“Tunnel” ep 3 ~ Kwang Ho:”I’d love to throw a punch at Sun Jae before I leave. “


Parts of a woman’s body were found on a mountain – a leg. While being there with the other policemen, Kwang Ho noticed something strange – 5 dots tattooed on that ankle. The victim with 5 dots tattooed on her ankle is the one Kwang Ho couldn’t find in year 1986. He starts investigating and finds out that the girl survived her attack in 1986, changed her name and lived on with her life. But now, she divorced her husband and returned to her old neighborhood. Here she met an old friend who likes her, but she didn’t like him.ep3.1

Episode 3

The serial killer murdered a woman and tattooed 5 dots on her ankle. He checked to see if she was breathing and because she wasn’t he left. Soon after, the victim opened her eyes. She wasn’t death! She held her breathe until the killer left. Then she left the country. 30 years later, in 2016, she returned. Unfortunately the killer found her and finished the job he started 30 years ago. A man who was hiking found parts of that woman’s body and called the police. When Kwang Ho saw the 5 dots on the ankle, knew it was the same killer. The victim he found in 2016 is the body he never found in 1985.

Kwang Ho:”Why is this here? She was alive! That’s why I couldn’t find the body!”

Kwang Ho follows Sun Jae around telling him about the murderers that started in year 1985, but Sun Jae doesn’t pay any attention to Kwang Ho. Back at the office, Sun Jae looks around the list of missing person, but Kwang Ho insists talking about the old case from 30 years ago. He tells everyone that the victim must have gotten the 5 dots tattoo when she was in her 20’s. Since she survived, she must’ve left the town and returned recently. That means the victim must be around mid 40’s to 50 years old. Unfortunately no one pays attention to Kwang Ho.

Sun Jae asked the coroner to do a DNA test to indentify the victim. But it was of no use because they couldn’t find a match.

Kwang Ho:” I have to solve this case no matter what. Why on earth don’t you believe me?”


Since no one pays any attention to what he says, Kwang Ho requested the list of the people who moved to the neighborhood in the past year. He will work on this case his way, the way he used to do it in year 1985.

Kwang Ho made a list of women that moved there recently in their late 40’s to 50 years old and from that list one woman changed her name and also disappeared around a month ago…exactly the time the victim was killed.  He checked that woman’s room and brought her DNA to the coroner. She is the victim that was murdered!

The police chief finds out that the victim has dots on her ankle and questions Kwang Ho. Only a few people, that worked on that case in 1985-1986, know about that serial murder case and files disappeared in a fire. Luckily for Kwang Ho, Sun Jae got him out of the chief’s questions.

Chief:”Who are you?”

Kwang Ho leaves with Sun Jae and gets scared when in Sun Jae’s car the GPS, a lady’s voice, starts talking…giving them directions.

Kwang Ho:”Let’s just be friends!”


Sun Jae and Kwang Ho search around the place the victim was living, was working. They talked to the people that knew her. Now she was wearing the name Jung Hye, but 30 years ago her name was Young Ja.

The two policemen found out that there was a man interested in Jung Hye and went to talk to him. From him they discover that Jung Hye met another man who was calling her Young Ja. They found that suspicious and believe that the man that knew Jung Hye’s real name might be the killer.

While talking about the case and what they’ve found out until now, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho realize that one person could know Jung Hye’s real name…her ex-husband. They go after him and discover that he quit his job the day after Jung Hye disappeared. They go to his house, but he moved. After tracking his location, Kwang Ho and Sun Jae arrested Jung Hye’s ex-husband. But he didn’t know that Jung Hye was dead. He was actually trying to commit suicide the day he was arrested….

While Kwnag Ho and Sun Jae were interrogating Jung Hye’s ex-husband, Jae Yi was looking at the video with Jung Hye’s last minutes alive. She was with a man that never took his left hand out of his pocket like he was threatening Jung Hye with a weapon or he was trying to hide his complex…amputated fingers…like Jung Hye’s ex-husband. But it can’t be Jung Hye’s ex-husband. He has amputated fingers on his right hand. The first person that comes to Sun Jae’s mind, that never took his left hand out of his pocket, was the man that liked Jung Hye…the one that Sun Jae and Kwang Ho talked too.

Kim Tae Soo liked Jung Hye. He used to live in the same neighborhood as her so he knew that her real name is Young Ja. But when he confessed, Jung Hye rejected his feelings and said that she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life with a crippled man, like her ex-husband. Hearing that Tae Soo convinced Jung Hye to go with him for a cup of tea for the last time and he will disappear from her life. Unfortunately for Jung Hye, when they’ve got to a dark alley, Tae Soo killed her with his plastic hand…the hand she didn’t like.


Happy that he solved the case, Kwang Ho believes that he can return home to his wife. Before leaving he sees the chief’s name and realizes that the police chief is Sung Shik, the one that used to throw up every time he saw a corpse.

On his way out to the tunnel, Kwang Ho is stopped by another policeman and forced to go to a team dinner.

Kwang Ho:”I’d love to throw a punch at Sun Jae before I leave. Sung Shik, I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you.”

When everyone got drunk, Kwang Ho went to the tunnel. He was sure that he will return home to his wife. Kwang Ho runs towards the tunnel, but he got out on the other side. He was still in 2016. He didn’t return home to his beloved wife.

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