“Father is strange” ep 10~ Yoo Joo:”I’m pregnant!”


Han Soo went to see Joong Hee and tried to start a father-son relationship, but Joong Hee rejected him and send him away. On his way out, Han Soo saw that Joong Hee ordered food and decided to cook for him from now on. With Min Ha’s help, Han Soo found out what Joong Hee likes and cooks for him daily. But when things seemed go on the right track at home, Han Soo has another problem. Yoo Joo approached Han Soo and Young Shil and told them she is pregnant with Joon Young’s child.ep10-1

Episode 10

Han Soo went to see Joong Hee because he wants to have a father-son relationship with Joong Hee. But Joong Hee rejects the offer. Joong Hee, coldly asks Han Soo to never come looking for him and kicks Han Soo out. On his way out, Han Soo sees a delivery man bringing Joong Hee food as always.

Joong Hee:”I have no intention of letting you into my life. Don’t come here ever again.”

Han Soo can’t forget that Joong Hee orders food daily. He asked Min Ha to help him find out Joong Hee’s favorite dish. Min Ha helped his uncle join Joong Hee’s fan club and find out all the dishes that Joong Hee likes.

The day of Hye Young moving with Jung Hwan came. Without knowing that Hye Young is moving with her boyfriend, Han Soo and Young Shil drove her there. They wanted to help Hye Young carry her luggage to the apartment, but Hye Young didn’t let them. Hye Young on the other hand is happy to move in with Jung Hwan, but at the same time she feels sorry to lie to her parents.

Upstairs Hye Young found the surprise Jung Hwan prepared for her. Also she found a note from Jung Hwan in which Jung Hwan was telling her that he has to help with another show and will be home in two days.


Joong Hee is bored at home. He wants to do something so he decided to go to the gym. Because Tae Bu is busy, Joong Hee had to call Mi Young. Happy that she finally was called to help, Mi Young cleaned the gym, prepared all kinds of drinks and a towel for Joong Hee. While Joong Hee was exercising, Mi Young advised him how to work up better to prevent serious injuries.

After exercising, Joong Hee opened up towards Mi Young and allowed her to drive him to eat. On their way to the restaurant, Mi Young gets more points with Joong Hee while complimenting his talents and good looks.  But when Mi Young mentioned Joong Hee’s father everything changed. Joong Hee got angry and kicked her out of the car.


Ra Young tries to get Chul Soo’s attention. Because he is as cold as always, Ra Young uses the video with Chul Soo living at the sports center to threaten Chul Soo and have dinner together. But Chul Soo got her phone while Ra Young was mesmerized by Chul Soo’s handsome looks and deleted the video.

The next day Ra Young shows up before Chul Soo and invites him for coffee, wanting to confess to him. Realizing what Ra Young wants to do, Chul Soo told her to not confess because he already has someone he likes.

Chul Soo:”Are you going to tell me you have feelings for me?”

Yoo Joo found out that Joon Young is not from a rich family, that his father has a small snack food restaurant and not a Japanese restaurant. She went furious and hit Joon Young with everything she could catch, including the garbage on the street. Few days later, Joon Young gathered the courage to go see Yoo Joo and she fell on the street. Her stomach was hurting so much that she was sweating and couldn’t even walk. Joon Young carried Yoo Joo to the hospital. He is worried for both Yoo Joo and their baby. Yoo Joo is pregnant!

After Yoo Joo got discharged, Joon Young took her home. She wants Joon Young to do well on his exam, then she wants Joon Young to tell his parents about their relationship and get married before her tummy starts to show.


Han Soo cooks for Joong Hee daily and brings him the dishes over. He leaves the dishes by Joong Hee’s door, but Joong Hee doesn’t take them in and eat them. One day Tae Bu comes to Joong Hee’s house. He sees the food by the door and thinking that Joong Hee ordered it, brings it in. Without knowing that he is eating what Han Soo cooked, Joong Hee enjoyed the dishes. He was upset to find out that he ate what Han Soo brought him, but he already ate it so he couldn’t do anything about it.

Joon Young’s exam is over. He goes home to celebrate with all his family, but he can’t bring himself the courage to tell his parents that Yoo Joo is pregnant. Because Joon Young isn’t answering her calls, Yoo Joo went to see Han Soo and Young Shil. She told them that she is Joon Young’s girlfriend and she is pregnant.

Yoo Joo:”I’m pregnant!”

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