“Father is strange” ep 2~ Jonng Hee:”This man I’ve never seen is wreaking havoc with my career.”


Jung Hwan and Hye Young met again after eight years since they’ve broke up. For all this years Jung Hwan’s been curious why Hye Young dumped him. Now that they’ve met again, Jung Hwan keeps following Hye Young to ask her that, but she doesn’t answer him. Meantime Joong Hee lost an audition because he can’t express the love between father and son. Because of that Joong Hee decided to find his father.


Episode 2

Hye Young received an offer to appear on a program with other lawyers. She goes happily, but on the other side it was Jung Hwan. They are both surprised to see each other, but they pretend well. The atmosphere is tense between them. Jung Hwan insists on knowing the reason she dumped him eight years ago, but Hye Young doesn’t say anything.

There is an audition Joong Hee is interested in. The producer of that miniseries made good productions with good ratings. The only problem is that the story is about the relationship between father and son. Jung Hee doesn’t have a father so he can’t really express something that he never knew…

To get into the feeling, Joong Hee together with his manager watches movies about father and son’s love. But Joong Hee doesn’t feel anything.

After struggling for years, Mi Young finally got a job offer. Unfortunately at the same company woks the girl that used to bully Mi Young in high school. Because of her bully Mi Young has seconds thoughts and thinks that it’s better to reject the offer. She calls Hye Young for an advice. More realistic, Hye Young scolded Mi Young for even thinking of rejecting the only job offer she received in years. Then Hye Young forced Mi Young to accept the offer…everyone is frustrated and stressed at work.

Joong Hee went to the audition, but it didn’t go well. After his lack of emotion when it comes to his father made him lose a great opportunity, Joong Hee contacted his uncle. From his uncle Joong He received a picture with his father….Byun Han Soo.

Jonng Hee:”This man I’ve never seen is wreaking havoc with my career.”


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