“Tunnel” ep 4 ~ Kwang Ho:”I’m scared to live in the same house as you.”


Kwang Ho thought that he could return home, but he couldn’t so he has no choice but to live in year 2016 until he finds a way back. And he has help! Sung Shik knows who Kwang Ho really is. While they find a way to send Kwang Ho back, Kwang Ho has to work side by side with Sun Jae. Working together isn’t easy, especially when a boy that helped them was murdered and his young sister witnessed everything…They got into a fight and then started to work their separate ways, but ended up in the same place. So in the end they were able to arrest the boy’s murderers. In the process Sun Jae discovered Jae Yi’s secret, her own wounds. ep4.1

Episode 4

Disappointed that he couldn’t return to the past, to his wife, Kwang Ho comes home. He sees smoke coming out of the apartment below his own and runs there. Kwang Ho knocks the door and calls for the person inside, but there was no answer. He breaks a window and goes inside. After Kwang Ho put down the fire, his neighbor came out of the shower. Seeing his neighbor, Kwang Ho was shocked. Kwang Ho’s neighbor is Jae Yi. She isn’t worried about anything and invites Kwnag Ho to a cup of tea. Jae Yi’s poker face makes Kwang Ho flustered.

The next morning, Kwang Ho sees Jae Yi leaving for work and asks Jae Yi to move. He feels uncomfortable to live next door to Jae Yi because she seems a little of.

Kwang Ho:”I’m scared to live in the same house as you.”

Later that day, Kwang Ho goes to a community service center to look for news about his wife. But there were no records about Yeon Sook there. What Kwang Ho didn’t know was that Sung Shik was following him. Sung Shik is still suspicious about the young man that looks and acts the same way as his superior that disappeared suddenly while chasing a killer, 30 years ago.

After Kwang Ho left, Sung Shik approached the lady from the community center and found out that Kwang Ho was looking for a woman called Shin Yeon Sook, born in 1962.  After he heard that Sung Shik is sure that his suspicions are true…the young man that looks like his superior is his superior Park Kwang Ho. He goes after Kwang Ho, hugs Kwang Ho and tells Kwang Ho that he recognized Kwang Ho.

Sung Shik:”I thought you were dead!”


Sung Shik and Kwang Ho went to a restaurant to talk about everything. Kwang Ho tells Shun Shik that he woke up in year 2016 after being hit by the serial killer in the tunnel. Then Shun Shik told Kwang Ho that they couldn’t catch the killer at that time, but after the night Kwang Ho disappeared the crimes stopped….for 30 years.  While talking Kwang Ho and Sung Shik decided to team up and look for Yeon Sook and Park Kwnag Ho born in 1988,who disappeared.

Sun Jae comes to pick up Kwang Ho. There is a new case. When they arrived at the crimes scene, the police and the security guards were there. Sun Jae sends Kwang Ho to check the yard and the way the burglars ran away. While Sun Jae looks around the house, he sees a high school boy inside. He stops the boy, but the boy gets scared and runs away. Sun Jae follows him and when Kwang Ho saw everything, he joined the chaise. The two policemen caught the boy and brought him to the police station.

It was getting late and the boy was hurried to go home. To convince Kwang Ho to let him leave, the boy told Kwang Ho who the next victim is. Unfortunately when Kwang Ho told the team where the next victim will be, no one believed him.


Kwang Ho believed the boy and went to the address of the next burglary will be. There Kwang Ho saw the burglars in action. He runs after the thieves, but he wasn’t able to catch any of them. The moment the other members of the team arrived at the crime scene, Kwang Ho scolded them, especially Sung Shik and Sun Jae.

Kwang Ho:”A detective should do its job.”

While being scolded, Sun Jae realized something – both burglaries were guarded by the same security company. He leaves to meet Dong Woo. But when Kwang Ho and Sun Jae arrived at the boy’s house, Dong Woo was already dead. Someone murdered him. In the closet, Kwang Ho and Sun Jae find Dong Woo’s sister…fainted.


The girl, Soo Jung was send to the hospital and the police was called at Dong Woo’s house. Only the two kids were living there, alone, after their father died and their mother abandoned them. While the police was investigating the crime scene, Sun Jae realized the reason Soo Jung was fainted. She witnessed her bother being murdered from the closet.

Sun Jae:”She witnessed Yoon Dong Woo’s death!”

Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went to the hospital when Soo Jung woke up. But she can’t help them with anything. Soo Jung is in shock and she refuses to talk. Needing help to talk to Soo Jung, Sun Jae called Jae Yi.

Frustrated that they couldn’t save Dong Woo and that Soo Jung is in that condition, Kwnag Ho and Sun Jae start fighting with each other.


Sun Jae and Kwang Ho investigate their separate ways, but end up in the same place. They’ve discovered that Dong Woo goes often to an internet café. There he meets a man that pays for Dong Woo’s games. That man that Dong Woo met there used to work for the Safe security company, but was fired for theft.

Having new information, the police team narrowed the places where the thieves will be next. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho are again a team. They’ve waited the whole night for the thieves to appear, but they never did…until the next day. The two thieves stole everything and run away towards the direction Sun Jae and Kwang Ho were waiting for them.

Kwang Ho and Sun Jae, each interrogate one burglar. The one Sun Jae interrogates admits that he stole, since he was caught in act,  but he denies having met and murdered Dong Woo. But the one Kwang Ho is in charge with is more soft hearted. Still no confession regarding Dong Woo’s dead.


Jae Yi tries to make Soo Jung talk and tell the police what she saw when her brother was killed. Since Soo Jung refuses to talk, Jae Yi talks instead about her own scars. The house Jae Yi and her parents were living in caught fire. Jae Yi was so scared that she couldn’t get close. She just sat at a distance and watched everything. Because of that everyone thought that Jae Yi set the fire to kill her parents. For a long time, Jae Yi lived with the rumors about her being a killer. From the door, Sun Jae heard everything.

Jae Yi:”I witnessed my parent’s deaths.”

After listening to Jae Yi’s story, Soo Jung opened up and told what she saw the day Dong Woo was killed. Thanks to Soo Jung’s confession, Dong Woo’s killer’s where arrested.

The serial killer from 30 years ago made a new victim, the one with seven dots tattooed on her ankle. He stopped for some time because one of his victims bagged him to not kill her because she is pregnant. But he still killed her. Now he started killing again.

 Even if that victim belongs to another district, Sun Jae went there. Unfortunately Sun Jae wasn’t allowed to see the victim. He was kicked out. It seems the killer’s name is Jung Ho Young. Sun Jae’s been chasing him for a while, but something happened and Jung Ho Young got away. Meanwhile Kwang Ho sees the name Jung Ho Young on the news and find it familiar, but doesn’t know from were. So he goes to check on Park Kwang Ho born in 1988. Kwang Ho is shocked to discover that Park Kwang Ho born in 1988 is the young man that was about to hit Kwang Ho with his car the night Kwang Ho arrived in 2016.

Jung Ho Young was the name of the high school boy that Kwang Ho arrested in 1986 for killing the neighbors dogs, but had to let him go.

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