“Introverted Boss” ep 16 ~ Hwan Ki:”I love you, Chae Ro Won!”


Hwan Ki left the company and moved with Ro Won. While spending time together, day and night, they see each other’s faults. For the first time Hwan Ki and Ro Won had their first lover’s fight. After a while of being away, Hwan Ki and Ro Won returned to the company.

As a personal thought…I think Hwan Ki would’ve looked better with Ji Hye… Ro Won’s character was really annoying, she was talking around, forcing people do her way just because she wants to ( like the actor who didn’t to say that he has a transgender son… or when she was pushing chips into Hwan Ki’s mouth even when he clearly said that he doesn’t want)


Episode 16

Reporter Woo created a scandal for Hwan Ki and his family. To get out clean of the scandal, congressman Woo plans to blame Woo Il. But Hwan Ki doesn’t agree. For the first time in his life, Hwan Ki screams at his father and speaks his mind.

Hwan Ki called Woo Il back to the company. He will not cover up what happened. Hwan Ki decided to step down and hand the company over to Woo Il.  He will take responsibility for the whole scandal.

Ro Won can’t stop thinking about Hwan Ki and her father encouraged her to live her life without thinking about anything else. So Ro Won did it. She went to Hwan Ki and got back together. They’ve moved in together, but Hwan Ki isn’t pleased with Ro Won’s way. She lies in bad with her outdoor clothes, she eats in bed getting it all dirty. Hwan Ki wants to tell her something, but he is afraid of hurting her feelings so he proposes a game. Since Hwan Ki did everything he could to make Ro Won lose, he won. Hwan Ki got makeup on Ro Won’s face to make her take a shower, but Ro Won liked the makeup and wanted to sleep like that. She also won a game and put some makeup on Hwan Ki’s face.


Hwan Ki and Ro Won are going on a trip. On their way, Ro Won is really excited. After dancing and singing in the car she got hungry. She opened a bag of chips and started eating, making Hwan Ki’s car dirty. She dropped some chips and then took them to her mouth and ate them. Then she fed Hwan Ki, even if he said that he doesn’t want to. She was annoying, loud and distracting him while driving, which was dangerous. Angry, Hwan Ki stops the car and tells Ro Won everything he bottled up. He tells her to stop eating in his car, to stop distracting him while he drives, to stop eating in the bed and to shower before going to bed.

Ro Won got upset and left, being sure that Hwan Ki will stop her, but Hwan Ki got in the car and left.  Ro Won thought that Hwan Ki left her there, but in reality he went to park the car elsewhere. After their first couple fight, Ro Won and Hwan Ki made peace. They opened up and talked about what they needed to say. Later they had lunch with Yi Soo and Woo Il. Since she was too bored, Ro Won invited more people to talk and have fun with.


Yi Soo and Ro Won are kind awkward around each other at first, but they both make an effort to get a closer relationship. Meantime Woo Il tells Hwan Ki and he and Yi Soo are starting their relationship again.

In the middle of the night Ro Won and Hwan Ki can’t fall asleep. Because Hwan Ki was so worried, Ro Won showed him a video that the Silent Monster members did. In that video they were saying what kind of person and what kind of boss Hwan Ki is. They are waiting for him to return and in the meantime they make sure to work hard so Hwan Ki won’t have to worry.


Hwan Ki and Ro Won returned to Silent Monster and Se Jong left to follow his own dream. In an year Se Jong became an actor and while being on an interview to promote the movie he was in, Se Jong confessed to Gyo Ri. But when Se Jong appeared in front of everyone with flowers, Sun Bong also confessed that he likes Gyo Ri.  Unfortunately for both of them, Gyo Ri didn’t accepted either of them.

Se Jong:”I like you, Kim Gyo Ri!”

On a day that the whole employees, Woo Il’s department and Hwan Ki’s Silent Monster, had a sports day, Hwan Ki gave every employee a letter written by him. Then, in front of everyone he confessed and kissed Ro Won.

Hwan Ki:”I love you, Chae Ro Won!”


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