“Father is strange” ep 8~ Ra Young:”He sure is handsome.”


Young Shil has a conception dream and believes that it’s a good sign that means Joon Young will finally pass his exam. The she gets sick from overworking herself. But her children love her so much that they all come home early with presents for their mother. Meantime Han Soo goes to talk to Joong Hee…and Ra Young forces Chul Soo to help her with her revenge against her ex-boyfriend.ep8-11

Episode 8

Young Shil had a conception dream. She dream of receiving an expensive bag and when she opened it a huge peach come out. Happy Young Shil believed it was a lucky dream and sold it to Joon Young to pass his exam. But Hye Young, Mi Young and Ra Young have different thought. They suspect that the dream might mean that Joon Young’s girlfriend could be pregnant and if that turns out to be true, they will kill their brother. The same time Han Soo can’t stop thinking about Joong Hee.

Joong Hee is hospitalized and gets treated for hemorrhoids, but in the news it was said that he fainted from overworking.  Of course no one believed that article and Joong Hee received bad comments. When the CEO of his agency came to visit him, Joong Hee insisted that the CEO fire Mi Young or he will make Mi Young’s life miserable. Instead of firing Mi Young, the CEO offered her a full time position with another artist if she can endure to work under Joong Hee for one year. Tempted by the offer, Mi Young calls Tae Bu for help. While Mi Young was getting ready to apologize to Joong Hee, Han Soo arrived at Gabi Entertainment looking for Joong Hee.

While trying to get Joong Hee’s contacts, Han Soo saw his daughter Mi Young.


Mi Young came at the hospital to apologize to Joong Hee. She brought him presents and an apology letter. Joong Hee was about to forgive her, but Mi Young keeps referring to hemorrhoids and Joong Hee gets angry and kicks her out.

Young Shil overworked herself so she is sick. Seeing his mother sick, Joon Young called his sisters and asked them to come home early and each bring home something that Young Shil likes. Besides bringing something for her mother to eat, Hye Young also called a cleaning company and hired someone to come two times a week and clean the building instead of Young Shil.


After the night Ra Young saw Chul Soo naked, taking a shower at the sport center, she is avoiding him. But Chul Soo keeps appearing in front of Ra Young to clear the misunderstandings. One day, when Chul Soo, showed up in front of her, Ra Young had an idea…Chul Soo is handsome enough to show up with him at her ex boyfriends wending. She asked Chul Soo, but he refused to accompany her.

Ra Young:”He sure is handsome.”

Ra Young doesn’t give up easily. She filmed the room where Chul Soo lives, without permission and threatens him to telling their superior if Chul Soo won’t accompany her to the wedding. Having no choice, Chul Soo agreed to go to the wedding with Ra Young…happily.

Joong Hee is discharged from the hospital and in the parking lot Mi Young was waiting for him to apologize again. But Joong Hee ignores her and gets into his car. Arrived near his house, Joong Hee sees Han Soo waiting for him. He pretends to be angry, but created and opportunity for him and Han Soo to meet. Joong Hee gets out of the car, sends Tae Bu away and walks home for the first time. He passes right by Han Soo, completely ignoring Han Soo…


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