“Father is strange” ep 9~ Han Soo:” He is my son!”


Han Soo goes to Joong Hee’s house daily, but Joong Hee calls the security guard to kick Han Soo out. Then Joong Hee does everything he can to force Mi Young quit her job. Unfortunately for Joong Hee, Mi Young used to do judo so her endurance is high. Meantime Ra Young goes at the wedding with handsome Chul Soo who defended her when Ra Young’s ex boyfriend humiliated her.ep9-1

Episode 9

Joong Hee sees Han Soo in front of his building. He sends Tae Bu home and passes by Han Soo, ignoring him. But Han Soo chases after Joong Hee to Joong Hee’s house. In a way I believe that was what Joong Hee wanted. He wants to have a relationship with the man he believes to be his father. He wants to show Han Soo how well he lives, but he pretended to be cold and ignore Han Soo. He is upset, believing that his father didn’t want him and abandoned him and his mother.

Han Soo:”From this moment, this young man is my son. He is my son!”

Joong Hee pretends that he doesn’t know Han Soo and asks Han Soo to stop bothering him. Then he enters his apartment. Han Soo knocks, but Joong Hee doesn’t answer. He leaves and returns the next day. Because Han Soo was insisting, Joong Hee called the security to kick Han Soo away.

Joong Hee:”Don’t bother me anymore.”

Hye Young decided to move in with Jung Hwan. She has to tell her parents about her decision so she did something she never did before…she cooked breakfast. Hye Young is smiling and being nice to everyone, feeding her parents and siblings. Then she talked to her parents, but she only tells half the story. Hye Young told her parents that she decided to move with her friend for the weekdays because it’s hard for her to commute, but she never said that her friend is actually her boyfriend.


Joong Hee comes to the office and meets Mi Young. She bows to him, she opens the door for him, but he ignores her. He goes to Mr. Kang’s office and gets into an argument with the CEO. Joong Hee doesn’t like the drama that Mr. Kang got for him and he insists for Mr. Kang to fire Mi Young. Since Joong Hee insists with that Mr. Kang agrees to take Mi Young from Joong Hee’s team and move her into his rival’s team. Hearing that Joong Hee changed his mind, he will keep Mi Young on his team and work her so hard that she will quit on her own.

Joong Hee:”I’ll make sure that you quit this job yourself.”

When Joong Hee leaves, Mi Young wants to join him since it’s her job to accompany him wherever he goes. But Joong Hee kicks her out of his car and tells her to run after the car if she wants to go where he goes.

At the house Han Soo has a meeting with all his children to decide if he will let Hye Young move out or not. Mi Young agreed with Hye Young moving out. Ra Young decided to disagree because Hye Young didn’t want to barrow Ra Young one of her bags for her ex boyfriend’s wedding. Joon Young got his girlfriend pregnant so his against Hye Young moving out because he doesn’t want Hye Young to get pregnant before marriage. Young Shil will agree with Han Soo’s decision and Han Soo decided to not let his daughter move out. But few days later, Han Soo gave in and let Hye Young move out.


At 5 am Mi Young received a text from Joong Hee to go to another city and buy him some soup. Mi Young went there, bought the soup, took a picture with the old lady that cooks there and returned to Seoul. But when she arrived, Joong Hee didn’t want to eat the soup and send Mi Young away.

Ra Young is at the wedding, waiting for Chul Soo to appear. When Chul Soo showed up, all dressed up, Ra Young fell for him. He was more handsome that he usually is. She goes inside to congratulate the couple and her ex boyfriend starts insulting her. He said Ra Young best attire was her figure, but she seems to have gotten fatter. While Ra Young’s ex boyfriend was insulting her, Chul Soo came. He put his arms around Ra Young and told Tae Soo to stay away from his girlfriend.

The photographer from the wedding like Chul Soo and Ra Young more than the bride and groom and asked them to take a photo with the bride and groom. Ra Young didn’t want to, but Chul Soo accepted.

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