and Xin Yu met and Yi Ting opened up towards Xin Yu. He told her what he has done for her since the first moment he saw her. For the first time they sit in front of each other and tell honestly what they felt and what they still feel. Yi Ting regrets that he wants honest with Xin Yu, that he preferred leaving instead of telling her the truth and let her decide what to do. Meantime Xin Yu doesn’t hate Yi Ting. She forgave him after she saw the letter Yi Ting wrote to confess her everything …Xiao Yue showed Xin Yu that letter. She hopes having met Yi Ting during high school, before everything started… But their hole conversation wasn’t face to face, it was by messages.

Yi Ting:”I didn’t want you to know I like you that much. I really miss your smile when you still believed in everything.”

Later Qian Ni came to Xin Yu. She was glaring and Xin Yu, demanding Xin Yu to give her the evidence Xin Yu has against her father. When Xiao Yue intervened, defending Xin Yu, Qian Ni wanted to slap Xiao Yue but Xin Yu stopped her. Xin Yu told Qian Ni that she already gave the evidence to Yi Ting. Hearing that, Qian Ni changed her act. She started begging Xin Yu to help her and to convince Yi Ting to not do anything against her father. But innocent Xin Yu can’t forget what Qian Ni said and did to her when Xin Yu was in Qian Ni’s shoes, few months ago. Everything happened because of chairman Tang’s greed so why should Xin Yu, who lost everything,  and Yi Ting, who lost his father and his farm, care that Qian Ni will lose her money.

Qian Ni:”I really don’t want to live a life without money or a father.”

Hearing Qian Ni complaining how much everyone love Xin Yu and not her, Xin Yu’s heart went soft. She was about to give in, but luckily Xiao Yue was there. Xiao Yue kicked Qian Ni out and contacted Yi Ting. Xiao Yue realized that the only reason Qian Ni could come to apologize to Xin Yu is because chairman Tang plans to run away.

Yi Ting decided what he will do with the USB. He went to see Lin Man and told her that he will not give the USB to the police because he doesn’t want Xin Yu to suffer more than she already is suffering. Yi Ting threw the USB in Lin Man’s bed and left.


Lin Man came by the farm to apologize to Xiao Mao’s mother. To show her sincerity Lin Man cleaned the “Healthy Farm” signboard. While apologizing, Lin Man opened up and spoke from her heart.

Jia Ling:”Let’s work hard to move forward.”

Zhong Wen and Yi Ting met and rushed to see Xin Yu. They turn on the TV and see Lin Man turning herself in to the police station. Lin Man called the reporters, publicly apologized to everyone she’s hurt. Then Lin Man cleared, publicly, that she is to blame for the incident about the Healthy Farm poisonous milk.

After Lin Man’s interview, Zhong Wen told Xin Yu that Yi Ting gave back the USB to Lin Man so Lin Man could make the final decision about those evidences. Then Yi Ting said that he didn’t want Xin Yu to suffer because of him again and that is why he let Lin Man decide. At that moment Xiao Yue dragged Zhong Wen out to let Xin Yu and Yi Ting talk. On her way out, Xiao Yue pushed Yi Ting closer to Xin Yu.

Left alone with Xin Yu, Yi Ting consoled her and let her cry in his arms. Unfortunately Jia Ling didn’t know that Yi Ting and Xin Yu were together and called her son to the farm.


Yi Ting decided to leave his work at Mojin and return to the farm where he will work hard together with his family to make their farm great again. At the breakfast, Jia Ling talks about Xin Yu. laughing she said to Yi Ting that if Yi Ting and Xin Yu had held hands, hugged and kissed before, now it’s time for the parents to meet…and talk about their wedding.

Since his mother accepted Xin Yu, Yi Ting went to find her. When Yi Ting asked her if she has time to go with him somewhere, Xin Yu said she doesn’t.  Luckily for Yi Ting he still had one of the coupons Xin Yu wrote while she was trying to convince him to eat. Forced by those coupons to go with Yi Ting, Xin Yu practically forced Xiao Yue to come with them. Not wanting to be the only third wheel, Xiao Yue asked Zhong Wen to come too.

Arrived at the place where Yi Ting wanted to take Xin Yu, Xiao Yue and Zhong Wen helped Yi Ting be together with Xin Yu. They are on Yi Ting’s side and want Yi Ting and Xin Yu to get back together.

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  1. VIVIAN says:

    I Love dis movie

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