“Tunnel” ep 6 ~ Sun Jae:” If this is really Park Kwang Ho, who on earth is the Park Kwang Ho I know?”


While searching for the Park Kwang Ho born in 1988, Kwang Ho and Sung Shik saw that a woman was threatening to kill herself in a bank. She was saying her identity was stolen and because of that she has a huge credit card debt. The police took that woman to the police station and start investigating the case. That woman met the fiance of the woman who stole her identity. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went to talk to that man, the only person who knows how the culprit looks like, but that man was already dead. To find the cause of dead, they’ve asked the family to agree with the autopsy, which showed that the man was murdered. Continuing the investigation, they found out other similar victims and that lead them to the culprit. The one who used to stole other women lives looked at Kwang Ho and said that she can recognize people who life under other’s name. Sun Jae heard that and became suspicious. His suspicions lead Sun Jae to find the body of Park Kwang Ho born in 1988…ep6-11

Episode 6

Kwang Ho believes that if he will find the Park Kwang Ho born in 1988, then he can return home to his wife. He goes to the place where he saw Park Kwang Ho born in 1988 and remembers that that young man was chased by someone.

Sung Shik and Kwang Ho leave the police station to track down Park Kwang Ho born in 1988. In front of the police station, they’ve met Sun Jae. For the first time since they’ve met, Sun Jae is answering Kwang Ho’s question and that surprises Sung Shik. Then Sun Jae goes inside while Kwang Ho leaves without answering Sung Shil…which lead to Sung Shik calling Kwang Ho “senior”. Sun Jae heard that!

Sung Shik:”Is it your time to ignore me now, senior?”

Together with the coroner, Sun Jae is looking for his mother’s killer. But when the coroner advised him to discover the past so he will be able to find out the moves the killer will make in the future, Sun Jae packed everything he had on that case, except his mother’s picture, and took them to Jae Yi.

Sun Jae :”I need to know him to catch him!”


Kwang Ho and Sung Shik went to check the surveillance cameras on street where Park Kwang Ho born in 1988 was last seen. The plate number of the car following him isn’t really visible, but it will be investigated more.

On their way back to the station, Kwang Ho and Sung Shik noticed a police car in front of a bank. They stop the car and go inside. A woman, Yoon Young Joo, threatens to kill herself. She has a huge credit card debt, but she says she never spend those money. She even made several complains at the police that her identity is being used by someone else. She was taken to the police station and interrogating. She said that a while ago she received a letter from a credit card company at which she didn’t have an account. Thinking that it was an advertisement she let it go and forgot about it. But the credit card company kept calling her.

One day, while Young Joo was at work, two women showed up accusing Young Joo of borrowing money form a massage parlor.  Young Joo never saw those two women in her life, but those women grabbed her hair and dragger her outside.  After that day, the two women came daily at Young Joo’s work making scandal. In the end Young Joo paid back the money she never spend…and her company fired her. The night Young Joo was fired, a man came by her door saying he is Yoon Young Joo’s finance. He was shocked to see Young Joo there because the Yoon Young Joo he was engaged with was another woman…. Hearing that story, Kwang Ho wants to meet the fiancé. He must know the face of the woman impersonating Yoon Young Joo.

Yoon Young Joo:”You really believe me, right?”

Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went to see the fiancé, but the only could find out that Cho Dong Ik died few days ago. They rushed to the funeral and talked to Dong Ik’s family. His brother received a phone call the night Dong Ik died from a woman who was calling him there. When he arrived, he found Dong Ik dead. He thought that the woman was Dong Ik’s girlfriend and tried to contact her, but he couldn’t find her number in Dong Ik’s phone, no one around Dong Ik knew he had a girlfriend…no one knows that woman.  Because no one knows Dong Ik’s girlfriend, Sun Jae asked Cho Dong Ik’s family to agree with an autopsy…that way they can know for sure that Cho Dong Ik was or not murdered.

Kwang Ho:”I’m getting a bad feeling!”

Cho Dong Ik died the same day he met the real Yoon Young Joo.


At the funeral, Kwang Ho remembers the husband and small child of one of the dot’s victims. He wonders if they are living well without knowing that the small child from that time is actually the Kim Sun Jae sitting next to him.

Kwang Ho:”I wonder if the father and son are doing well.”

Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went to Cho Dong Ik’s house. Strangely, it seemed like someone hurriedly cleaned the house. Kwang Ho found a photo album, but inside there were only Dong Ik’s picture alone. Suddenly he sees a woman reflected in the window behind Dong Ik, she was taking his photo.

