“Father is strange” ep 3~ Joong Hee:”Take your hands off of me.”


Mi Young started her new job, in Ahn Joong Hee’s team. Unfortunately Joong Hee and Mi Young had a bad first meeting. She was trying to hide from her high school bully and used Joong Hee as a shield. The same time Jung Hwan wants to get back together with Hye Young, but Hye Young rejects him Meantime their mothers, Young Shil and Bok Nyeo, are arguing every time they meet.ep3.1

Episode 3

Joong Hee wakes up, takes a shower, looks in the mirror and brags about how handsome he is then he calls someone whom he asked to find his father. He needs Byun Han Soo’s address and contact number.

Joong Hee:”You’re handsome! You’re the best in the universe!”

Mi Young is at Gabi Entertainment on her first day of work. She sees the one the bullied her in high school and drags the man close to her to hide. That man was Joong Hee. She was hiding behind him, pulling his shirt until it ripped.  Since he is un a hurry, Joong Hee takes a picture of Mi Young to get compensation for his expensive shirt later.

Joong Hee:”Take your hands off of me.”

After a hard lawsuit, Hye Young has something to drink. But when she arrived at the office, Jung Hwan was there…insisting to know why Hye Young dumped him 8 years ago. Hye Young starts throwing thinks at him, insulting. Then they pull each other’s hair…until they start kissing. When she received her mother’s phone call  in the morning, Hye Young realized that she spend the night with Jung Hwan. Both of them are happy and embarrassed, but the act as normal as they can.


Mi Young was assigned to Ahn Joong Hee team. She searches for him online and finds an old picture of him. Looking at the picture on her phone, Mi Young goes around searching for actor Ahn Joong Hee. She finds the man whom shirt she ripped and realizes that he is actor Ahn Joong Hee.

Wanting to protect their lifelong hard work, Young Shil meets the news landlord and agrees to renew the contract and increase the rent as the new landlord wants. But the landlord, Bok Nyeo, refuses to renew the contract in any conditions. Young Shil gets furious and threatens Bok Nyeo with suing her since her eldest daughter is a lawyer. But Bok Nyeo doesn’t believe that Young Shil has a lawyer as a daughter. To prove what she was saying Young Shil called Hye Young, but Hye Young was on a date with Jung Hwan, Bok Nyeo’s son. Jung Hwan was asking Hye Young to start dating again.

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