“Father is strange” ep 4~ Joong Hee:”It’s my fault that I don’t have a father?


Joong Hee found his father, but he lost the role he wanted. He worked hard for that role, he was playing it well, but he couldn’t transmit any emotion. When he received the news of losing the role, Joong Hee got drunk, made a phone call and revealed that he doesn’t have a father.ep4.1

Episode 4

Since Hye Young didn’t answer her phone, Bok Nyeo makes fun of Young Shil. The two women start fighting and Young Shil told Bok Nyeo that they will close their shop and move, including from their apartment.

Meantime Hye Young was rejecting Jung Hwan’s proposal to date again. She said that she doesn’t feel anything for him and that what happened between them the other night was because of the alcohol she had before their meeting. Upset, Jung Hwan gets up, confesses that he still loves her and wants to start over with him. He asks Hye Young to think about his proposal and left.

Joong Hee is at the agency preparing for a role. He can act, he can cry, he can yell, he can do anything, but he can’t transmit emotions. When Joong Hee was upset, his phone ringed. The person who called him told Joong Hee that he found Joong Hee’s father. Later he texted Joong Hee his father’s, Byun Han Soo, address and contact.

Back inside, with his father in his mind, Joong Hee tried to say his lines once again. This time he was perfect, he could transmit emotions.


Jun Young’s been stealing food from home and asking his father for money to buy food and cook for his girlfriend instead of studying. Ra Young found out about everything and told Mi Young and Hye Young what their brother does two months before his exam. Upset Hye Young, Mi Young and Ra Young cornered Jun Young and scolded him for leaching on their parents at his age instead of working as a man over 30 years old should do.

Bok Nyeo just found out that she will have to pay for three tenants if Young Shil will move, the restaurant, Young Shil’s apartment and her brother’s apartment. It will be cheaper to renew the contract with Young Shil, but she doesn’t know how to tell Young Shil without feeling humiliated. Outside of her coffee shop, Bok Nyeo met Young Shil.

When Bok Nyeo was entering her coffee shop, the sign fell and Young Shil pulled Bok Nyeo away to not get hurt. Both women fell on the ground and when they got up, Young Shil pretended to be hurt.


Joong Hee is at home, practicing what to tell Han Soo when they will meet. His phone ringed and his manger announced him that he lost an important role. Upset Joong Hee gets drunk. He calls the producer of the drama, but that man doesn’t answer. Joong Hee insists! He sends the producer a voice message telling the producer that he doesn’t have a father and because he wanted to do well on that drama he searched and found his father after 30 years.

Joong Hee:”It’s my fault that I don’t have a father? I found my father!”

Hye Young still didn’t answer Jung Hwan’s proposal, but when she heard another woman proposing to him, she felt insecure. She called Jung Hwan out and told him to not answer to that other woman. But Jung Hwan refused to wait for Hye Young’s answer since she is so insecure and turns his back on her.

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