“Father is strange” ep 7~ Han Soo:”May I keep you son as my son?”


Joong Hee got drunk and went to see Han Soo. Angry, Joong Hee told Han Soo that he is Han Soo’s son. Han Soo was so shocked by the news that he didn’t understood what the young man was telling him. After he calmed down and got the chance to digest the news, Han Soo realized who Joong Hee was and went to see the grave of his dead friend.ep7.1

Episode 7

After vending his anger and frustration on Han Soo, Joong Hee goes home. He takes out the picture his uncle gave him, rips it and throws it away.

Joong Hee:”Let’s not see each other again.”

Tae Bu comes over because Joong Hee didn’t answer his calls. He sees Joong Hee’s house devastated, he sees a red liquid on the floor and Joong Hee lying on the floor. Believing that the red liquid was blood, Tae Bu slaps Joong Hee until Joong Hee woke up. Then Tae Bu realized that the red liquid was wine. He drags Joong Hee to the bathroom to shower. But when Joong Hee comes out, he is in pain. Joong Hee has hemorrhoids!

Since he met Joong Hee, Han Soo can’t stop thinking about him. He can’t concentrate on his work, on his cooking, on making breakfast for his daughters. All he does in think about the young man how showed up saying it’s his son. Han Soo feels sorry that he didn’t ask for the young man’s contact number. Then he remembers that Min Ha recognized the young man. When Min Ha came from school, Han Soo asked his nephew about the celebrity and finds out Joong Hee’s name.


After renewing the contract with Han Soo’s family, Bok Nyeo works Young Shil as if Young Shil was her personal slave. She makes Young Shil clean the building, she makes Young Shil give away flyers for her new café… Seeing her daughter work like a slave, Young Shil’s mother helps Young Shil give away the flyers.

Even if he is in pain, Joong Hee had to come to work. He has a photo shot. He managed to do a good job in the beginning, but for the second part of his photo shot Joong Hee had to sit on a chair. He encouraged himself to sit and when he finally decided to sit, the chair was moved and he fell. Mi Young was told to remove a cable, but she didn’t realize that the cable was tied around Joong Hee’s chair. When Mi Young pulled the chair, Joong Hee fell on the ground. The pain he felt that moment made him scream. After that incident an ambulance was called and Joong Hee was taken to a hospital.


Ra Young brought two dresses for his ex-boyfriend’s wedding. She will go to the wedding and she has to look spectacular to let him see what he missed. Since she will get into trouble if she will take the dresses home, Ra Young took them to her locker at the sport center. While leaving the sport center, Ra Young hears the water in the men locker room. Thinking that someone forgot the water running, Ra Young goes in. Inside Ra Young sees Chul Soo who was taking a shower.

Han Soo can’t stop thinking about Joong Hee so he goes to his friend’s grave. Han Soo’s friend is Joong Hee’s real father. Since his friend is dead, Han Soo wants to take care of Joong Hee instead of his friend.

Han Soo:”May I keep you son as my son?”

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