“Father is strange” ep 1~ Joong Hee:”You need a paper to get my autograph.”


Father is strange is a drama about a family that lives in Soul, the struggles they have daily and relationship between siblings and parents and their children. Byun Han Soo and his wife, Na Young Shil, have a happy loving life. They have a small restaurant and four children, a son and three daughters. Their son, Joon Young, is lazy and pretending to study for the civil exam lives unemployed for five years. Their eldest daughter, Hye Young, is a successful lawyer. The youngest daughter, Ra Young, works as a yoga instructor. Meantime the second daughter, Mi Young struggled for three years to get a job. She finally got a job, but Mi Young’s superior is the same person that used to bully her in high school. The celebrity Mi Young works for is actor Ahn Joong Hee. After he lost an important role, Joong Hee decided to search for the father he never knew and finds out that his father’s name is… Byun Han Soo. Now that he found his father, Joong Hee moves in with Han Soo, his wife and their four children.


Kim Young Chul     as   Byun Han Soo

Kim Hae Sook         as   Na Young Shil

Min Jin Woong        as   Byun Joon Young

Lee Yoo Ri              as   Byun Hye Young

Jung So Min             as   Byun Mi Young

Ryu Hwa Young     as   Byun Ra Young

Lee Joon                    as   Ahn Joong Hee

Ryu Soo Young         as   Cha Jung Hwan


Episode 1

Byun Han Soo and his wife Na Young Shil are happily married for many years. The only treasures they have are their four children and their small restaurant. One day Han Soo received a group order and while he and Young Shil were preparing the food they found out that the water on the whole building was turned off for the day. To prepare the group order, Han Soo went to buy mineral water. Meantime his wife finished slicing the vegetables and called their second daughter Mi Young to help them.

The eldest daughter, Hye Young, is a carrier beautiful woman. The second daughter, Mi Young, is always rejected when she goes to job interviews so she worked at her parents shop to pay the living expenses with work. Their son, Joon Young, does nothing but pretending to study for the civil exam…for the last five years. The youngest daughter, Ra Young, has problems paying her living expenses because she buys herself expansive shoes and bags.

Ahn Joong Hee is an actor who used to be in an idol band. He only appears in soap operas, but wants to get a role in a miniseries or a movie. After finishing filming, Joong Hee sees online an interview he made about 8 years ago. That interview made Joong Hee look like a complete idiot. That interview made Joong Hee the icon of poor acting. Now, 8 years later, he is establishing his acting carrier and people forgot about that interview. But since the interview appeared again, people are mocking Joong Hee again.


Upset with the video, Joong Hee went to see the producer that put that old interview with him, producer Cha Jung Hwan. After arguing with Joong Hee, Jung Hwan went to his alumni gathering. There he met Hye Young whom he dated during their school years. They were happy together, but suddenly Hye Young texted Jung Hwan and broke up with him…without giving him any reason.

Hye Young:”You should never meet your ex-boyfriends.”

On her way back home, Hye Young sees Ra Young meeting some friends. Ra Young was wearing Hye Young’s expensive handbag. Since Hye Young hates others borrowing her belongings and warned several times Ra Young, she went home and destroyed Ra Young’s most beloved and expensive dress. Joon Young and Mi Young tried to stop Hye Young and Ra Young from fighting, but they couldn’t. When Han Soo and Young Shil arrived home, they saw their children fighting. Upset, Han Soo and Young Shil punished all their four grown up children.

While sitting on their chairs on the rooftop, all wed, Joon Young, Hye Young, Mi Young and Ra Young start getting cold. They keep each other warm by hugging each other and start joking around.


Joong Hee is sleeping. He suddenly feels like he isn’t alone and opens his eyes. His ex girlfriend was lying down in bed next to him. She memorized his password and got in without permission to get back together. But Joong Hee doesn’t want to and treats her coldly. So she starts talking about an embarrassing video with him that she saved on her computer. After she left, Joong Hee changed the password to his house.

Joong Hee:”She’s stressing me out so much.”

Mi Young is on her way to a job interview. She sees an old lady struggling with her bags and helps her. Unfortunately Mi Young ripped her stockings. To not be late to her interview , she asked the guard for a marker and colored her let so the ripping hole won’t be seen. Joong Hee sees her and thinks that Mi Young is holding the pen so ask for his autograph.

Joong Hee:”You need a paper to get my autograph.”

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2 Responses to “Father is strange” ep 1~ Joong Hee:”You need a paper to get my autograph.”

  1. shamrockmom3 says:

    I’m liking this one…hope it stays funny and light!

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