“Tunnel” ep 1 ~ Ho Young :”Does there have to be a reason to kill people?”


In 1985 some crimes start to happen in a small town. Detective Park Kwang Ho desperately tries to catch the serial killer for a year. On night Kwang Ho met the serial killer and followed him to a tunnel where he got hurt. Getting out of the tunnel, on the other side, Kwang Ho discovers that he is 30 years in the future.  There he meets detective Kim Sun Jae and professor of criminal psychology Shin Jae Yi. Together they work hard to catch the serial murderer who resumed the killings that began 30 years ago.


Choi Jin Hyuk     as   Park Kwang Ho

Lee Yoo Young   as   Shin Jae Yi

Yoon Hyun Min   as   Kim Sun Jae.


Episode 1

Kwang Ho follows a criminal to a tunnel. Suddenly he lost the criminal. He looks around and feels something hitting him. The criminal hit Kwang Ho and Kwang Ho fell on the ground.

In 1985, Kwang Ho follows a small thief on a field. When the thief trip and fell, Kwang Ho caught him. But the thief looked terrified. Kwang Ho looks towards the direction the thief was looking at and sees the dead body of a girl. While working on that case, Kwang Ho superior sends Kwang Ho to a blind date. He doesn’t know how to act around that beautiful woman. They walk around and when Kwang Ho saw a car that was about to hit the woman he was dating, he pulled her over.

Kwang Ho :”I have a warm  heart.”

The workaholic Kwang Ho fell in love with Yeon Sook. He thinks about her all the time so when he is at the police station he hides under the desk and calls Yeon Sook.


In less than two weeks another body was found. Kwang Ho works hard to catch the criminal, but it’s frustrating that he can’t. Since the victim is a student, Kwang Ho’s superior even thinks of bringing the college students to the police station and beat them up until the one that killed the victim confesses.

Kwnag Ho:”You told me not to beat people.”

Few days later another dead girl appeared. This time it was a girl Kwang Ho knew and liked like a little sister.  Choon Hee, like the first two victims, was strangled with stockings. It must be a serial killer!

Kwang Ho goes to the last place Choon Hee was seen alive to investigate. Then he goes to the murder scene. He can’t find the answers to his questions and leaves….without realizing that someone was watching him and his coworker.


Some time passed and Kwang Ho married Yeon Sook. For a while it was quit, but suddenly another woman was murdered. The victim is a newlywed who has a small baby. Her husband and the crying baby were waiting for her when Kwang Ho arrived to give the husband the horrible news that his wife.

Kwang Ho did everything he could, but he couldn’t catch the serial killer this time either. He feels frustrated, but looking at the last victim’s small child makes him feel worse. For six months, the victim’s husband and baby visited the police station to see if there are any news about the killer. Unfortunately there weren’t.

Kwang Ho:”I’ll catch that jerk no matter what.”

Another woman was found dead and Kwang Ho sees something that proved what he’s been saying for a while…all the dead women were killed by the same person. There is another think Kwang Ho and the legist realized…the women were numbered. The first dead woman had only on dot on her heel. The second had two dots on her heel, the third had three dots on her heel, the forth had four dots on her heel…and the last one had …six dots on her heel. She should’ve had five dots, but she had six…That means the last victim is the sixth one, they still didn’t found the fifth dead woman.


Kwnag Ho found a clue. Together with a coworker, Kwang Ho goes to the neighborhood he thinks the killer lives in. There the two policemen found out from two little girls that dogs disappear in that neighborhood. The night that the two girls dog disappeared, the girls saw a man who leaves near them, but when they’ve asked him about the dog the man said he was never there.

Kwang Ho goes to that man’s house, but the door was locked and newspapers were at the windows. In that yard Kwang Ho found the dog buried and took the young man to the police station. The young man is only a high school kid, but he murdered a lot of dogs and buried them in his yard. Kwang Ho believes that kid practiced on the dogs before killing the women.

At the police station the kid, Ho Young, looks straight into Kwang Ho’s eyes and tells him that there’s not need to be a reason to kill a people. Kwang Ho gets furious and starts beating Ho Young.

Jung Ho Young :”Does there have to be a reason to kill people?”

Ho Young is a psychopath, but Kwang Ho doesn’t have any proves to lock him up so the kid is released.

Kwnag Ho goes to the crime scene again, at night, at the estimate time when all the victims were murdered. He is near a tunnel. Suddenly he smells cigarette and sees a shadow. The killer was provoking Kwang Ho, but when Kwang Ho ran towards him…the killer ran away. He follows the killer until he lost it. Suddenly the killer appears from behind and hits Kwang Ho with a rock.

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