“Introverted Boss” ep 15 ~ Ji Hye:”I can’t help looking at him.”


Reporter Woo approached Hwan Ki and revealed that Ji Hye never liked Woo Il. The person Ji Hye liked was Hwan Ki. After everyone discovered that Ro Won distanced herself from Hwan Ki. But when Hwan Ki’s father started creating problems for Ro Won and her family, Hwan Ki showed up to help.ep15.1

Episode 15

Reporter Woo approached Hwan Ki and told him the reason Hwan Ki and Ro Won can’t be together. Shocked by what he found out, Hwan Ki went to see Woo Il.

Hwan Ki:”I’m talking about Ji Hye. I think it happened because of me.”

Reporter Woo:”Ji Hye was watching you, not Kang Woo Il.”

Ji Hye liked Hwan Ki and went to see Woo Il to find out more about Hwan Ki from his only friend, Kang Woo Il. While she was helping Hwan Ki, Ji Hye was feeling like she is on a fake date with him. It made her heart beat faster.

Ji Hye:”I can’t help looking at him.”

Reporter Woo liked Ji Hye, but she couldn’t see his feelings because she liked Hwan Ki. The night reporter Woo wanted to confess was the night Woo Il called Ji Hye and got drunk.

Back home, Hwan Ki finds Ro Won at the penthouse. She was watching at what Hwan Ki looks every time he looks on the window from which Ji Hye jumped. He hugs her and tells her what he found out from reporter Woo. Realizing that Ji Hye wasn’t hurt because Kang Woo Il abandoned her, but she thought that she won’t be able to see Hwan Ki anymore, Ro Won gave Ji Hye drawing to the real owner. The last think Ji Hye drew was a present for Hwan Ki.


Now that she gave up on Woo Il’s love, Yi Soo can relax. She doesn’t need to wear makeup, even at home. She doesn’t get her hair done, she wears sneakers and comfortable clothes. She appeared like that in front of Woo Il and he finds her more beautiful like that than she was before. Yi Soo is relaxed now and Woo Il is comfortable around her.

Woo Il:”You look more beautiful now than ever.”

Congressman Eun found out that Ro Won is Ji Hye’s sister. He took over Ro Won’s father’s barbershop’s building and raised the rent. Because of that Ro Won’s father has to close the barbershop and move. Then congressman Eun met Hwan Ki and Yeon Jung to talk about their wedding. But Yeon Jung acted honest, direct and rude to make him give up the idea. She said that she would love to marry Hwan Ki, but his father isn’t her type. She looked at congressman Eun and practically insulted him in a fancy manner. Then she said that if he insists on Hwan Ki and he getting married, they will getting married, but they will live separately and after marriage Hwan Ki and Yeon Jung will visit Hwan Ki’s family only on special occasions. Upset Hwan Ki’s father left.

Wanting to protect her father’s barbershop and the memories she has there with her mother and sister, Ro Won started promoting the barbershop. Dressed in a panda costume, Hwan Ki came to help her too. Later the Silent Monster team members also came to help Ro Won’s father’s barbershop.


After taking photos of the barbershop and making a plan, Yoo Hee and Gyo Ri gave questionnaires to different people. Meantime Sun Bong and Se Jong went shopping with Ro Won’s father.

Hwan Ki asked another person for help…Yeon Jung. She agreed to help, but with the condition that Hwan Ki pretended to be her boyfriend in front of her first crush. Since he didn’t have a choice, Hwan Ki accepted, but he also had a condition. He will only kiss Yeon Jung on the check. They agreed to that, but Yeon Jung turned her face and kissed Hwan Ki on the lips in front of her first crush.

After promoting the barbershop, Ro Won’s father got a lot of clients. But when thinks seemed to go well, reporter Woo created troubles for Hwan Ki and Silent Monster. To get out clean from that scandal, congressman Eun plans to blame Woo Il, but Hwan Ki gets angry. He doesn’t want to blame Woo Il for something Woo Il didn’t do.


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