“Tunnel” ep 5 ~ Kwang Ho:”I’ll go back!”


Sun Jae found out that his mother was murdered when he was in high school. Wanting to catch his mother’s killer, Sun Jae gave up on becoming a doctor and became a policeman. One of the things Sun Jae refuses to do until he catches his mother’s killer is to visit his mother’s grave on her memorial day. On his mother’s memorial day, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho were called to a rest stop where a man was killed. It’s raining so much that the only policemen that could go to the rest stop are Sun Jae and Kwang Ho. At some point, in the middle of the night, Jae Yi put her life in danger came to help them…ep5-11

Episode 5

Sun Jae:”I’m going to get you!”

Sun Jae is at Hae In River, where the body of a woman was found. That woman had 7 dots tattooed on her ankle. It’s raining outside, he can’t find anything related to the murder and the policemen in which jurisdiction it happened doesn’t let Sun Jae look at the body. For help, Sun Jae called the coroner. Then he received a phone call from his father. While talking to his father, Sun Jae remembers the day his grandfather died, when he was in high school. When he arrived at the hospital, his grandfather was already dead, but he was holding a picture with Sun Jae’s mother, holding little Sun Jae. On the back of that picture it was a message.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t catch the culprit, my daughter!”

When he saw that message on the back of that picture, Sun Jae realized that his father lied to him. Sun Jae’s father told Sun Jae that his mother died of an illness. In reality, Sun Jae’s mother was murdered. Lieutenant Kim Sun Jae is the son of one of the victims that had tattooed dots on their ankles…the child Kwang Ho was holding in 1986…

After graduating high school, Sun Jae didn’t go to medical school as his father wanted. He argued with his father, he thanked his stepmother for raising him and left to become a policeman and catch his mother’s killer.

2 years ago Sun Jae caught Jung Ho Young for murdering a nurse. During interrogation Jung Ho Young told Sun Jae that he killed more people, there is a case that wasn’t recorded on paper. After hearing that Sun Jae believes that the case that wasn’t recorded on paper was his mother’s case. While he was taken to jail, Jung Ho Young got away after killing a policeman and Sun Jae’s partner.

Jung Ho Young:”I killed a few more people. I’d like you to look for them.”


A man was murdered at a rest stop so Kwang Ho and Sun Jae went there to investigate. It’s raining heavily outside, but Kwang Ho checks the victim’s truck and Sun Jae takes a look at the cars parked there, taking pictures.  Everyone who was at the rest stop at the moment of the murder aren’t allowed to leave until the killer will be caught.

Because of the rain no one can come or leave the rest stop.

Kwang Ho:” Looking at his condition, he must’ve been attacked from behind. Who’s keeping a stiff face after killing someone?”

Sun Jae:”We’re isolated here? The culprit is here with us.”

Back inside, Sun Jae sent the pictures with everyone care numbers to the team. Then Kwang Ho and Sun Jae interviewed everyone there, one by one. But the interrogation didn’t go that well. Needing to start from somewhere, Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went to look for the murder weapon.

They weren’t able to find anything in the suspect’s cars so they went to check the body. Kwang Ho touched the dead body and found cement. The two policemen realized then that the victim must have been hit with something made from cement. While Kwang Ho was touching the body, Sun Jae saw blood stains on the floor. He follows the stain and finds the murder weapon hidden in the toilet.


One of the suspects from the rest stop is an ex convict. He was arrested after the victim testified against him so he had the motive to kill the victim. He tried to run away, but Kwang Ho and Sun Jae stopped him.

When thinks were chaotic there, Jae Yi arrived. She told everyone that the killer was found. He is arrested and interrogated at that moment. Because there was no way out to communicate with Sun Jae and Kwang Ho, she came on her own there…even if the road is blocked.

Sun Jae is suspicious of Jae Yi’s story and calls her to a separate room. There Jae Yi tells Sun Jae that she lied about the killer being caught. At the moment the real killer must be relieved that he is no longer a suspect so they must watch carefully everyone.

One of the suspects, a teacher, dropped his noodles after another one bumped into him. Kwang Ho helps the teacher clean up and then they talk into the kitchen. The teacher lost his wife few years ago and doesn’t have any children. But on Kwang Ho’s mind is the husband and child of one of the victims from 1985. The hardest part of his job is announcing the family that one of their loved once died. He can’t imagine how the parents of the victim from the rest stop will feel when they will hear their son was killed. Hearing what Kwang Ho said, the teacher fell. He doesn’t feel so well.

After seeing the teacher’s reaction Kwang Ho is sure the teacher is the killer, but he doesn’t have any evidence. The same time Sun Jae looks around the rest stop and finds the evidence Kwang Ho needed.


While searching around in the rain, Sun Jae found the clothes that the killer was wearing at the moment he killed his victim. When he threw the clothes away, the killer left his wallet there. Looking inside the wallet, Sun Jae realized that the killer was he teacher…the same person Kwang Ho was suspecting.

Teacher:”I wasn’t going to kill him.”

Hong Seok, the victim, used to hit his juniors in the army like he was hitting a boxing bag. He was telling his juniors to not block the hits and just let him hit them. One day a junior, Ji Hoon, blocked the Hong Seok with his helmet without realizing. Furious, Hong Seok started hitting Ji Hoon until Ji Hoon died. Ji Hoon was the teacher’s son.

When he came to the rest stop, the teacher met his son’s killer. For years, the teacher tried hard to forgive his son’s killer. Even after his wife died from all the pain for losing her son, the teacher tried to forgive Ji Hoon’s killer. But when he met Hong Seok at the rest stop, he saw the Hong Seok wasn’t living a good life. It was raining and Hong Seok started talking about Ji Hoon.  He was complaining that someone blocked his hit few years ago, he hurt his wrist and since then his wrist hurts every time it’s raining. Then laughing, Hong Seok said that he killed the one that blocked his hit. At that moment something changed in the teacher. He grabbed a rock and hit Hong Seok.

From the first time since they’ve met, Kwang Ho sees Sun Jae sympathizing with a victim. Sun Jae consoles the teacher and while doing so, Sun Jae talks about his mother who was murdered.

Sun Jae:”Did it bring your son back to life? I wanted to find the person who killed my mother and kill him. ”

When Sun Jae and Kwang Ho weren’t paying attention, the teacher tried to kill himself. Luckily Jae Yi saw him and grabbed the knife, cutting her own hand. After the teacher was taken away, Kwang Ho scolded Jae Yi for jumping to danger without thinking about her own life. Then Kwang Ho apologized and told Sun Jae that he now understands the reason Sun Jae is so obsessed with catching culprits.

Kwang Ho:”I know why you’re so obsessed about catching culprits. If you need my help with anything, let me know.”

The next day, when the rain stopped and the roads where reopened, Kwang Ho returns to town with Sung Shil. But on their way, Sung Shik told Kwang Ho that he wasn’t able to find Yeon Seok…maybe she went messing. Hearing that Kwang Ho gets furious…

Kwang Ho:”I’ll go back!”

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