On his way home, Kwang Ho sees Jae Yi carrying a heavy box. He goes to her, asks her if she alright, if she went to see a doctor about the cut she got at the rest stop, but Jae Yi ignores him. Kwang Ho takes Jae Yi’s box inside. He looks inside the box and realizes that Sun Jae asked Jae Yi to look into Jung Ho Young’s crimes. Then Kwang Ho asks Jae Yi her professional opinion about a cop that disappeared suddenly. Unfortunately Kwang Ho can’t give Jae Yi too much information without telling her that he is using that cop’s identity.


Sun Jae worked all night and found that there is another victim just like Yoon Young Joo. The pattern is the same so Young Joo might tell the truth. Unfortunately the other victim couldn’t take it anymore and committed suicide. Cho Dong Ik’s autopsy is ready too.

The coroner called Kwang Ho and Sun Jae and told them that Cho Dong Ik was murdered. Zolpidem and nicotine in high quantity were found in Dong Ik’s body…which lead him to a heart attack.

Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went to see the mother of the other victim, Go Ah Ra. The mother told them that Ah Ra died the day she was supposed to get married by taking slipping pills. Everything started the day Ah Ra’s family met her fiancés family. On that day Ah Ra received a text from a credit company saying she has a huge debt. Ah Ra said that she didn’t borrow the money, but no one believed her…not even Ah Ra’s fiancé who broke up the engagement and told Ah Ra to not call him ever again.

Ah Ra’s mother told Sun Jae and Kwang Ho that something strange happened at the funeral. A woman from a massage parlor came saying that Ah Ra was a regular client, but that woman was shocked to see that in the funeral picture wasn’t the woman she knew. Another woman stolen Ah Ra’s identity…just like it happened to Young Joo.

Meantime at the police station Sung Shik found few more victims with the same pattern.

The only connection between Yoon Young Joo and Go Ah Ra is the massage parlor. So Sun Jae and Kwang Ho brought the owner from the massage to make a sketch of the face of the woman that steals identities.


When Sun Jae heard that Sung Shik send the files of that case to Jae Yi, he called her. Jae Yi had the chance to look on the files and is sure that the culprit must have seen the victims enjoying their times with their boyfriends.  Every victim had a boyfriend when their identities got stolen and every one of them ended up breaking up with their boyfriends. The victims didn’t know the culprit, but the culprit knew them. In conclusion the culprit must have seen the victims while they were enjoying their time with their boyfriends in a restaurant or café. The culprit must have started all of these after she herself broke up with her boyfriend and had money problems.

After his conversation with Jae Yi, Sun Jae started smiling. Kwang Ho saw him and starts thinking that Sun Jae likes Jae Yi.

Kwang Ho:”You like her, don’t you?”

While investigating all the places where the victims were, Sung Shik team discovered that all the victims were at the same restaurant. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went to that restaurant. They’ve saw that the picture with Dong Ik was taken there. Then they approach a waitress and realizes that she is the woman from the sketch. The culprit’s name is Kim Mi Soo. She was taken to the police station, but she doesn’t confess and denies every accusation with a poker face.

Remembering what Jae Yi told him, Sun Jae realized that Mi Soo must have started all that because of a lover. Sun Jae and Kwang Ho went to meet Mi Soo’s ex boyfriend. They dated for about three years and he broke up with Mi Soo because she was spending way too much money a month. Recently he met Mi Soo while she was with another man. When he called her name, Mi Soo said that her name was Yoon Young Joo and the man she was with was Cho Dong Ik. Now Sun Jae and Kwang Ho have the evidence they need against Mi Soo.


Sung Shik brought Kwang Ho a smartphone. The first person Kwang Ho texted was Sun Jae.

“Kim Sun Jae is an idiot, Park Kwang Ho is a genius.”

Later Sun Jae plays chess with the coroner and the coroner made him realize something. The coroner said that people who have something to hide, usually live like Kwang Ho and Mi Soo. Then Sun Jae remembers that Mi Soo said during interrogation that Kwang Ho is similar to her, he also lives under someone else name…she can realize those like her.

Coroner:”Some people hide in the light instead of the darkness.”

Back at the station, Sun Jae’s suspicions on Kwang Ho rise when driver Oh came by looking for Park Kwang Ho. He tells Sun Jae that Kwang Ho always talk about how it used to be 30 years ago.  Suspicious, Sun Jae starts searching around Kwang Ho belongings, but he can’t find anything. Then he answered Sung Shik’s phone and the person that called said that they’ve found the vehicle that Sung Shik is looking for. That car was found abandoned and it’s registered under corporal Park Kwang Ho’s name.

Sun Jae goes to where the car was found. Nothing was inside! He looks around and finds a body of a young man. He searches around that dead man’s pockets and finds his ID card … “corporal Park Kwang Ho.”

Sun Jae:” If this is really Park Kwang Ho, who on earth is the Park Kwang Ho I know?”

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