“Tunnel” ep 2 ~ Kwang Ho:”If it’s really 2016, that means I’m 30 years ahead of where I’m from.


Kwang Ho is hurt! He comes out of the tunnel and goes to the police station. But things are strange there. There are people he doesn’t know and the furniture is different, there is a mobile phone that he never saw before. Shocked to realize where he is, Kwang Ho pretends to be someone else with the same name and works at the police station until he will find a way to return home. But while he work with the policemen from the future, Kwang Ho finds the victim with 5 dots on her ankle whose body he never found in his time.

Personal thought: The Shin Jae Yi character I don’t know if I like. She is scary and looks like a mental patient….hope I’ll change my opinion about her. Also is Shin Jae Yi the child Yeon Sook was pregnant with when Kwang Ho disappeared? What about Sun Jae? Is he the baby of the third victim? The baby that used to come with his father at the police station?


Episode 2

Kwang Ho follows the killer into a tunnel, but gets hit by the killer and fell on the ground. When he wakes up, Kwang Ho goes out of the tunnel and is about to get hit by a car. The driver of that car was a young man with the same name as him, Park Kwang Ho.

Kwang Ho continues with his journey and goes into the police station, but things were different there… there were computers and other things that didn’t look familiar to Kwang Ho. Then he sees a man looking at some files. That man introduced himself as lieutenant Kim Sun Jae. But Kwang Ho doesn’t believe him, he doesn’t know that man. They argue and Kwang Ho threw Sun Jae out and locked the door. Luckily for Sun Jae, he had the key and entered again into the police station. Before Sun Jae returned inside, Kwang Ho finds a cell phone, a phone that he doesn’t know, a computer…He calls a familiar number, but a woman answered instead of his superior and told him that he called the wrong number. Suddenly a fax came, an order of transfer of Park Kwang Ho born in 1988, which is strange because it should be year 1986….Kwang Ho traveled to the future, in 2016!

Kwang Ho:”It’s only 1986 right now. That night the world I was living in had changed completely.”

Sun Jae returned inside furious, but Kwang Ho handcuffed him and tied him up. Then Kwang Ho left. But outside the police station Kwang Ho sees a world he doesn’t recognized.


The next morning when the policemen come in, they found Sun Jae sleeping tied up. Kwang Ho released him and introduced himself. The chief of the police station looks shocked. The chief is Sung Shik, the young policeman who was under Kwang Ho in year 1986…Since there was a new police man transferred to their team, everyone thought that Kwang Ho is the young policeman born in 1988.

Kwang Ho walks around the streets, but everything changed…even his house is gone. Now, where it used to be Kwang Ho’s house it’s a street.

Kwang Ho:”If it’s really 2016, that means I’m 30 years ahead of where I’m from. If I go thought the tunnel, I can go back.”


Thinking that if he goes back to the tunnel he can return to the past, Kwang Ho takes the taxi there. The taxi driver fooled Kwang Ho to get more money, but at the destination Kwang H didn’t want to pay. Suddenly a woman got into the taxi and said she will pay for Kwang Ho too. When Kwang Ho looks around he sees a mental hospital where it used to be a prayer house. Kwang Ho turns around to go to the tunnel, but he hears someone screaming at the mental house. He goes inside and sees a dead woman. She died after being stabbed with a pencil.

From the mental house, Kwang Ho went to the tunnel. He runs back and forth, but it’s not working…he’s not returning to the past. While he was running in the tunnel, Kwang Ho passed by Yeon Sook, who in 1986 was looking for her husband. She had just found out that she is pregnant.


With no other choice, Kwang Ho has to pretend to be Park Kwang Ho born in 1988 until he finds a way to return home. He goes back to the police station and works together with Sun Jae at the case of the woman dead at the mental house. Kwang Ho knew that woman. He arrested her when she was young for killing someone. He was about to make her confess, but unfortunately he was called out and the woman didn’t confess. Now Kwang Ho finds out that the woman killed three men before being arrested. After she was released from the arrest, she was admitted to a mental house…now she is dead.

The woman who got into the taxi and paid Kwang Ho’s ride is the last person that saw the dead woman and the mental house. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho find the taxi driver and track down the woman. Shin Jae Yi is a criminologist and met the dead woman from the mental house because she is studying female murders….or at least that’s what she says.

The result of the autopsy shows that the woman from the mental house committed suicide. Still Sun Jae continues to suspect Shin Jae Yi. He asked Jae Yi about her conversation with the dead woman and Jae Yi let Sun Jae hear the recording of their conversation.


Kwang Ho fell asleep and dreams with Yeon Sook. Suddenly Sun Jae appeared in his dream and Kwang Ho woke up. The next morning Kwang Ho arrives at the police station and sees Jae Yi there. The chief invited Jae Yi to help the police with a case. Of course Sun Jae and Kwang Ho weren’t pleased with Jae Yi being there.

After Jae Yi left, a case showed up. A woman was found dead on the mountain. The police went there and Kwang Ho was shocked to see that the victim had five dots on the ankle….the victim that he never found I 1986.

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