“Father is strange” ep 5~ Ra Young:” I’m so pretty, so why won’t he look at me?”


Hye Young doesn’t feel good after being rejected by Jung Hwan. She keeps looking at her phone, waiting for him to call or text her. Because Jung Hwan wasn’t giving any sign, Hye Young texted him first. But Jung Hwan never replied. Upset Hye Young went on a blind date and made everything she could to let Jung Hwan know about her date. Hye Young was hoping that Jung Hwan will barge in the middle of her blind date and confess to her. Unfortunately Jung Hwan didn’t do that. Afraid that she will lose Jung Hwan, Hye Young left her pride aside and went to look for Jung Hwan, but he was avoiding her. Humiliated, Hye Young gave up and left. Meantime Joong Hee gathered his courage and went to see Han Soo.ep5.1

Episode 5

Joong Hee wakes up and remembers that he called the director of the drama and talked about not knowing his father. Scared of what will come, Joong Hee doesn’t answer his phone when the director calls him back. Because Joong Hee doesn’t answer, director Ryu sent a text telling Joong Hee that he wants Joong Hee to go to another audition.

Jung Hwan spent the night at his parent’s house. In the morning his mother prepared breakfast for him and gave Jung Hwan three pictures of the girls she chose for Jung Hwan to go on blind dates with.  And Jung Hwan accepted. He will go to a blind date his mother will decide.

Meantime Hye Young and her family are having breakfast together too. They talk about the fact that they might have to move both the store and to a new house. Later at work, Hye Young can’t stop thinking about Jung Hwan and what he told her about moving on. She is upset that Jung Hwan doesn’t call or text her, that Jung Hwan isn’t willing to wait for her answer anymore.


Joong Hee is exited after hearing the news from director Ryu. But his happiness doesn’t last long because he has an argument with Jung Hwan. Joong Hee blocked Jung Hwan’s car with his in the parking lot and Jung Hwan threatened Joong Hee with having his care removed.

Another person who got into trouble is Mi Young. She and her coworkers have a meeting with the art team, which meant Yoo Joo the one that bullied her in high school. Unfortunately for Mi Young she doesn’t know the stylist vocabulary and gets scolded for not doing her job well. Yoo Joo makes fun of Mi Young for not knowing the vocabulary and says that the once that hired Mi Young did a terrible job.

Ra Young is at her work. She walks around and starts to like her new coworker after seeing him smiling. When he is coming towards her, Ra Young feels nervous. She is sure that Chul Soo is coming to talk to her. But Chul Soo just passed by her, going his way. Then, Ra Young pretends to take a selfie and takes Chul Soo’s photo.

Ra Young:” I’m so pretty, so why won’t he look at me?”

Later, Ra Young admires herself in the mirror and suddenly she sees Chul Soo looking at her while holding his phone. She misunderstands that Chul Soo was taking pictures or videotaping her and asks him to show her what he was doing. But Chul Soo was looking at pictures of football players online.

Ra Young:”Everyone wants to take a photo of me…because I’m so pretty.”


Hye Young stepped on her pride and texted Jung Hwan, but he never replied. Upset, Hye Young calls Jung Beom to lunch. Jung Beon was at the same school as Hye Young and Jung Hwan and not works with Jung Hwan. During lunch Hye Young tells Jung Beom about the blind date she will have that day, including the exact location and time. She made sure, practically threatening, Jung Beom to tell Jung Hwan about her blind date. After the lunch, Jung Beom runs to the broadcasting channel and tells Jung Hwan about Hye Young’s blind date.

Joong Hee has everything prepared to go meet his father. Unfortunately his drama just finished and he has a tone of interviews with different journalists. Since he isn’t a huge celebrity, Joong Hee can’t protest when the journalist isn’t there on time so he missed the chance to meet his father.

Hye Young is at her blind date. She waits for Jung Hwan to show up and ruin her blind date. But Jung Hwan never appeared so Hye Young took a photo of her dinner with the prosecutor she was meeting and texted it to Jung Hwan…still no sign from Jung Hwan. Afraid that she will lose Jung Hwan, Hye Young got up in the middle of her date with the prosecutor and left. She called Jung Hwan and asked where he was because she has something to tell him. Jung Hwan said he is at the broadcasting channel so Hye Young went there. When Hye Young arrived at the broadcasting channel she found out that Jung Hwan just left. Upset Hye Young leaves. She feels humiliated.

Joong Hee can’t fall asleep so he gets up and chooses his clothes for his meeting with his father. He goes to Han Soo’s restaurant, really nervous, and Han Soo welcomed him with a big smile…like he does with everyone who comes in his small restaurant.


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