“Tomorrow With You” ep 12 ~Ma Rin:”Is it her or me?”


So Joon returned from the future and did what future Ma Rin and future Ki Doong asked him too…broke up with Ma Rin. Upset, Ma Rin left the house and moved in with So Ri. But she gets angry that So Joon doesn’t call her back home and starts a fight with him. When she realized the reason So Joon broke up with her, Ma Rin called her mother to force So Joon return to her side.ep12-1

Episode 12

Ma Rin follows So Joon to the subway and sees him disappearing right in front of her eyes, while she was holding his hand. Even if she knew where he was going and that he will come back soon, Ma Rin stayed at the subway station waiting for him like a fool. Then when So Joon returned she made a scene that he doesn’t think about her and her feelings. She insists that So Joon should quit going to the future.

Meantime So Joon went to the future and discovered that after she disappeared, Ma Rin doesn’t live her life. All she does is waits for him every day at the subway station. Worried about her, So Joon returned to the present and breaks up with Ma Rin.

Ma Rin:”Don’t disappear from my sight.”

So Joon:”Marrying you…I think it must’ve been my mistake. Don’t wait and worry! It’s a burden for me.”

Ma Rin left the house and spent the night at So Ri’s place. Because So Joon never called or texted her, Ma Rin became scared that he might have been serious when he asked for divorce. She goes to Happiness office and asks her friends from the forum about her problem. While she was reading the forum ladies replies, Se Young approached her, giving Ma Rin a reason to contact So Joon. With Se Young’s father dead, the Happiness board needs a new chairman and for that they need So Joon’s approval. Se Young asked Ma Rin to convince So Joon to participate at the meeting.

Ma Rin called So Joon, but he never answered. So Joon was busy talking to his lawyer, organizing his assets…half of his belongings will be given to Song Ma Rin.


So Joon looks at his wedding ring and drops it. Before he could get the ring back he received a phone call and had to go. On So Joon’s way out, Ma Rin entered the house. She lied about having to receive a package she ordered a while ago just to stay there with So Joon. But So Joon had to leave. When So Joon was leaving, Ma Rin sees that So Joon took off his wedding ring.

The person that called So Joon is Doo Shik. He decided to tell So Joon that Kim Yong Jin is betraying him. Doo Shik gave So Joon the recording of all his conversations with Kim Yong Jin. He also told So Joon to use all the information he gave So Joon, to find more information and to put Kim Yong Jin to jail before it will be too late.

Furious So Joon went to the company and called Kim Yong Jin to his office. Before Kim Yong Jin, So Joon called Ki Doong. He told Ki Doong to call the internal audit team and investigate everything in Kim Yong Jin’s office.

So Joon had told Kim Yong Jin to not buy a certain land. Still Kim Yong Jin gathered investors and bought it. For that So Joon is letting Kim Yong Jin go and fired him. But if the audit team will find evidence of illegal activity or embezzlement, So Joon will press charges against Kim Yong Jin.

So Joon:”Don’t throw this opportunity away so easily.”


When So Joon returned home, he met Ma Rin, who was leaving. At the sight of So Joon, Ma Rin starts arguing again. She reproached him for not calling her, for not texting her, for living so well without her. All Ma Rin does is think about her and her feelings. She doesn’t realize the agony So Joon is in with all the problems he has and puts more pressure on him. Instead of helping him, Ma Ring gives more stress and problems to So Joon.

Another mistreated wife showed up at So Ri’s door in the middle of the night…Gun Sook. She fought with Kim Yong Jin and left her house.

Gun Sook:”I think I married the wrong guy.”

Kim Yong Jin is acting strange lately, like a crazy person. Believing that something isn’t right, Gun Sook wakes up in the middle of the night to look around Kim Yong Jin’s car. She found a pen from Happiness 30th anniversary there. But while Gun Sook was searching around her husband’s car, Kim Yong Jin woke up. He got furious to see Gun Sook touching his belongings and holding that pen. She barely could get away from him and got into a taxi.

During the Happiness board meeting, Ma Rin went on the rooftop. She was locked there by mistake, but luckily for her So Joon didn’t go home. He waited for her until everyone left the office and since Ma Rin didn’t come out, So Joon went inside and searched for her.

So Joon:”<< That punk>> is right here.”

While waiting for the person with the key to arrive, So Joon and Ma Rin have a conversation, a real conversation. While being there alone, on the rooftop, Ma Rin realized that So Joon broke up with her because he saw something bad in the future. She asked him and So Joon told her that he met the future Ma Rin and she told him to break up with her.

Ma Rin wants So Joon to decide if he will chose her or the future Ma Rin. Even if the future Ma Rin wants her and So Joon to break up, the present Ma Rin want to live with So Joon. To make So Joon decide, Ma Rin got him into trouble. She called her mother and told her that So Joon is cheating on her. As a result Ma Rin’s mother called So Joon and hit him until So Joon said that he can’t live without Ma Rin and he never cheated on her.

Ma Rin:”Is it her or me?”

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