“Father is strange” ep 6~ Joong Hee:”I’m your son!”


Joong Hee went to see Han Soo, but he was recognized by Min Ha and run away before telling Han Soo who he was. Few days later, Joong Hee finds out that his rival took the role he was preparing for. Upset he got drunk and went back to Han Soo. He vented his frustration on Han Soo and revealed Han Soo who he was.ep6.1

Episode 6

Joong Hee sits at a table and asks for something to eat. Han Soo is serving him with a big smile, like he serves everyone that enters his restaurant. Joong Hee keeps looking at him, but he can’t bring himself to tell Han Soo that he is Han Soo’s son. While Joong Hee was trying to gather his courage and talk, Min Ha arrived and recognized Joong Hee. Because Min Ha recognized him, Joong Hee runs away.

Hye Young can’t concentrate on her work. On every document she is typing, she writes curse words for Jung Hwan. After she was scolded by her superior for leaving the blind date, Hye Young has a client. That client is Jung Hwan. They’ve kissed and make up.


Happy that she renewed the contract with the new landlord, Young Shil called her whole family for dinner. At dinner Joon Young told his parents that they four siblings are planning to send their parents on a holiday abroad for Han Soo’s 60th birthday. But Han Soo is too scared of getting on a plane that he rejected the offer. He appreciated the thought of his four children, but he can’t go abroad. Even if Han Soo said that he only needs the thought that his children wanted to send him on a vacation, Young Shil has a different opinion. They might not go anywhere, but still Joon Young, Hye Young, Mi Young and Ra Young has to give them the money.

Mi Young still feels inferior to Yoo Joo. She goes to Hye Young to ask for Hye Young’s advice and Hye Young told Mi Young to fight Yoo Joo. Since Mi Young used to be a judo athlete it must be easy for her to fight Yoo Joo, but she has to choose the location wisely, no witness and no security cameras.

Ra Young is on her way to meet her ex-boyfriend. She gets her makeup done on a car window, without seeing that Chul Soo was inside. Then she went to meet her ex-boyfriend being sure that he wants to beg her to get back together. Unfortunately for Ra Young, her ex-boyfriend wanted to give Ra Young his wedding invitation. He is marrying his ex-girlfriend. Humiliated, Ra Young starts throwing everything at her ex-boyfriend. While she was chasing him, Chul Soo entered that coffee shop. He stops Ra Young from hitting her ex-boyfriend and Ra Young begin crying in Chul Soo’s arms. Chul Soo covers Ra Young with his jacked and takes her away from that coffee shop.

When Ra Young calmed down, Chul Soo took his jacket and left. That made Ra Young furious.


Mi Young and her team went on a company dinner. She cooks for everyone and when finally someone decided to feed Mi Young something and thinks seemed fine…Yoo Joo arrived. She is from another team, but sat with the management team to bully Mi Young.

Yoo Joo bullies and wants to get Mi Young drunk, but one of the team leaders from the management team is on Mi Young’s side. She filed the cup with little alcohol and a lot of juice for Mi Young to drink. But Yoo Joo doesn’t give up and insists for Mi Young to drink from her too. When Mi Young opened the can from Yoo Joo, the alcohol splashed all over Mi Young. Yoo Joo made sure to agitate that can before giving it to Mi Young.

Mi Young went to wash up, but Yoo Joo follows her to the bathroom. There she continues to bully Mi Young, but Mi Young fought back the way Hye Young advised her too.

Mi Young:”Stop it before I throw you to the ground!”

Excited that he has a new chance to audition for the new drama about the relationship between father and son, Joong Hee went to the premiere of his rival’s movie. There Joong Hee found out that his rival took his place in that drama. Furious, Joong Hee went to see director Ryu.

Upset, Joong Hee leaves. He gets drunk and goes to see Byeon Han Soo. Joong Hee makes a scene in front of Han Soo and reveals the truth.

Joong Hee:”I’m your son!”


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